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No word on why; got the form email.  At least, with Apprentice, they gave me reasons to improve it, but this time, they just sent me straight to the Editor's Omnibus with no word on what it is I'm looking for.  I'm thinking, however, that it's the minor gore, since EqD staff doesn't exactly like that kind of stuff, even though I gave them fair warning and explained everything.

Personally, I very much prefer the old Equestria Daily way of handling fanfic submissions.  I understand why they changed, don't get me wrong, since they receive many submissions per day [and I would wager 90% of them being absolute crap (Sturgeon's Law)], they couldn't possibly have the time to sit down and to sift through every possible submission and tell us what was wrong.  Except they did that with no problem not that long ago.  All they changed was that they don't have to tell us why they don't want it, since before they didn't do the three-strikes on stories that were garbage.

As I said in my last blog post, I've submitted two stories to EqD before.  Apprentice when it was only about five chapters in, and a story on Fanfiction.Net (which, if you feel like reading my first ehhh pony fanfic, is called A Stranger Among Them, is on my FF.Net profile page, and was officially laid to rest only about a month ago only eight chapters in).  ASAT I know why it was denied.  I attempted to deny it at first, got angry, justified to myself why it was actually a good fic, yadda yadda yadda, but when I finally swallowed my pride and took a good objective look at it, they were right; it wasn't really great.  Kinda boring to read, in hindsight.

As for Apprentice, they sent me a post explaining why it wasn't posted, how I could improve it, and that it stood a chance of being on EqD.  Didn't submit it since, mainly due to me getting as many editors on board as I could to fix things, and I'm also trying to get people to help me "show, don't tell" since that's my major flaw in writing, but I digress.  The point is, they took the time to say "Here's one that could be here, and here's how to improve it."

Here, however, a story that according to like/dislike ratio alone is better than Apprentice ends up getting form-mailed with no explanation on why it was rejected, what to fix, if I even get a strike or not for it (I'm assuming I don't even get the opportunity to resubmit it), and so on.  The Omnibus contains a plethora of things wrong with any theoretical story in general, but which ones am I doing right or wrong?  I don't like to judge my own stuff, because I don't trust myself not to be biased towards it; I need prereaders, but I have high tastes (e.g., I go for people with previous EqD posting experience) and no one seems to want to help.  It's like a microcosm of the USA (no offense, 'Muricans).  The poor want the help of the wealthy and most will do their absolute best to get there, but the wealthy ignore them for various reasons, be they selfish or otherwise.

I don't mean to rant.  I really don't.  EqD is awesome.  It will continue being awesome, so long as Seth never forgets who his best pony is (and his best pony and favorite pony are different, mind).  And, I suppose, as long as he keeps the site going well.  But while I think they're doing awesome, I think the old ways were better, in certain respects.

EDIT:  tl;dr, I wish EqD would give feedback on exactly why it was denied, rather than by sending me the list of reasons it could possibly be denied, and then leave me to sort through it.

Anyway, I've wasted enough of my followers' time.  Still working on Chapter 4 of Starbound and Chapter 9 of Even in Other Worlds.  One of these will be quite a bit heavier than the other.   As for my side stories to Apprentice, progress is slow, but it's there.  And I'm also writing another guest chapter for Celestia Uses an Online Dating Website, this time featuring both Doctor and Master.  Again, progress is slow, but it's being made.

Rytex out.  Have a good day!

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