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I'm sorry to inform all of you all of this on such a short notice, and after a long time of inactivity.

I've given up... On My Little Pony. It just... Doesn't appeal to me anymore. I've moved on to new things. Things you guys may or may not like yourself. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The reason I tell you all this, if you haven't figured it out already, is to tell you guys that I'm discontinuing The Equestrian Saga. This may come as a disappointment to all of you, and I'm sorry. But this is the choice I have made, and I'm not turning back.

And for those of you that would like to volunteer to continue my story yourself, let me tell you why the answer is going to be no every time. Raian, is MY OC. I don't want people getting things wrong about him or to create and confusion about him.

But, even though I'm stopping with this story, I'm not stopping writing all together. I'm going to be creating an account on Fanfiction.net and I will be posting my new work there. And, lucky for you all, I already have a story in the works. It's a Dragon Ball Z/Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover. Raian will be making a return in the fic, so he's not dead (Other than the fact that I'm going to be making him in Dragon Ball Xenoverse as my main player). I'll save the details of the story to you all for a better experience.

If any of you have questions, ask me, and I'll answer to the best of my ability.


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