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I'm an amateur fanfiction writer with a love of many fandoms.

Expect most of my works to be crossovers.


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While not technically 'new' anymore, and not under my aegis, I would like to promote a story I'm working on with the redoubtable Firesight, who edited and later authored the novelization for Turnabout Storm.

Before the Storm: The Rise of Firefly is a fic that stars Firefly, a Gen 1 pony who we decided to place into the TAS universe as a legendary pegasus who founded the group that would become the Wonderbolts. As its title implies, the fic is meant to show her rise to glory, starting from her days in basic training for the Royal Guard.

Originally, this was meant to be one chapter of a fic that would be various snippets of life in the TAS universe beyond what Twilight and Phoenix experience. However, as ideas for Firefly's backstory grew, we decided it would be best for her to have her own story to herself. The slice of life fic will still go ahead, but it will be set in the present day of Equestria/Earth, rather than several centuries in the past.

I hope you people who enjoy Pony Fantasy IV will enjoy this fic as well (And no worries, the edits to PFIV are proceeding, albeit slowly. More bulletins as events warrant).

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Thank you for the fav on Celestia's Rocket Adventures! I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a like and some feedback in the comments!

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When shall we hoist our collaboration out of the Harrowing Hell of Hiatus?

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Hey... So how is that writer's block coming along, if I dare to ask? Is there anything Arteh or I could do to help?

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Thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

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Thanks for the fave :).

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