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EverFree Filly · 1:08pm

Do you guys like Diamond Tiara?  Of course you do, you follow me!  Do you enjoy comics with a story that's far better than my fanfics?  THEN YOU BETTER CHECK THIS OUT!

A tumblr by my good friend Almas, who as you should know is a fantastic artist!  He's creating a Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara comic.  EverFree Fillies is a story about the beautiful friendship between two rich fillies.  However, not everything is peaceful.  When an evil beast rises and harms Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon makes a magical pact with a powerful spirit and becomes one of... THE EVERFREE FILLIES!  With new powers at her disposal, will she be able to save her best friend Diamond Tiara?  Well come on and find out!

As you would probably guess, Almas makes these comics on his free time.  It would be great if you could support his comic series on his patreon page, found here: .  Can't donate?  That's fine!  The comic will always remain free.  It would be great if you could support him though, after all, how awesome would it be for him to make comics full time, without worrying about paying the bills?  

I have a good feeling this comic is going to be AMAZING!  And I can't wait for future releases.  Give the comic a chance, and I guarantee you'll feel the same.

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I love your profile picture! Little Shih Tzus are the best! :pinkiehappy:

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thanks for the fav!

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>>1258291 Well, since you asked oh so nicely, I don't see why not.  I personally don't like them, but hey, maybe some of my followers do.

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Do you think you can help me spread the word of this group

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