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Yup, since I can't seem to write stories on my own anymore, I started a new collab with some friends of mine, namely Bootsy Slickmane, who I worked on a previous story with, and Samey90.  That's right, two great authors who've wrote some pretty messed up shit.  Strangely enough, this story is NOT about Diamond Tiara, but Celestia and the other three princesses!  Look forward to it!  

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>>1648356 If I can manage to think of something fun for it, I'll write something.  Probably something to do with Wet Noodle.

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>>1635281 Speaking of your "How to be a mother" series, when will it get continued?

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>>1635281 I think I know why he likes that series

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>>1634923 Generally no.  It's just not fun for me to continue a story.  The only exception would be the "How to be a Mother" series, and that's because my buddy Telaros pesters me about it.  He really likes that series for some reason...

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