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I'm an amateur fanfiction writer with a love of many fandoms.

Expect most of my works to be crossovers.


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I'm putting Infernals on hiatus for now. The reason for this is that I honestly don't know where it's going. It started off just as a 'what-if' scenario in my head that I wanted to write down, and I ended up getting Dirty Bit's help for some of it. But, the thing is, while I have some great ideas for what can happen in the future of the fic, I just don't know how to get it there.

Now, regarding my other stories, I stand by what I said before: my other stories are on hiatus as well, until I finish one of my big fics. Infernals was one of my big fics, but without a clear idea of where to take it, I'm putting it on the same burner as PonyPuff Girls, Song of Change, etc.

My limit for big projects is two at a time, so don't worry; I still mean to finish Pony Fantasy IV. However, my other big project, the one that's getting most of my attention for the moment, is a fic I showed a teaser for in a previous blog. It's a sequel to the famous Turnabout Storm; specifically, the novelization done by RavenRegios and edited by the ever-diligent Firesight. Firesight is editing this sequel as well, and will also be writing a good chunk of the story himself, due to how we're setting things up.

I won't make an announcement of the title of the fic until we're ready to publish (which won't be until after the novelization is over). And don't worry, friends, I won't forget about my other fics. I'm just making sure my plate isn't too full for me.

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