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can't forget your roots

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I didn't know "goodbye" meant "I'm going to type an entire paragraph."

Here, I'll demonstrate it for you. You seem to be confused: I will now cease all discussion with you. Good day.

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No, it's just that... listen. I really sorry I disregarded your statement. The LGBT community is just something that's really close to my heart, and sometimes I can get a bit blinded to other views. Whether or not it was bait, I still doubt that fact holds much truth. If it is legitimate, I'd be really surprised to find out more, after all. Honestly, I still can't tell if you are homophobic, but I suppose it doesn't really matter. You do you.

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I love that you disregard the argument in it's entirety because your abomination of a following doesn't agree with me.

Bye, you living sack of horseshit. Nice job taking the bait, by the way, it was too easy.

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Wow. No, I don't actually think you not what you're saying. Goodbye.

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People who are gay are more likely to commit suicide, get depressed, start drugs, etc.

Beautiful, tolerant community of different people you've got there.

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