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I find myself on a bit of a roll with this story.

WARNING: There is vague reference to events upcoming in Season 5's opening.  However, I know about as much as you do, so the spoilers shouldn't be too bad.

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Hey mate, there's this collab back on fanfiction called mlp loops, I think it's just what you need right now...  In-character imperial crossovers always suck.

(Slinks back into the nowhere from whence I came)

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>>1366495 I am.  It's just not a big priority  for me, as Waking Nightmares is my most popular story right now.

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Are you still working on Twilight's Harem?

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And now it works for me again. I seriously don't know what went wrong... I'll just blame Mozilla update and the Wild Space Weasels, and be done with it.

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