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  • The Legacy of TwilightArcturus Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle's son, sets out to find his mother after receiving a mysterious blank message from his mom's old friend Trixie. His search takes him somewhere he never expected to go: inside his mom's own invention.28,063 words ·317 views ·27 likes ·5 dislikes
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I'm in protest.  meme-asaurus cancelled The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine, so I'm protesting by cancelling a fic I'm sure he's never read in his life!  This ought to get him to get back to work on it!  And while I'm at it, I'll cancel it to protest Twilight being made an alicorn!  THAT'll show Mitch Larson who's the boss here!


Seriously though, I'm sad to say that I am cancelling this story.  I think deep down, when I posted the last update (hastily ended on a cliff hanger, by the way), I knew it was going to be over.  I just sort of lost my inspiration to write it after that.  I honestly did try to retool the story like I said I would, but a combination of tougher school, a bad last semester, a newer set of stories I'm enjoying more, and a new job have all just made me decide to end this now.  However, I will tell you guys how it ends.  You don't think I'd leave you in the dark about this, do you?

Well, for starters, DUSK was always on Twilight's side.  He was the first ISO, and the last.  The MCP had kept a fragment of its programming inside each of the programs it had taken over, and when it sensed the time was right, it recompiled and brainwashed all the other programs, had its forces kidnap TRON, and then used him as a hostage to get DUSK to do what it wanted.  The MCP's forces exterminated the ISOs before they could do anything about it, and DUSK was put in charge, with Rinzler being the MCP's watchdog to make sure DUSK kept doing his job.  In the battle, DUSK had been forced to de-rezz his maker, but Twilight escaped and hid out for those ten years.  Well, with all that knowledge in hand, they would return to City 17 Tron City with the help of DUSK, and infiltrate the Citadel, with the purpose being to locate the MCP's hiding place, and Tron's location.

Tron's location would be pointed to Rinzler (no surprises), while the MCP would be found as well.  DUSK would also scramble the coding in his three lieutenants, shaking them from their brainwashing.  He would then send them to take back the city while they went after the MCP.  Twila, Arc, Twilight, and DUSK would stow away on the MCP's battle carrier (this one), where they would reroute it to take them to the MCP.  Twila and Arc would split up to find a way to reroute the ship, while Twilight and DUSK would seek out Rinzler.  Here, Twila would confess to Arc that she had been in love with him for as long as she could remember, and he would admit that he'd only recently started to discover those feelings himself (followed by obligatory smoochy scene).  They accomplished their mission, then reunited with Twilight and DUSK to find that every one of the programs the MCP had brainwashed was now actively seeking them out.  Arc, starting to tap into his powers as a User, would create a viral program designed to force a hard reset, which he then threw at a random soldier.  The bug would work like a charm, leading the whole ship to hard reset.  The MCP now only had Rinzler under his command.

They would arrive at the MCP's location, where DUSK and Rinzler would be forced to duel, only for Rinzler to be revealed as not Tron, but Sark, Filthy Rich's own program, whom the MCP was using to keep an eye on DUSK.  The real Tron was being tortured by the MCP inside his own being, since the MCP had forcibly taken control.  Final battle happens, DUSK kills Rinzler/Sark, Twila and Arc combine their user powers to do somethign awesome, Twilight helps them by programming wings onto Arc for as long as he's in The Grid, and Arc and Twila use this to dive straight in and cleanse Tron of the MCP once and for all, allowing all of them, Twilight included, to return to Equestria.

Arc would go straight to ENCOM, walk right up to the receptionist, and say "I'm Arcturus Sparkle, majority shareholder and the son of the founder.  Can you point me in the direction of the CEO's office?"  He would then go on up, confront Filthy Rich, inform him of all the things they had discovered on him an then tell him he had but a few minutes to leave Arc's office.  Filthy would call Arc's "bluff," only for Twilight to teleport in and, as founder of the company, make Arcturus the CEO by her own power.  Filthy would run, only to be arrested by the police outside.  In the epilogue, Twila was Arc's personal secretary and aide (woo fetishes!), Twilight returned to Ponyville to live with Big Mac, The Grid was never a better place, and the story would end with Twilight and Arc going into The Grid for some flying with Arc's digital wings.

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