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RaspingLeech is the Meme Administrator for FIMFiction. Non-meme questions are probably best asked to other staff members.


[9:14:59 PM] Marigold: Get yo titties out a twist, Leech. Don't need to be jealous because you can't rut the princesses in real life :3

[12:18:26 AM] Array: > Someone should write a story where they ship as many OC's as possible with Luna

[3:12:24 PM] Cold Blitz: [ ] Get Leech to put a quote of mine in his bio

[12:35:09 AM] Alex Griffin (ROBCakeran53): bitch pkease

[12:35:27 AM] Alex Griffin (ROBCakeran53): yiu mean that drunk who rarely showes his face

[3:57:58 PM] Cold Blitz: you faggot your idea gave me an idea and that idea gave you another idea

[1/23/2014 9:30:01 PM] Tempy: Echo Sound Test Service is Leech's waifu.




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[5:47:00 PM] Dr. StrangeLeech: My last comment on my userpage is literally half a year ago

[5:47:04 PM] Dr. StrangeLeech: and it's allah bazinga

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>Thinking you've discovered anything on a website almost four years old

last week i discovered that you can get mail on here

i was wondering what that increasingly large number up at the top of my menu was for

i bet you were wondering too

but now i told you

so you know what it is

you should thank me leech

you faggoth

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Leech-s-senpai notice me :c

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