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Lunar Marines

I kind of sort of run an airsoft team based off the NLR named the Lunar Marines.

If you are interested in kicking ass in the name of the one true princess, join this Facebook group. Everyone, no matter where you are from or what your experience is, is welcome to join.

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Haylo Saga

  • Haylo: A New World The Chief wakes up to find the remains of his Frigate has landed on a colorful, new planet. by MarineMarksman 46,689 words · 24,836 views · 645 likes · 109 dislikes
  • Haylo: Dark Abyss Backdraft and Nova fight for survival on board an abandoned ship against a new, terrifying threat. by MarineMarksman 8,624 words · 3,008 views · 70 likes · 21 dislikes
  • Haylo: Boot Camp Follow the Cutie Mark Crusaders through their difficult training to become Spartan IV's. by MarineMarksman 14,026 words · 4,194 views · 91 likes · 19 dislikes
  • Haylo: Among the Stars Follow the crew of the U.N.S.C. Equis in their desperate struggle against the Covenant. by MarineMarksman 6,122 words · 3,332 views · 73 likes · 23 dislikes
  • Haylo 2: Seas of Glass Equestria has fallen, and the ponies have now joined the U.N.S.C. in their war against the Covenant. by MarineMarksman 6,108 words · 1,914 views · 85 likes · 14 dislikes

Old Spice Saga


Clearly, the mods couldn't take this man's top tier bants.

>he's a moderator

>on the internet

>on a pony fanfiction site

>he does it for free

>he takes his "job" very seriously

>he does it because it is the only amount of power & control he will ever have in his pathetic life

>he deletes stories he doesn't like because whenever he gets upset he has an asthma attack

>he deletes stories he doesn't like because they interfere with the large backlog of little girl pony cartoons he still has to watch

>he will never have a real job

>he will never move out of his parent's house

>he will never be at a healthy weight

>he will never know how to cook anything besides a hot pocket

>he will never have a girlfriend

>he will never have any friends

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#1466378 · 4d, 11h ago · · ·

>>1464912 :rainbowkiss: kissy-kiss! :heart: *Runs off*

#1464912 · 5d, 9h ago · · ·


y-you too -spills spaghetti and cheap vodka everwhere-

#1464787 · 5d, 11h ago · · ·

I fucking love you, dude. :pinkiehappy: :scootangel:

#1464390 · 5d, 22h ago · · ·


I know. It's part of my charm.

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