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  • T Flicker

    After he is eaten by a Grimm, Roman Torchwick ends up in Equestria.  · MargopoloGX
    1,159 words · 444 views  ·  42  ·  6 · sex · gore
  • T Violets are Blue...

    In this RvB alternate universe fanfiction, Church basically goes to high school. And Caboose and Tucker are there as well.  · MargopoloGX
    2,494 words · 394 views  ·  26  ·  4 · sex · gore
  • T Rainbow Rocks: Starring Rock Lee!!!!!

    The events of Rainbow Rocks, with Rock Lee in all of the action!  · MargopoloGX
    1,070 words · 441 views  ·  26  ·  8 · gore
  • T Fractured

    After the events of the 'Genocide Route', Sans, tired and saddened, dies out. He soon wakes up, finding himself in an alleyway, a book on his lap. Boy, this is gonna get magical...  · MargopoloGX
    6,583 words · 3,495 views  ·  234  ·  21 · gore
  • T Darkness in his Eyes

    Sasuke Uchiha is transported to Canterlot High, after he and Naruto died together. Meanwhile, Sunset is on the road to reconciliation. Will Sasuke learn the Magic of Friendship through Sunset's eyes, or will he live in an eternal darkness?  · MargopoloGX
    3,518 words · 697 views  ·  47  ·  25 · sex · gore
  • T Choosing Joy

    With the death of Pinkie Pie, an event leaving her old friends sad, Rainbow Dash has a question in her head: How could I have saved her?  · MargopoloGX
    1,277 words · 426 views  ·  37  ·  4
  • T I'm not a mech, I'm a WAC

    Twilight raises the droid 'WAC-47' from day one. How can this NOT go wrong?!  · MargopoloGX
    1,151 words · 350 views  ·  27  ·  15
  • T Closure of two brothers

    Cptn. Rex and Commander Cody commit suicide after Order 66, transferring them to the afterlife...... Canterlot High?  · MargopoloGX
    13,789 words · 1,537 views  ·  117  ·  29 · sex · gore
  • T RvB: Equestria Girls

    The Red and Blue teams get sent to the EG universe, during the first movie. Warning: NO fourth wall breaking. Maybe. I don't know.  · MargopoloGX
    1,019 words · 796 views  ·  48  ·  12 · sex · gore
  • T The new warrior of Equestria

    A clone named Oreo is sent to Equestria after he and his fellow brother, Alpha get killed on a mission, leaving the Clone Wars.  · MargopoloGX
    2,079 words · 613 views  ·  52  ·  17 · gore

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Introduction to MargopoloGX

Hello, and welcome to my family friendly userpage. Okay, maybe it isn't family friendly, but who really cares about that anyways?

Anyways, Memes aside, I would like to tell you a bit about me.

1. First things first, my real FIRST name is Ross. For the sake of my privacy, I won't go any deeper into that.

2. I'M IN LOOOOOOOOVE with a toaster. Sorry to disappoint ladies, but I am taken.

3. I am 15 years old. Good Buddha I'm an old man. When do I start looking into retirement?

4. I write fanfictions, if that wasn't obvious. You can check them out in the column next to this one>>

5. My main forte in writing is crossovers. I do love me a good crossover, like I like some Mac n Cheese.

6. I am a christian. Never make me mad, or it's a year in Hell for you. JK LOL JJFJFJFF

7. I hate vegans.

8. This list is getting long... Uhhhhh... I post memes on this website? Yeah, I'm technically the only one who properly posts memes on this site.

9. I'm mixed. I'm black, white, korean and vietnamese, just to let all of the Trump fans here know.

10. I am an active Gamer, an anime watcher/huge fan no not a weeaboo sicko, and a Dungeons and Dragons player. Thank God for that.

That's all I have to say. If you like my content, be sure to check out my Youtube Channel.

Be sure to like, subscribe, and check out my fanfics! Buh-Bye!


Night everyone · 5:28am

See you all tomorrow probably.

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Comment posted by Oreos deleted at 5:32pm on the 16th of January, 2017
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Nice Jojo's Bizarre adventure reference.

Jk, thanks for pointing that out. I'll keep that in mind.

#523 · 3d, 7h ago · · ·

You have 316 followers.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall be saved."

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Thanks for the follow god friend, followed you back as a gesture of thanks! :twilightsmile:

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Dank you korero!

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I just try to make people mad for fun, as I am a troll of the internet. Does that mean I don't like you? No, of course I like you. You're a freaking awesome guy. Just pardon me for my hate of vegans, making people mad, and my mass murdering of feminists.