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The amount of effort put into this is staggering. She actually CHANGED MY NAME to hers to make it look like she really wrote it! Huh! I can barely tell this was ever mine now, and oh, look! She categorized it as "fan fiction" too. Oh, isn't that just genius? Make people think it's a fan fiction so they won't know you stole an original story. That oughta keep those pesky mods off your trail. Even with the utterly identical tag line and cringeworthy story being copied word for word, I almost didn't realize this was my story, even after seeing it directly under my story on Google. Bravo, little queen, bravo. You'd make the changelings proud with your leet copying skillz.

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Thanks for faving "Black and Blue"!

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Thank you for favoriting on my story! (It's Metamorphosis, in case you've forgotten.)

If there was anything you liked or didn't like, tell me in a comment! But thanks!:rainbowkiss:

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It pains me to see your stories so incomplete. They're great stories and I wish to see them grow into something the entire FIMfiction site will enjoy.

Also, thanks for commenting on my story. It's great to get critique on my work, especially when that critique points me to excellent stories such as your own. That's the truth, your comment led me to read your stories. Anyway, I'm unsure if you got the comment reply, I don't trust FIMfiction as far as I can throw it, considering I can't throw it that's horrible.

Anyway, I give you permission to edit my story cause deities know I need it.

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The network director? No, this is purely coincidence. :fluttershysad:

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Um, you wouldn't be the same Final Draft as the one at Everfree Radio, would you?

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