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wow.  such doge.  many meme.  how reference.  much title.

I hope you readers appreciate how much that hurt me, writing that.

Anyway, so, bringing you up to speed on where I'm at and where I want to be.  First, Even In Other Worlds has seen almost no progress over the last month, but I'm making progress again when i get the opportunity to write.  Problem is, it's still very early in the chapter. Ah well, I'll get it done eventually.  I remember one year ago yesterday I finished writing and publishing TATSATC, after pouring my being into it (and while it's no masterpiece, it's still my best work) for a year (and ruining last Fall semester in the process).  I've admittedly gotten a lot less done, but it's definitely because I mostly learned my lesson.  That and there's fewer classes that allow a laptop, so I can't just write in class.

Anyway, the point is, EIOW is coming along very slowly, but it's coming.  As for Starbound, progress is faster, but not by terribly much.  However, the chapters are shorter.  'Spect I'll see a chapter of Starbound published before I hit the end of another chapter of EIOW.  Anyway, that's all I felt like sharing, given that it's been a month since my last update.

Oh yeah, and I may or may not be in a serious relationship, so there is that taking time away from writing... not that I apologize for it.

Rytex out.  Have a good day!

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#11 · 6w, 4d ago · · ·

I finished reading TATSATC and it totally blew my socks off!  Keep up the good work!

#10 · 11w, 6d ago · · ·

Thanks for the fave of Poolside Fun:pinkiehappy:

#9 · 40w, 2d ago · · ·

Sweet! New stories. Always a pleasure.

#8 · 46w, 16h ago · · ·

Thanks for the fave on To Be Pounded!

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