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  • StarboundPrincess Twilight is the first pony to explore unknown space. Things go bad during the initial flight, and she ends up floating over an unknown planet in unknown space. Now she has to survive long enough to find her way home.14,617 words ·971 views ·106 likes ·9 dislikes
  • Even In Other WorldsNathan Samuel is a normal student, living a normal life. After some sickness, he remembers that he's from Equestria, and that everypony is trapped in this other world. Now it's up to him to restore the Elements of Harmony once again in or79,790 words ·630 views ·45 likes ·11 dislikes
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General Update · 5:01am

Hey guys, how's things?

Just wanted to give a quick update on how things are going thus far, with college in full swing.  You might want to know how this is going to be affecting my writing in the future couple of months.

Well, we'll do this in organized fashion, shall we?  In order of probs most important to least important.

1)  Starbound

I've got writer's block, but it's nothing I can't solve.  I've had it before, I've overcome it before.  Just gotta give it time, try to re inspire myself, or just write through the slump.  Still working on it, though.  Haven't forgotten it.

2)  Even In Other Worlds

Chapter 10 is coming along.  Not rapidly or slowly, it just is.  Bit by bit, but it'll all be worth in the end.  Also, just a teaser, expect plenty of Penelope Poppentop/Pinkie Pie.  And the words "Nova Sunset."

3)  I am going to Brony Fan Fair

All the arrangements were made, I'm ready to go on Thursday.  Will spend a night with the 'rents in Cibolo/San Antonio, before heading on up to Austin for the convention, since I've booked a room.  Hope to see some of my readers there!  Not hosting a panel or anything; just going to enjoy this one.

4)  Working on a draft for what could possibly be a new story

I'm not promising a new story.  Not even close.  I'm just writing it to see how well the first chapter comes together.  If I feel like this is something I could do and enjoy, I'll probably post it and keep going.  If not, well, you can't miss what you've never read.  I've had this happen, mostly on my FF.Net account, where I've started a story and felt alright with it going forward, but then lost it for some reason.  In fact, a lot of stories I might have considered writing have been scrapped because I couldn't do it.  Probably one that stings the most is The Legacy of Twilight, since I had a great plan going forward, but just lost it a few chapters in.

A little preview of it, for those interested (call it a "taste test").  Lemme know what you guys think.  Much of this info could change later, so don't expect this to be final.

TITLE:  The Red Nocturne

TAGS:  Romance, Adventure, Slice of Life, Comedy, Human

CHARACTERS:  Princess Twilight Sparkle, OC

BASIC SUMMARY:  Following Tirek's attack, Princess Celestia has grown more wary of possible threats and contracts each princess, including herself, a mercenary as a guardian.  Each of the four mercenaries is part of the same team, and all are trained in armed and unarmed combat, tactics, and general survival.  The mercenary going by the moniker "Blue Rhapsody" is contracted by Princess Luna, the "Yellow Opera" guards Celestia, and the "Green Requiem" guards Cadance.  The "Red Nocturne," however, was hand-picked by Twilight herself before the others were assigned for various reasons.  The Red Nocturne, a quiet, seemingly-broody man, has a history with Twilight that he'd like to keep to himself, but that everyone else, Twilight included, seems to want to bring up.  Just how will he survive life in Ponyville, with all of Twilight's friends trying to figure out the puzzle that is their previous relationship?

p.s. - Whoever can tell me the hidden pun in the story summary wins a cookie.  And whoever else can tell me why the mercenaries are named such wins a free cameo in Chapter 10 of Even In Other Worlds.

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