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Hey, you know that really good author who has quality stories that everyone loves?  I'm not that guy, he's over there.  I'm that mediocre guy that's lucky to have as many followers as I do.  Thanks!!!

The people I put up with, and the people who put up with me

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Exactly what the title says.  I dunno.  Kinda feels like it'd be easier to accomplish, putting out a bunch of shorter chapters instead of a few longer ones.

As of now, this would only apply to Worlds.  Those are the only chapters that I feel are so long it's a daunting task just to write them.  I wouldn't retool any of the older chapters; in fact, I'd just leave them completely alone.

What do you guys think?  Would you prefer shorter chapters?  Quicker updates, shorter reads, probably a lot faster turnaround.  Or do you like the longer style?

And on another note, I'm also considering completely rewriting Apprentice.  As in, continuing my rewrite past Chapter 12 and doing everything right up through the end.  That one depends entirely on how I feel about the quality of the new chapter 12 versus the old Chapter 13 when I get there, but I'll keep you posted.

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Thank you for the fav on Friendship is Grievous! :twilightsmile: I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me some feedback in the comments!

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I finished reading TATSATC and it totally blew my socks off!  Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the fave of Poolside Fun:pinkiehappy:

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Sweet! New stories. Always a pleasure.

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