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Honestly, I didn't think it would go that awry, in regards to my updating schedule. My second semester of University started, I was busy and pushed back an update a week. Followed by another week, and then another. And true to the snowball effect, it really didn't stop until...well, it has not even stopped as of yet. But with University Exams upcoming ("Pssh, who even needs to study") and summer work upcoming following that, I have full intentions to get cracking on the actual substance of my stories. To this end, I'd like to thank my official wall to bounce things against, Firery Dawn. (Brainstorming is to commence over beer and Helicopters in Gmod.)

And with that, I'd like to apologize for my...lax updating of my stories (to say the very least), and my equally atrocious noting of what was going on here to the people who follow my work.

Also a question: I'm curious about how people go about timelines for updates. How much time do you ideally give yourself to brainstorm, write a story out, have it read over and critiqued before posting?

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Thanks! :twilightsmile:

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