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Hey, you know that really good author who has quality stories that everyone loves?  I'm not that guy, he's over there.  I'm that mediocre guy that's lucky to have as many followers as I do.  Thanks!!!

The people I put up with, and the people who put up with me

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So, the story behind this is that I am taking a cryptography class over the summer, and am learning about codes and ciphers.  Specifically, I have learned that transforming alphanumeric characters into symbols is actually a relatively weak way to encode things.  It's supposed to be a code that's baffled crytoanalysts for over a millennium an isn't broken.

Fortunately, I have a solution.  I'm keeping the replacement symbols, but I'm going a little further with it, and encoding things in a Playfair cipher (in story).  If you know a Playfair cipher from anywhere, it's probably from its appearance in Nicholas Cage Hamfest 24 National Treasure 2.

Here's a little tutorial, if you feel so inclined to do it.

It fits perfectly for Nova because in the many times he was writing in his diary in the past, it fits Clover to have happened upon him encoding everything, and she would have figured out the symbols-for-letters (which she did), and she would have figured out the keyword for the code based on her experiences with him alone.  Not to mention, it fits the "baffling equestrian cryptoanalysts" part because a Playfair is incredibly difficult to solve without the keyword (though you can always try every possible combination of letters, aka "brute force" it, but that would take hundreds of years to do), and it wouldn't follow the "rules of language," especially in regards to letter repetition and such.  Plus, it's all replaced by symbols, which makes it even more baffling because no one would know what means what.

So, yeah, just felt like sharing that.  Be sure to expect it being edited in come my revising of Chapter 12.

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I appreciate the follow.  Thanks!  :twilightsmile:

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Do you take requests?

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Thanks for the Follow!

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Thank you for the fav on Friendship is Grievous! :twilightsmile: I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me some feedback in the comments!

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