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yo. · 3:51am

I'm not doing any more writing so this is basically null lol

If you wanna talk to me, here's my tumblr, twitter, and devaintart. I won't really be doing any more pony stuff (more preoccupied with my new fandoms and stuff) so I figured I should let y'all know. Thanks a lot for liking my writing when I was horrible and I really appreciate every one of my followers, but I just don't even know what's going on in this fandom anymore or if it died. I'm sorry I can't live up to your expectations of an update after two years, but I just can't write anymore. So uh, yeah. Thanks for the support.



Namara · 83 views · Edited 20w, 5d ago · Report · Story: The Nightmare and Me

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Where you at

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>>966093 I cried when Sam fell into the pit at the end of season 5. I mean CRIED.

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>>1019895 okie madokie artichokie

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