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What up guys, im a chill stoner brony who likes nothing better than to rip a bong and read about the adventures of our favorite ponies. I've been a long time user of this site, and im on here every da


random dream · 12:05am

i just had to post about this

i had the most random dream last night, i had my friend trey and fluttershy over at my house and we were all smoking weed during a zombie apocalypse.

can you say wtf?!

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>>2196788 Yeah my editor is crazy nice but he himself said that he would prefer some one more suited for the job would be better to be my editor.

Well I have plenty of lore to bestow upon this graceful fandom, so I thought to myself, why not let them know about a tiny fraction of it before my master plan is set in motion?

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>>2195936 Not only is it a fairly original idea, but aside from grammatical errors youve got yourself some talent for putting a story together. better than i had my first story, (not that they're there anymore) but you definitely have my attention till the bitter end...

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>>2163376 so if thats true, you think my story is really good?

if so why

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Thank you for the fav on The Price of Magic!

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>>2163376 well then I am honored good Brony. :twilightsmile:

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