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yo. · 3:51am

So y'all wondering where I went.

Tumblr, mostly.

Turns out ponies aren't my thing anymore.

Also turns out heterosexuality isn't my thing either. Huh.

So yeah, I'm that shitty writer that never finishes anything. Oops.

Though if you ever wanna chat or w/e, I'm always willing to talk at the-winbreasters.tumblr.com (not letting me link lmaoo) unless you're gonna harass me because then I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the premises

Sorry I can't finish shit. I just kinda lost interest after a certain point, like I did with PewDiePie and I'm sure I will with my current fandoms.

I don't regret this fandom. It really helped shape me into who I am today and made me a bit more tolerant of abnosome people and I made a lot of friends here.

Thank you for all the support you gave me when I was young and impressionable <3

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Where you at

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>>966093 I cried when Sam fell into the pit at the end of season 5. I mean CRIED.

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>>1019895 okie madokie artichokie

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