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I kind of sort of run an airsoft team based off the NLR named the Lunar Marines.

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There was a point when this shit should've stopped and it was passed long ago.

Jesus Christ, this drama is some of the most laughably pathetic shit I've witnessed in a very long time. It's so fucking pathetic that it's actually entertaining for the first time ever.

Now, I don't condone the things that RC says or does (not like I really give a shit either, being from /pol/ and all), nor do I like his writing (Nyx a shit). But all this guy wants is attention and that's what you're giving him. It's common knowledge you don't give people like this the time of day, otherwise they win.

What's probably my favorite part about this shit is all the people who are responsible for starting up these social justice crusades are now coming out of the woodworks denouncing it and pointing out shit that should've been obvious when they started this BS like giving RC all this attention is only going to benefit him. It's your fault, guys. You should've realized this shit months ago when you started it. Quit the damage control.

To the goyim who are reading this who are one of those people who add RC stories to random groups, mass downvote his stories, mass downvote his comments and the comments of those who likes his stories: Please stop. Stop taking the internet so seriously and stop with this social justice crusade. All you're doing is giving him more attention (which is what he wants), wasting your time, and giving me a good laugh, because as I said, this drama's just now laughably pathetic.

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Ayyyyyy :yay:

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>>1388479 I can always count on Semper Fi to bring me to fun things.

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