• E Right

    Twilight and her two friends go out drinking, but one of them is not what they seem...
    8,072 words · 9,655 views  ·  922  ·  18
  • T Faith

    Fluttershy, with the help of Twilight, plans to tell her friends that she's a changeling, but when Fluttershy and Twilight are teleported to a mysterious forest, it seems the two won't be able to find their way home.
    14,679 words · 6,342 views  ·  719  ·  22
  • E Pink Dream

    Twilight goes out on a date with Bubble Berry, but not all is as it seems.
    15,321 words · 7,151 views  ·  511  ·  18
  • T Persona MLP: The Nightmare Hour

    A Persona crossover. An architect from Canterlot and the Mane 6 team up to investigate a string of kidnappings and murders in Ponyville, as well as a new, mysterious world that only appears just at midnight...
    39,876 words · 19,483 views  ·  136  ·  13
  • T Burning Bridges

    Applejack and Rainbow Dash are dating secretly, but when they make plans to tell all of their friends, Applejack gets a letter announcing that her mom is coming to visit, and her presence turns Applejack's world upside-down.
    18,153 words · 1,456 views  ·  133  ·  15
  • T With a Spark

    Rainbow Dash finds Spitfire shortly after the Grand Galloping Gala, and is invited to spend a night at a nightclub with the Wonderbolts.
    9,321 words · 5,637 views  ·  112  ·  14 · sex
  • T Out of the Blue

    With someone threatening the elements of harmony from behind the scenes, Applejack and Pinkie Pie start becoming closer together.
    51,608 words · 1,555 views  ·  62  ·  6
  • E Epiphany

    Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash shipping with a minor adventure into a forest.
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ALL RIGHT.  I got 72 new followers from that feature.  My first featured story, but whatever.  I guess people really like their changelings.



I am already starting on the next chapter of Out of the Blue already, but with finals 3 weeks away, and me taking 16 credit hours, I cannot guarantee much.  Hopefully something is done before June, and the whole fic will be done before summer is over.  That is the plan.  It's actually pretty easy now that I'm actually getting to all the scenes and interactions I have had brewing in my head for a year, and I am past most of the date.  Trust me, if that chapter sucked, then, honestly, I'm sorry, but I'm just happy to be past it.  Plot is gonna start happening again in chapter 10.

If you are new here:  After I finish Out of the Blue, I'm going to be working on an epic: A Persona crossover.  It will take elements from both Persona 3 and 4 (3 in the dark hour, and 4 in the murder mystery and facing-your-shadow-self persona), and star an OC with the mane six.  Hopefully this all has some people excited.  I don't do many adventure fics (only made two if you count Faith), and those are my favorite kind to read, and hopefully I can write a good one.


I'm moving soon; like, within the next 2-3 months probably.  I'll be moving out of my parents' home and in with friends in a city a few hours away.  He has a large house and rents out rooms and the basement, and I can get a room on his floor for 200/month.  That's pretty ace.  He's probably one of my best friends, and his brother--who is also chill--is living with him.  All I need to do is find a job and I'll be living very happily away from my folks.

I ALSO am basically 100% sure that I'm going to Bronycon.  I don't have my planet tickets YET, but uh, none of the other costs need to be made ahead of time, and the airport I'm using is small; the tickets were priced maybe 5-10 dollars more expensive now than they were in February.  I also am probably going to be on a fanfiction panel hosted by the pre-readers.  There's lots of unconfirmed stuff, but this is all my plan.


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So the reason I wrote Faith, that monster of a story (that is currently featured and has a ton of faves, bwah??) in one week is because the pre-readers from EQD had a fun little event where we all write prompts, then randomly distribute them, and give ourselves a week to write something.


Prompt: Totally Lost (from Pre-reader who is also a bear)

Prompt: Sweetie Belle sets out to try to find a way to become a crystal pony, in hopes the change will make her sister pay more attention to her. (from Pegasus Rescue Brigade)

Prompt: Fluttershy's tail always drags along the ground. She finds some strange and interesting things caught in there... (from Pascoite)

Prompt: Three ponies enter, but only one leaves... (from CupcakesNom)

Prompt: Celestia's Terrible Secret--REVEALED! (from Benman)

Prompt: Scootaloo has no parents because she's actually a magical construct designed to behave like a normal pony. She's either been lost or is being 'field tested', and her true nature is revealed when a passphrase is spoken in her presence. The precise nature of her purpose, the reveal, and the repercussions of this are up to you. (from PresentPerfect)

Prompt: What if.. say.. Gilda was working for Celestia and was being a total twat BECAUSE Celestia asked her to? What if the Mane 6 -needed- that sort of support to look good, because they're that far behind the others? IE… they're incompetent but mean well.. so Celestia has to 'hire' Gilda and the other 'villains' to make Twilight and the others look good and bolster their confidence?

Write a story that explores this (remote) possibility... (from Mechanic)

Prompt: Celestia never had a lot of free time, and now that Luna is back to help run Equestria after her 1000 year exile, Celestia finds herself with more free time than she knows what to do with. Luna discovers that during her exile, Celestia never had a special somepony, so she takes it upon herself to set her sister up on a blind date, in an attempt to expand her sister's horizons. (From Ninestempest)

Written by Mechanic

Prompt:  Diplomacy takes many forms... (from Siraj)

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Yeah I wrote a sequel to Right.

It's 14k long.

What the hell is HAPPENING, TO ME.

I will have it submitted by 1 AM Central tonight.  And that's a promise.

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UPDATES!!1! · 5:06am

So with the new OotB chapter posted...

I have to take a week off from writing it.

I am participating in another pre-reader battle:

Prompts are distributed, and I have to finish a fic by Friday.

What am I writing?

A sequel to Right, of course!

Stay tuned.

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Making Progress! · 5:39am

Next chapter of Out of the Blue has gone through an edit run, so the rest of my changes should just be grammar or readability improvements. Expect it before Friday night.

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It is Saturday night.  I arrived back home from my friend's city Friday evening, and have been recuperating ever since.

So uh,

1) That basketball game was insane.  Bulls were down 10 points in the second quarter, made it up to reach overtime, and then they finally lost by 1 point in overtime because of a technicality, 118-119.  The crowd was amazing, and I was pumped by the end.  A great first sporting event to attend.

2) SO MUCH LEAGUE OF LEGENDS because we drove from 11 pm to 5 am to get back home on Monday night, and spent the rest of the week recovering by PLAYING VIDEO GAMES


4) I've basically finished the Persona crossover outline.  Now I just need a title for it, and some holidays, and I'll basically be ready to write it.  Of course, I'm going to finish OotB first.  The next chapter will, I FUCKING PROMISE, be up in April some time.  I don't want to promise it this week because I want to actually spend a GOOD amount of time editing it, unlike Burning Bridges, so I'll probably wait a week after finishing it to post it.  I expect, from what is currently posted, to have the story finished in three chapters.  But, I'm about to incite some rage here: OotB won't finish this "arc" of epiphanies and the EoH and so on and so forth.  There is another story I'm planning after it which will close it out.  It will be a direct sequel and be a LONG ADVENTURE WOOOOOOOO.

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Stupid friends... · 3:04am

So some updates.

My spring break starts next week, and I'm going up to Chicago to see the bulls game with friends to start it out!  After that, I'll probably be hanging with them for a while in their home town, which is two hours from me.

This week, for me, is also filled with tests, so I'm not going to be able to write as much.  So I know I keep talking about writing things but here is the current rundown of what is actually going on.

Pinkity is on hold indefinitely.  The fic I made a poll about I randomly lost interest in, so that is on hold for most likely forever, for better or worse.

I'm currently working on only two things. Out of the Blue, because that deserves to be finished, and after that, I will get right onto the persona crossover.

So progress is being made on the ootb update, but I'm not sure it will get finished before school knocks me out and friends come knocking.  That is all there is to say, really. Don't hold your breath, but I will be posting SOMETHING in the foreseeable future, I just can't give a precise timeline really...

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So Fluttershy and Twilight tied.  Yes, I already disabled the survey.  If I didn't and my mind is making up memories, I won't pay attention to new votes.

I'm kind of at an impasse, but I think using Fluttershy for this story works a lot better, though Flutters or Dash would have been equal (working in Pinkie or Twilight would be a chore and a half).  So thank you all who voted.



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... and eventually getting to Out of the Blue and Pinkity and Perona Crossover.

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I read it this morning, not remembering it was tagged as a sad fanfiction, and ultimately payed for it.  Also I wish it had accents.  It's bothering me.

That is the tl;dr version anyway

While the story in question (seriously are you clicking this?  It's been top story in the feature box for like three days) is a great sucker punch of emotion that doesn't rely on simply "the premise" to deliver the sad, with an amazing cohesion of events and good scene changes that keep the information relevant and interesting, I will say that is still forever rushed.  Much life Fires of Friendship, of which I hold one of the few dislikes of, and that one really weird thing about AJ being racist slightly, it is a one-shot that is simply rushed beyond all belief.  Maybe it's an issue with Ponydora's writing.  As you can see on my profile, I consider Flight of the Alicorn to be one of my favorite fics (if not tied with Blood is Thicker than Friendship), and I think the pacing in that story is even slower than it needs to be, somehow.

Now, the story in question is still amazing.  I haven't felt my heart clench like that in a long time, and the lack of awareness of the genre (well, tagging I guess) didn't help.  But... well, it isn't a spoiler to say so: when you have such a perfectly wrapped up time-line of events like this story, each step another possible "fanon" interpretation that is done so cleanly that it's believably canon, just because of how well it's presented, it's astonishing that I'm even concerned about the pacing when he fit all of the fic's information into a mere 15k words.  I doubt I could write something like this in such a short order.  It would turn into a 30k multi chapter epic.

It is a GREAT story; I cannot reiterate this enough.  It sounds like I'm just spouting praise, but really, I am.  I mean, I'm not just a Dr. Who fan because of the sci-fi nature of the show.  The only other sci-fi I remotely cared about before Dr. Who was Stargate SG-1 (seriously that crossover needs to update sometime).  No, I like it because of the themes of what are right and wrong, what is necessary or a pointless risk, that come up when you involve time travel.  I really do love it.  So in a way, the fic preys on my

But if there is something I take from this, it is that Ponydora, in my opinion, has one vital weakness, one that, should he shoot down, he could become one of the best writers in this fandom, without equal.  One flaw that still doesn't detract from the spectacle or experience, but one that is nonetheless all too recognizable.

You don't gotta go fast, Ponydora Prancypants.


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