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    Sometimes even the strongest among us can break.  · KnightMysterio
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    Zesty Gourmand calls upon Blueblood and the Royal Sisters to review Restaurant Row...  · KnightMysterio
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  • T Context

    Twilight wonders about the Flim Flam reality she saw while fighting Starlight, only for Discord to tell her she's looking at it wrong.  · KnightMysterio
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  • T Reform School

    Chrysalis, Tirek, Sombra, and Discord, along with other villains, go to a reform school set up by Twilight Sparkle.  · KnightMysterio
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  • E Episodal Aftermaths

    Short stories of what might have happened after an episode.  · KnightMysterio
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  • T Time to Plan

    A time traveler learns why time travel is no help against immortal princesses.  · KnightMysterio
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  • T Waking Nightmares: Magic Lives

    Sunset Shimmer becomes an alicorn, and magic starts to return to the Equestria Girls world...  · KnightMysterio
    34,513 words · 2,306 views  ·  125  ·  7
  • E Stories

    Celestia, while seeking respite from the nobles and the shame of exiling her sister to the moon, finds her happy place in a strange way...  · KnightMysterio
    7,353 words · 622 views  ·  51  ·  1
  • T Crusade's End

    The Crusaders screw up big time, causing Twilight to forbid them to Crusade. They have to move on with their lives...  · KnightMysterio
    8,105 words · 6,166 views  ·  423  ·  51
  • T To Lose When You Win

    Celestia is changed into a Changeling at the Canterlot wedding. Things do not go as planned for Chrysalis.  · KnightMysterio
    4,499 words · 9,304 views  ·  904  ·  42


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I am NOT accepting OC submissions for my currently ongoing stories, such as Waking Nightmares and its related spinoffs.  If someone else’s OC appears in the story, then it’s because they’ve done a major favor for me and have earned a cameo appearance.

And that is ALL it will be.  A CAMEO.  No backstory, no history, just a brief mention and description, a few lines, that’s it.

I will NOT add a new protagonist, especially if you want to to have a relationship (sexual or otherwise) with one of the primary cast.  I have my stories planned out start to finish.  Adding any new protagonists at this point will derail the story entirely, turning them into a Mary Sue as the main plot is derailed to suddenly become about them.  

If you want a story written about your OC, try and write it yourself.  You never know~! You may get the top featured story and stay there for days!  

Or, if you absolutely want me to write a story about your character, then commission me.  I’ll whip up a one-shot for you about your character.  But it will be unrelated to any of my current ongoing works.  

Anyway.  Just needed to vent.  Thanks for putting up with me all these years.

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Thanks for the fave.  :twilightsmile:

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Thanks for the fav! :twilightsmile:

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>>2234930 You're a good writer.  Why wouldn't I enjoy them?

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And now my fifth work, I'm glad you like my writing! :twilightsmile:

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