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Watched EqG2 · 5:35pm

Like the title says, I went and attended a meetup to watch Rainbow Rocks.  No spoilers, but let's just say my Red Nocturne story I've been semi-writing, that is writing with no definite intention of posting it until I get a few chapters in, has been affected.  Namely, a plot detail showed up that I couldn't pass up and that fits with where I've been taking it so far.

Problem is, I have no intention of letting this get anywhere near as long as Charlatan.  Want to keep it simple and a side story to Starbound (haven't forgotten it) and Worlds.

As for the movie, it was good.  I enjoyed it.  Think you will.  FlashLight haters, prepare to be a tad disappointed.  Anywho, stay frosty.

Rytex out.  Have a good day!

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Thanks for the fave of Poolside Fun:pinkiehappy:

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Sweet! New stories. Always a pleasure.

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Thanks for the fave on To Be Pounded!

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Hey, you joined The football/soccer group, if you haven't and want to join the fantasy league. The banter is great in there cos we all support awful teams, sept the man utd glory hunter

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