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Saw this in Ausbrony's blog, couldn't resist.  So, for Nova Shine and Twilight Sparkle, here is a couples' mem/questionnaire.


1) Choose 2-10 characters that are in a relationship.

2) Don't change the questions.

3) Let your characters answer.

4) Tag 5-10 people (Won't be.  If you feel like doing this for yourself, feel free to volunteer!)

5) Have fun.


Nova Shine and Twilight Sparkle


Who are you? Age / race?

Nova - Good day.  I am Nova Shine, I'm 24 years old, I'm Princess Luna's Night Master and I'm a unicorn.

Twilight - I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle.  I'm 22, Princess Celestia's Prime Magus, and I'm an alicorn.

Now who's your lover? Whats his/her age/race?

Nova - Why do I have to do this?  She just introduced herself.

Twilight - Just do it anyway.  It's for science.

Nova - Fine.  She's Twilight Sparkle, she's 22, and she's an alicorn.  And she's also overly concerned with following every rule.

Twilight - And he's Nova Shine.  He's 24, a unicorn, and he's sleeping in the basement tonight.

Nova - Seriously?  For that?

What makes your lover so special?

Nova - You mean aside from the whole Princess thing?

Twilight - I think that one's obvious.  What else is there about me?

Nova - Well, there IS the fact that she's the smartest, most beautiful pony I know...

Twilight - And you're smart, funny, really creative with your magic, and still sleeping in the basemen despite the obvious flattery.

Have you ever doubted your lover?

Nova - Too many times.

Twilight - Never.

Nova - Seriously?  Not even once?

Twilight - You've never given me reason to.

Have you ever used pickup lines on your lover? Which ones?

Nova - Those are beneath me.

Twilight - W-well, I did kind-of use them in Trottingham...

Which is the most embarrassing moment you've had with your lover?

Nova - Don't you dare.

Twilight - Not even the moustache?

Nova - NO!

Twilight - *grumble* Fine.

Do you believe in sex after marriage?

Nova - Not by choice.

Twilight - We take our positions of influence very seriously.

Nova - Except for the time I ordered Aegis around for a day.  Hah, that much fun should be illegal!

Twilight - I get the feeling it was.

Do you have any desires that you would like to try with your lover? If you do then what is it?

Nova - I'm sorry.  That information is private.

Twilight - Does it have to be sexual?  Because... I kind of want to... start a family...

Do you know your lover's weak spot? Does he/she know yours?

Nova - If I so much as threaten to put my damp bottle of hard cider on a surface without a coaster, she's putty in my hooves.

Twilight - Nova?

Nova - Yes, dear?

Twilight - Clover.

-We pause for a break while Twilight apologizes for going a bit too far-

What happens if you find your lover with another man/woman? How would you interpret that? Familiar? Friend? Cheating?

Nova - Twilight usually gives me the benefit of the doubt.  Except for the time she blew me into a wall on our first date.

Twilight - And Nova usually gives me the benefit of the doubt period.

Any fantasy with your lover? Pervy answers allowed.

Nova - Didn't we do this already?  Ah, what the heck.  She wants me to dress as Star Swirl the Bearded.

Twilight - *blushing furiously*  Wh-what about you?  You never told me yours!

Nova - But you're perfect as you are.  Why would I want you to change?

Twilight - I don't know.  Maybe if I painted a green clover-- I'm not saying anything else.

Nova - Yeah, you'd better not.

Ever had fights?

Nova - Of course.  What couple hasn't?

Twilight - They usually end in me winning, or in us having a really romantic moment.  Even if it takes a couple of hours.  Mostly both.

How was the love confession?

Nova - Gut-wrenchingly satisfying and emotional.  Just my kind of thing.

Twilight - A huge relief, and probably one of the happiest days of my life.

How do you feel about your lover's family members? Do you know them?

Nova - I'm still a little put off by the fact that my old man and her's were college roommates.  It's almost like they were trying to play matchmaker.

Twilight - Mr. Novus is really nice, and he has a very fascinating Arcanology lab.  And Mrs. Novus really reminds me of my own mom.

Speaking of families, do you wish to start one together?

Nova - Soon as we've settled in to being married, I'm all for making lots and lots of babies.

Twilight - It's one of the things I absolutely cannot wait for.  Nova, do you think I'd make a good mother?

Nova - Twilight, I have no doubt you'd make a great mother.

Twilight - Aww... come here, you.

-We'll leave them in peace now.  But Nova still didn't win his way out of the basement-

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