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What up guys, im a chill stoner brony who likes nothing better than to rip a bong and read about the adventures of our favorite ponies. I've been a long time user of this site, and im on here every da


i don't know how to properly say this. i'm not going to make excuses for waiting idk how many years to do this. i'm rewriting Unbound Hatred. yes you heard me right. I AM going to work on it again. my reasoning for picking this back up is i saw my story in many different groups, and had a good rating even when the thing was shit... i went into that story feet first and soon after had nowhere to go with it. this time however, things will be different. I'm putting together my entire plot first before getting to work. the quality will be better (considering how young i was when i wrote it) and i hope people will have my back for this. i completely dropped the story and i still, to this DAY have people pressuring me to get back to work. and i have only those people to blame for kicking my ass into gear. i am completely open to ideas if anyone wants to throw them out there.

I cant express how sorry i am for uploading a tease and then dropping it. i know that has pissed me off plenty a time. Though at the time i sucked at writing so it would have sucked anyway... but still. I. AM. BACK!

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>>1940948 Wanted to go easy on you, how's worthless, druggie son of a whore do for you? Better? Little worthless fuckwad. I'm trying to be less of an ass but I'm not letting that crap slide this time.

That story of yours is probably worthless forgiveness shit anyways.

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>>2010594  I did, it was a good story. You should be proud of yourself.

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Thanks for favoriting "One More Dance".  Glad you enjoyed it!  :twilightsmile:

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Thanks for the favorite!

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>>1940903 Don't come onto MY page and post shit dumbfuck. And idiot? Really? Are you a fucking child? Can you not come up with ANYTHING creative? Nope... you can't...

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