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I've spent almost thirteen or fourteen years of my life writing fanfiction. Something is clearly wrong with me, especially if I'm writing about pastel cartoon ponies now.

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>>1736174 Have fun!

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Hey, that's fine! To be honest, I haven't been keeping up with the series ever since I became a brony. But there'll be a time for that eventually. If not, I'll make time.

Stay frosty, mate! I think I'll see if you make just as good fanfics for MLP as well... :rainbowdetermined2:

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>>1736114 I'm happy to meet another fan who I helped to inspire. Sorry I haven't updated BNW in a long time. I've been dealing with some stuff.

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My gosh, wow! I never thought that I would find you here, in the brony fandom. It seems so long since my days in the Pokemon fandom...

Well, anyway, I just wanted to say thanks, for the way you and your stories have influenced me. A few years back, I was beginning to have a fascination with the newfangled phenomena known as fanfiction, in the genre of Pokemon, mostly. As I was sifting through the masses of self-inserts and unabashed shipping fics, I stumbled across a story with a gargantuan word, chapter, and review count: Latias' Journey. It seemed, well, different from all of the other fics out there. And boy, was I right. The way the story was structured- the adventure, the teeming danger, the idle humor, the banter... It was everything that I had been unconsciously searching for, packed into one huge story. I delved into the scenes that were presented before me, in awe of the descriptiveness and immersive situations, loving every plot twist and even the gruesome, cringeworthy scenes. I read on and on and on, the entertainment never seeming to come to an end (taking into account the sheer size of the story, it is understandable). It was the gift that just kept giving.

Then it ended. I remember reading the last few lines in the story, which were satisfying in their own right, but still not enough. I grew a little sad, since I had read from someplace I don't remember that you were unlikely to write a sequel.

I stumbled across Brave New World. Lo and behold, it was from Ri2. As I excitedly opened the first chapter, I was greeted with an unfamiliar setting. Where were all the characters that I had grown to love in the previous installation?

But I got over it as I read further. You know, it still amazes me how you could endear the reader to a character just as they were introduced. I quickly took a liking to the Legendaries, even Arceus. Team Aurabolt (was it? My memory is hazy) and each of the members were memorable in their own way (especially Leo, his references were just golden).

To be frank, my mind was blown. The Omniverse, the Nihilators, even Tarantulas and Chobin, were all perfectly portrayed. I actually felt what the protagonists were feeling, and I could even empathize with the villains a bit. Everything was so...real. I had no idea of the profound effect your writing would have on me until I resumed my forays into fanfiction.

As I ran out of chapters to read, I recall checking the my favorites section for updates every hour or so, literally jumping when I saw a new chapter. But as updates became somewhat few and far between, I was forced to branch out to other literature. I spent time in other fandoms as time went on, like Fire Emblem, Mass Effect, and others. Incidentally, I had a taste for epics with a semi/serious atmosphere when I was choosing fics to read. Eventually, I somehow found my way into the MLP fandom, and all but cut ties to Fanfiction.net and any other fanfiction website I had been posting on.

Until now. Man, when I saw the name Ri2, all of that just came rushing back to me. It made me remember what helped make Adventure stories my go-to favorite thing to read/write, my overall interest in fan-fiction, where my fascination with the multiverse theory came from, and my value of character interactions.

(It even inspired me to play Paper Mario: TTYD, because of all the parallels people were drawing between the game and Brave New World. The game remains a favorite RPG of mine. :twilightsheepish:)

So...yeah. I'm sorry if I was too fervent or obsessive-sounding; it's just that it's nice to meet the one partly responsible for being who I am right now, however indirect it is. Still, thanks. I know you didn't know me before now, but it's nice to be in the same fandom again, mate. :pinkiehappy:

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