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Either the nicest guy or the biggest asshole you'll ever meet, depending on the amount of alcohol currently in my system. Also a fervent lover of booty and everything American.

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No tits for you · 10:27pm

How you gonna not check a man's quints, guys?



MarineMarksman · 95 views · Report


#1303338 · 12h, 2m ago · · ·


Oh, I dunno.

But that cameraman on the bottom of the pic didn't seem to really care.

#1303197 · 12h, 25m ago · · ·


Like, I mean, if someone went up to her and fucked her, how could she say it was rape when there was consent plastered all over her body?

#1302917 · 13h, 52m ago · · ·



That means it's not rape.

I have failed you again...:pinkiesad2:

#1302915 · 13h, 52m ago · · ·



Take me, it is my apology.

#1302907 · 13h, 53m ago · · ·


Does that count as consent?

I'm being serious right now (well, as serious a drunk can be).

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