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My Alt Account · 4:52am

Since the content of the link won't be safe for work, I didn't make an actual link out of it.  

Anyway, I have made an alternate account for any NSFW stories I create that aren't Twilight's Harem.  Just letting everyone know.  I have one story up so far on that account.

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Thanks for the favorite!

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Thank you very much for favoring "A Date With My Assistant" :twilightsmile:

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Hey, thanks for adding Luna's Hard Day's Work to your faves!

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>>1036249 You've got an interesting concept.  I've faved it and downloaded each story to read later.  

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Well holy dang, triple favourite! Enjoy reading my stuff, hopefully, and watching as I slowly get better at writing.

If you every have anything to add- comments, insults, critiques, compliments, complaints, ideas, speculation, praise, hate mail- my door is always open.

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