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Now that the results are in, I thought I’d say a few words about the Outside Insight contest. And I gotta say, this contest was a lot of fun to be a part of. A whole lot of awesome stories came out of this that FIMFiction can only benefit from, so firstly let’s give a big hand to CouchCrusader for setting this up and seeing it through!

Okay, but now less creepy-like.

Anyway, I’m not gonna bother with full-on reviews of the finalists or anything. Partly just because I don’t feel like it, but also because one of the main reasons I did that for The Most Dangerous Game finalists was because that contest involved public voting, and I wanted to have a say about the entries while reminding people to vote (I like to flex my muscle from time to time and see what kind of influence I wield… why yes, I am an arrogant bastard). But here, there’s no public voting and I already got to have a say as one of the judges. So there’s not much of a point, really.

So instead, I just wanted to share a few reflections on the contest.

1) Firstly, I’m just tickled pink by the results. Of the ten winners, eight of them were in my personal top ten, and even the two that weren’t I still really enjoyed, so I definitely can’t complain about the results. On a side note, shout-outs to those two stories in my personal top ten that weren’t in the winners circle: Hello, My Name Is by LoyalLiar, and Wisp by rockyrobben. I know that Hello, My Name Is got into the feature box, so it at least got the attention it deserved, but Wisp deserves some love for its rather inventive premise, colorful imagery, and incorporating a nifty tie-in to the canon that came as a pleasant surprise. It’s a little slow to start off, but I thought it paid off on its premise nicely. So go check that out.

2) I’m also really happy to see Moonlight Palaver take third place… man, let me tell you, there was a lot of discussion about that story behind the scenes. There was some talk about whether it actually fit the prompt insofar as actually being about ponies (which I see is mirrored in some of the comments on that story), since no pony is present for most of the story. A couple of judges took a more literal interpretation of the prompt, which cast some doubt over the story’s chances. However, I thought it was one of the most creative uses of the prompt in this contest, since the story is about the absence of ponies (well, Celestia anyway) and how the leaders of other species are taking it. It adopted an indirect approach to the prompt, but one that illustrated Equestria’s pull on the rest of the word and showed how outsiders view ponies (which is literally the name of the game here). And fortunately, I was not alone in this view, and those of us who were enamored by the story fought for its inclusion in the finalists, where it wound up scoring very high.

Anyway, point is, go read Moonlight Palaver, it’s absolutely brilliant and a whole lot of fun, and give its author Carabas a follow. This fellow only has 31 followers as of writing, but I have a feeling that number is going to grow substantially. This kid’s going places, I can tell.

3) Just like with The Most Dangerous Game, Aquaman and Cold in Gardez battled it out for first place. But this time, Aqua came out on top, and we’re all really proud of him. Go read both of their stories, they’re both freaking awesome and rightfully deserve their spots.

4) And finally, go read An Outsider’s Perspective (which took 6th place). Seriously, just do it. I know it looks like just another piece of feature bait from the cover, but within is a clever, witty story that is absolutely hilarious.

Well, that’s all I got to say. It’s been a blast, you guys. Once again, kudos to Couch for putting this shindig on and everyone who entered for giving us so much entertaining stuff to read!

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