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  • A Relaxing Night with Luna
    You and Luna leave the Nightmare Night celebration to enjoy a quiet break, alone, under the light of the full moon.

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  • The Princess Marks
    The Cutie Mark Crusaders are told the story of how Luna and Celestia got their cutie marks.
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  • What Am I Doing Here?
    Spike finds himself in an unfamiliar Equestria in the future devoid of his friends and he's grown.
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  • A Great and Powerful Legacy
    Trixie learns an amazing secret about her ancestry and meets up with an old friend.
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  • Dragon Ball Pony Z - A Costly Ramification
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Just a little something quick my friends.  First, thank you to everyone that replied to my last blog.  I enjoyed reading over and sharing your thoughts!

Now on to the big news.  Well, I was feeling a little bummed for not getting much writing done last night.  But I figured tonight would be just one more night.  Well imagine my surprise when I arrived at work last night and saw that they had changed the weekend overtime!  I don't have to go in tonight!  And I took my floating holiday for my Birthday for this coming Sunday night, so long story short...I have a three-day weekend...at last!!  =D  This is the best birthday present I think I could get...free time!!  I want to do so much writing this weekend!  I should be able to finish my work on chapter 10 of my Luna fic, and I'm seriously considering starting the beginning of chapter 6 of my Celestia fic, and I may even start on one of my new short stories.  Depending on my ambition, and level of energy, I'd like to work on a few things and then spend my evenings this week editing.  

Plus I want to do some reading this weekend as well.  I can't continue to grow and improve as a writer, if I don't keep reading the work of others! =D

I'm also hoping my present will come in the mail today.  All I'll tell you guys right now, is that it's pony related!  I'll share pics once she arrives!  

Well, I'd better get some sleep, that way I'll be ready to tackle the evening!  This is gonna be great!  

Oh yeah, one last quick thing, before I forget.  I know I said I was thinking about adding a love triangle to "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts", but after doing some soul searching and getting some reinforcements from a few more comments, I've decided against it.  After the events of chapter 10 and 11, I doubt any of you will believe that David would ever willing cheat on Luna, plus Twilight doesn't seem to be the type to horn in on someone else's special somepony.  That and I can't see David wanting to do anything that would cause Luna pain or to cry.  So it may be a little disappointing to some of you, but I have to follow my heart.  

For now, I will leave you with some more pony art!  And thank you as always for your support.  Having awesome followers like you is an epic birthday present in and of itself!  

- Jaydex

Luna made Celestia a cake for her birthday - so much dawwww!  Hnnnnnngh!!!

Luna - out for a night flight!

And here's the lovely Celestia!  More of "You Brighten My Day" will be coming soon!

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Before I start writing tonight, I just wanted to get something off my chest.  It's not a complaint or even really a gripe, just a concern of sorts.  I'm not here to discuss any episodes at length or really at all for that matter.  I just noted how some mentioned there being a three week hype before "Keep Calm and Flutter On".  So I decided to see which new episodes were being outlined.  Well thanks to Google, I've confirmed a looming fear.  For whatever reason, Hasbro is only doing 13 episodes this season.  And the end of February is when episode 13 is set to air.  That means seven months or more till season 4!  And what if they only do 13 episodes for that season.  This doesn't make sense.  As far as I know the show and at least the fandom is as big as ever.  And I understand Hasbro's profits form the show are up, so anyone heard why they aren't giving us the normal 26 episodes?  Are they hitting bottom with ideas already?

Frankly I'm disappointed.  I expected to see more Cadence, in fact more of the Princesses, and far more development amongst the main six, like seasons past.  So I can't figure out why the sudden decline.  And sadly, this is just my opinion, it looks like we got the best in the season opening.  In fact if the episode guide on Wiki is correct the season finale isn't even a two-parter.  Which is a surprising, following the build up in season 2.  In fact I was hoping we might see more Chrysalis again.  There are so many characters and endless possibilities, which leaves me to wonder if we should be concerned about the future of this show?  

But now as some ponies might say...on the other hoof.  While I'm a concerned about the show, I'm also not concerned about it, because we have an awesome fandom!!  Plus, Am I the only one who isn't quite as obsessed about the show, but am really hooked on this site, the stories and the fandom as whole?  I noticed that this season, I didn't rush to watch episodes of season three like I did last season.  So maybe it's no big deal that the season is shorter.  For the most part what season 3 has given us was great. It's just sad to think that it'll only be half as long this year.

But this whole idea lead me to a series of thoughts the other day and have me here to pose a very important question to all of you.  If for whatever reason season 4 would end the series, would all of you just stop coming to FIM or stop writing and sharing stories?  Or would you do like me...and keep going strong, and just re-watch old episodes to help fuel your inspiration, as well as reading and sharing stories?

I looked around my room the other day at the pony plushies and figures I have sitting around.  I then asked myself..."What are you going to do if the show ends and the fandom dies?"  Well, I thought about the other pony generations.  I still have a fondness for them and the collectibles I got while they were popular.  In fact I still look at G3 Minty and smile.  So as far as I'm concerned, the show can come and the show can go.  I'll support it either way, but if it were to go, I'm not leaving this fandom so easily.  I love writing my pony stories and reading those of the rest of you, and I will continue to do so until the bitter end.  Pardon my being a little melodramatic there, but I think you get my point.  But what about the rest of you?  Will you just swear off ponies if the show dies and the fandom starts going dark?  Or do you want to help keep this alive as long as possible, just like I do?

I just wanted to share this with you and see what you think.  I know I have no intention of just dropping these loveable ponies just like that.  For a little over a year now, they have enriched my life, like no other fad or fandom ever has.  So I'm not abandoning them, no way!

Besides, I certainly don't want to lose touch with all of you wonderful followers of my work!  You guys really make my day!  I love reading and sharing comments with all of you, just as I enjoy doing these blogs! =D  So you have my continued thanks for all of your support!

Take care! And some more Celestia and Luna for all of you!

- Jaydex

Celestia and Luna are sad...there is no hope for them to get an episode mostly to themselves this season.  They are at least glad they had some screen-time.

However...Luna and Celestia are happy that I won't be abandoning them!

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Hello my again, my friends!  I have some fun news to share with all of you and my current progress on my Luna fic.  

Now in regard to my blog title.  It's been a little over a year since I became hooked on "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic"!  It was around the middle of January, last year.  I had mainly just been enjoying art from the show and the various talented artists.  Now it's a little funny what finally led me to watching the show and collecting G4 pony swag.  Well, thanks to good old 4-chan, I saw some rule 34 art and was curious just what other forms existed, so like a curious colt, I googled "My Little Pony Rule 34" and ended up on e621.net.  I found quite a bit of both work safe and NSFW pics fitting the bill, as well as some plane beautiful completely work safe pics that I found simply amazing.  That and I read the endless slew of comments on some of the more catching pics.  In the comments I kept picking up little hints about the show, even more than I got from 4-chan.  I saw that there were real-life aspects that the ponies appeared to be dealing with that made me wonder...just what is this show like.  I mean the original flier for it in one of my Transformers - Generations figures didn't impress me.  It said - ""My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" - Follow the adventures of Twilight Sparkle as she learns the joy and spreads the magic of friendship."  That hardly piqued my interest.  The adventures part sounded interesting, but the whole friendship thing reminded me of the super sugary overlay of the G3 specials.  But after checking out e621, I figured let's see what this show is all about.  

I went to Hub.com (back when they had more than just clips online and before I discovered full episodes of the whole series on YouTube) and I watched my first full season 2 episode - "Baby Cakes", well even though the overall episode was only about Pinkie Pie, it was more than enough to whet my appetite and hook me onto the show.  In fact since the other main six didn't have much of a role, it left me wanting more.  Plus when I saw the end credits, I jumped.  I've known tons of shows that Tara Strong has been in, "Transformers - Animated" had been one of the more recent ones.  And I marveled at the rest of the cast names I recognized: Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain, Cathy Weseluck.  I knew them from the G3 specials and countless Anime series, so that also made me want to see more, because I already enjoyed their acting and figured, let's see how they do here.  I soon watched my second episode which was also season 2 - "Family Appreciation Day".  While it still didn't give me a full on taste of the most popular characters, it hooked me more onto the series.  In fact after just two episodes, I finally couldn't hold back, I had to go to Walmart and buy some G4 ponies.  I'll admit I have a collection of G1 and G3 pony figures as well. But hey, I've been a brony since before we had a name for ourselves. =D  Anyway, just a little more to this story I want to share.  As usual my local Walmart didn't have too much at first.  Plus I didn't know how much I wanted to spend.  I was still getting used to the style of the G4 toys.  So I first picked up a Fashion Style - Twilight, because she was a nice size.  Then I picked up small figures of Fluttershy and Twilight with scooters, and a basic Applejack and a Rarity, but Rarity came with a super bonus!  When I went to Walmart I remembered some of the G3 ponies coming with DVDs.  So I was hoping I could find a G4 pony toy with a DVD and wouldn't you know it, Rarity came with a DVD featuring "The Ticket Master".  I had no idea what season it was from or what it was about, I was just thrilled to have another episode to watch.  "The Ticket Master" did me in for good.  Since that episode, I've been hooked ever since.  I watched that episode at least 6 times the day I got it.  

Over time I found a nice array of episodes on YouTube.  I loved the pilot.  Nightmare Moon was incredible, even for a villain and then I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that she had been turned back into Princess Luna.  I had a crush on her before I even saw her in the show.  I was taken by her pics and wondered why she seemed so sad in many of them.  Watching the pilot was a real eye-opener.  But I didn't completely fall for Luna until I saw "Luna Eclipsed". (In fact I watched that episode this morning at breakfast).  It's featured on the "Adventures in the Crystal Empire" DVD.  But anyway, I digress.  Even though Luna had trouble fitting it, I just loved seeing a episode with so much Luna!  

And then soon after getting into the series I kept up with the fandom on e621, until I discovered a link to a Luna fic on there that let me here to e621!  Back when I first found and read "Moon Phased" by Silent Author, I never dreamed I'd join this site and become one of the more popular writers on here.  

Now, in addition to it being a year since I got into FIM, I want to share two more upcoming facts with you.  First, I added a little more about myself on my profile - my age and birthday!  My birthday is in two days - Friday.  So that should be fun!  And coming up on March 19th I'll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of being here, on FIMfiction!!  So there's a lot of fun things happening!

Before I end this blog, I want to share two story related thoughts.  One about my new Redheart fic and the other my status on my Luna fic!

Well, I can say with confidence, that my third Nurse Redheart Story - "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again" has been successful.  It may not have been quite as successful as "More Than Their Customer" or "Her Gentle Hooves"   were off the bat, but considering its length, I've confirmed my suspicions.  Many of my readers are savoring it, by reading the three parts little by little, which is just fine by me.  It makes me very happy, knowing my stories are enjoyed to the point that many of you don't want to be done with them in a matter of hours.    

For my Luna Fans, Chapter 10 of "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts" is coming along nicely.  I've got three more scenes to complete and then the chapter will be ready.  I've got roughly 3,000 words done, which continues where the cliffhanger left off.  I'm thinking of saving the next love scene for chapter 11, seeing as chapters 9 and 10 have a bit of a dark overlay.  I'll see once I get through some of these scenes and can figure out how long this chapter is going to be.  I can say now with my improved skills the new love scene for ATEoTH will be my best for the series and I'm planning on making it no less than 3,000 words including cuddling, foreplay and the love/clop itself.  I've already got some really great ideas for it, plus a very strong emotional reason.  And to mention the love triangle, just briefly, I've got a series of ideas, but until I get to the key event between David and Twilight, I won't know how I'll have him proceed just yet.  I may have him slip off the fidelity wagon or I may have him stay totally faithful to Luna.  All I know is this is mainly a romance between him and Luna, but I thought adding some drama from Twilight might help add even more depth to this story.  As I've been saying, I have my thoughts on how I want this proceed.  With there being three possible outcomes.  

Well, I've already rambled on too long.  Better stop before this really becomes a TL;DR blog! lol  Take care my friends and enjoy some more Luna pics!  One thing is for sure, over the past few days, I've completely re-stoked my passion for Luna.  For a while I thought she was going to lose her spot as my #1 pony for good, but she's not going to give it up to Redheart or her Sister without a fight! =D

- Jaydex

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Okay my awesome followers, time for an update!  Now I will explain why I am calling all Luna fans in just a little bit.  First I want to share a few thoughts with the upcoming chapter of my Luna fic!  Oh and your reading all of this will be rewarded with pics! =D

Well, I'm finally back on track, working on chapter 10 of "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts".  I've read over what I've got started.  Aside form needing a little fine-tuning, it's quite good.  I have several other scenes in mind for this chapter, and I think in light of some of the revelations, it's time for another tender love/clop scene between David and Luna.  One thing I've been doing is re-reading the last few chapters, and to my delight, it's not been too hard to reconnect to these characters.  Thankfully not too much time has passed since the last update.  This should easily be an 8,000 word chapter, most likely more.  So this will take a good week or two to complete.  Rest assured, I will be taking my time as always!  Plus, all I know, is now that I've gotten a lot better with my love scenes, this should be the best one by far in this series.  The last one in chapter 8 was actually a bit lackluster in my own opinion, especially considering that I've grown more comfortable writing these scenes.  A follower of mine left a comment stating the scene seemed too short.  Back when chapter 8 was released, I didn't fully understand what they meant.  Now, in retrospect,  I couldn't believe the highlight of the love scene only took about three paragraphs to complete, when I easily have love scenes that last for several pages now (usually totaling around 3,000 words).  Oh well, that's why I always say, there is room for me to improve.  That's why I welcome your feedback, it helps me grow as writer! =D  And like with my newer stories, the love scene coming up, will be more about the emotional need for intimacy between Luna and David, rather than a simple need to slake their lust.  

Okay, now the reason why I called on all Luna fans.  And this first part is especially for Luna fans that love my stroy, ATEoTH. (an interesting abbreviation of the tittle).  Anyway, I know I am free to make this story as I see fit, but in light of other projects, there is a story element I'd greatly appreciated getting your feedback on.  Because it will ether make this story a little longer of without it, I can help speed things along.  Now, since the beginning of ATEoTH, I've been planning on giving Twilight Sparkle a much bigger role in this.  Her fascination with humans in chapter 1 was not just a mcguffin, there was a serious point to it.  Keeping that in mind, I've been pondering creating a love triangle between Luna, David and Twilight.  Now I've already got the foundation for this element planted, even if the seeds are subtle and hard to see.  Whether I implement the triangle or not, Twilight's relationship/friendship with David will soon be getting some serious attention and as the story unfolds you will understand why.  Now, I just would like your thoughts about there being a love triangle or not.  I can go either way, I just know that love triangles can make for very interesting stories and romances.  So feel free to let me know what you think about that.

By the way, I know some of you are wondering how David survived his first major encounter with Rend, well all will be explained in due time, and it will be partially addressed in chapter 10 as well.  Plus some of you might also think...hmm a number of the mares seem to be taken with Daivd (other than Luna), do I smell a MarySue?  Well, I can tell you, that you don't.  The only ponies David has any influence over are: Luna and Twilight romantically.  The Canterlot Castle Maid, Merry-Way is just intrigued by him and is a bit bashful, like Fluttershy.  Speaking of Fluttershy, her interest in David is purely platonic as well.  I have Lyra just being Lyra, I'm not saying anything will happen with her or not.  I honestly haven't decided at this point.  The other ponies may seem interested in him, but it's simply because they don't see humans in Equestria every day.  And Celestia is just caught off guard at times, because she still has her father's dated view of humans looming in the back of her mind, while David behaves more as she personally remembers humans behaving.  Her father's ideals of humanity is another element that will be more thoroughly touched upon later in this story.

Lastly, this part on my blog applies to all Luna fans and even Celestia fans.  In addition to inevitable flashbacks in this story, I have another Luna and Celestia short story in mind that will have flashbacks taking place in the past.  Now in my last episode of Dragon Ball Pony Z, I did a flash back that took place 1,900 years in the past.  So I went ahead and had Luna and Celestia speak with the traditional Royal Canterlot Voice (or RCV).  What are your thoughts on this?  I honestly enjoyed writing their dialogue that way, this time.  Though I could just as easily do without it and write their lines in a more modern context to make it more relateable.  But if like me, you find the RCV to be fun in a story, I'll certainly use it in my story flashbacks.  One reader didn't care for my very first fic because I didn't do the events in the past with RCV.  

And yes, you heard me mention another short story, one involving Celestia and Luna.  It's one I've had on the back burner for months now.  I was waiting till my skills at tugging at my reader's heartstrings improved.  This will be a very heartwarming tale, and to the surprise of some of you, it won't be a clopfic!  That's right.  I do have some ideas that aren't clop, but I just love writing human x pony love stories with my typical tender love/clop scenes.  But I digress.  

Well those are my thoughts for right now.  I'd appreciate your thoughts on the love triangle for "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts" and the use of the traditional Royal Canterlot Voice.  And as a continued attempt to make up for being so distant to my dear Luna, I've got more Luna pics!  Some may give you diabetes or may make you all but flat-line, so keep your insulin at the ready and your crash carts close!  Take care and thanks for your support my friends!

- Jaydex

Imagine a fun night with Luna...and not just any night!  This pic is titled - "Honeymoon"!

Luna has a new pet!

Nurse Luna will take care of her big sister, when she's ill! (Nurse Luna is so cute!)

Apparently, Luna also loves milkshakes!  And she looks so cute drinking it!

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Just a short update.  "Dragon Ball Pony Z" has updated at last.  Episode 6 is completed and has posted!  I wonder if any DBZ fans will get the series episode reference in my blog title? =D  The chapter is a little over 8,000 words not counting my note at the beginning.  For those of you really looking forward to this, I hope you enjoy it!  The story is really starting to heat up.  I'll try not to let seven months go by before I update this again.  Ideally I'd like to do another episode in the next few weeks.  I'll have to see how my line-up looks.  

For now, the plan starting with what's left of my waning weekend, is to get to work on my Luna fic - "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts".  The good news in regard to chapter 10 is that part of it is already done, I just need to read over it and add the remaining scenes.  And now that my skills at writing tender love/clop scenes has vastly improved, the next one in this story should be very enjoyable.

Well, I'm going to head to bed.  But before I go, have some Dragon Ball Z pics and since I didn't have time to find and post them the other night, some Luna pics!!  Thank you all for your support!  Look for another update before too long!

- Jaydex

Goku & Vegeta as ponies!

Soon the Super Saiyans shall awaken!!

Beautiful and Lovely Luna!

Luna - "Le Gasp!"

Celestia comforting Luna.  This is how I love seeing them best - together as loving sisters!

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Hello everyone!  Well I just finished the next episode of "Dragon Ball Pony Z".  Now, I need to edit it and then I can post it.  Hopefully tomorrow night.  It didn't take nearly as long as some of my story updates do, but then I've been both mentally and physically outlining this for a few months, now.  And after reading over some of my early chapters of this story, and looking at what I have now, I can really see how my skills as a writer are improving.  In fact in three nights time I managed to crank out nearly 6,700 words, adding to what I already had.  This has now become my longest episode of the series at 7,591 words!  I know compared with most of my normal stories and chapter updates, this is quite short, but still, I had fun working on this.  I even got to write a fun battle where Celestia and Luna take on a powerful warlock.  That was fun! =D

Now aside from Dragon Ball Pony Z, starting sometime this weekend, I'm going to look over what I have done of chapter 10 of "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts".  My Luna fic is in dire need of updating.  So much for my saying, I wouldn't leave my readers hanging for long with the cliff-hanger in chapter 9.  *facepalms*  My bad my friends.  But I will be mentally outlining the rest of the chapter, and apologizing to Luna for neglecting her for so long. =(  I hope she won't be too mad.  Anyway, I received three comments across the last two days asking for an update.  I just want all of you to know I haven't forgotten.  The only problem when you have so many ideas, all screaming to get out, you sometimes neglect other stories, without meaning to.

Oh and my Celestia fans, have no fear, I've been working out the details for chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day".  I've been looking forward to working on the next installment of this touching series.  And can you believe I have nearly 800 people following this story (currently 789 favorites)!  That's amazing!  In fact one thing that spurred me to get back to working on this, other than that Celestia is now my second favorite pony (shhh, don't Tell Luna.  I'm in enough hot water with her already, and it's not a bath tub), was a simple yet touching comment I received the other day: GodzillaLecter said: "The best Celestia story I have ever read. Greatly looking forward to the next update."  I know there are plenty of similar comments on there.  Those have aided me greatly into getting this story to where it is now, and have made me decide not to limit its length.  I'll keep writing till I fell Celestia and Daniel have spent enough time on Earth.  Then the idea for a new series, will put them both in Equestria, but I have a very interesting plot twist as to how he will end up going back with her.  It won't be as cut and dry as you might think and will lead to the story's emotional conclusion!  It should be good, but that's a number of chapters off yet.  And I'm not spilling anything about it, other than that it's going to be good.

You know I wish I had more free time, I'd love to go back and read over some of my fics.  I do when I have some time off, which sadly isn't as often as it used to be, but I get by.  Your support always means a lot and helps more than you may even suspect, but I digress.  Anyway, I remember having some free time one weekend a few months ago, and I re-read chapter 1 of my Celestia story.  I hope this doesn't sound arrogant of me, but after I read it, I thought to myself:  "Wow, no wonder this is so popular, and to think I wrote this?!"

One last thing for this update.  I don't know how many of you remember me mentioning doing a 2nd-person human x pony fic Starring Twilight Sparkle called "For Whom She Sparkles", but last night at work, I got some really good ideas for it.  I have a rough mental outline and some physical notes made for it.  So this should be another good story.  There is plenty of room for it to be very relaxing, sensual and well the "Slice of Life" tag springs to mind.

Oh yeah, before I forget.  I have plenty of 2nd-person human x pony stories left to do.  Now in my spa pony fic, "you" work in a furniture store and in my "Hooves" series w/ Redheart, "you" work as a clerk in the Mayor's office.  Now, are there any other jobs you can think of that you would be interested in seeing the "you" have in my upcoming stories.  This isn't a poll, just interested in sharing your thoughts.  I've got some of my own, like "you" could work at Sugar Cube Corner or Daisy's Flower Shop, Twilight's Library - helping to organize books.  I just want some ideas that will add to each story, and make things well fun, I suppose.  And I'm not planning on having any of the jobs be on Sweet Apple Acres.  I have no qualms with the Apple family or their orchard, but enough stories have humans working there.

Well, time for some Celestia pics and time for me to go!  Thanks as always for your support everyone!  Stay awesome!

- Jaydex

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Before I get into this blog, I want to get some potential bad news out of the way first.  My employer has done it to me again.  I may have to work a lot of overtime this week, so each afternoon, I'll be sweating it until around 6pm finding out if I have to go in early or not.  Thankfully I didn't have to go in early tonight.  So I can at least do some writing tonight!  Yay!

Okay, now that that's out of the way.  Time for the update!  "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again" is doing quite well.  Currently 133 up votes to 12 down votes   I'm still waiting to hear from some of you as to what you thought about it. *clears throat* My more avid followers.  Though I suspect the length of nearly 30,000 words has something to do with it.  lol.  I never expected it to become so long!  But I'm not sorry.  I put my heart and soul into it, and so far it seems to have paid off.  In fact I keep getting comments asking for more of my Redheart series and for more stories of this similar nature.  Rest assured I'll keep them coming.  I really enjoy writing these tender romance stories.

Now you are all probably wondering what's next?  Well first off, staring tonight I'm picking up with my work on Episode 6 of "Dragon Ball Pony Z".  It's been nearly seven months since I posted a new chapter.  To my loyal fans of this story, I am so sorry for the delay, but I have some special fans service for this story in the works, and will be sharing some DBZ pics I found on Deviant Art to help tide you over!  The only reason I had put the story into Hiatus was because it didn't seem to be getting any attention, but about a month and half ago I started getting some vocal comments asking for an update.  So, I'll make sure to do a better job updating this story.

Now after I update that fic, where will I go from here?  Well first off I want to make you all aware of one major factor!  Now, I know I have some other ongoing fics that are in dire need of updates, and I will try not to disappoint.  However, I have to follow my creativity as a writer.  Currently, I've been enjoying writing about Nurse Redheart and Princess Celestia the most as of late.  So I will most likely be working on chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" next, following Dragon Ball's update.  And for those of you that can't get enough of my Nurse Redheart series, I have three more stories in the works.  One I just added the other day.  It's still in planning but I am seriously considering doing a prequel to the series.  It builds off some of the memories you share with Redheart in the first story, "Her Gentle Hooves".  The prequel will showcase how you both met, and detail the events around your love and show how you both came together, plus I will be adding that fateful scene from the picnic that lead you both to have that naughty fun in the nearby woods.  I'm not sure when I will be starting this though.  I may do the next sequel first.

And my ideas don't stop there.  Aside form Redheart and Celestia, I'd also like to do some more writing about Lotus and Aloe and Nightmare Moon.  I've been racking my brain to work out the details of the awaited prequel to "Cherishing the Night".  I'm still trying to figure out how I want "you" to have met Nightmare.  The reason for my care is, well, I've got a 3rd person NMM fic in the works  as well, but I have to watch not mixing elements as both stories are a little similar.  It's just the 3rd person one involves on of my human OCs, and the other involves..."you"!  And as for Lotus and Aloe, well - "More Than Their Customer" is still my most popular fic to this date, rivaled only by my Celestia story.  So I certainly want to do a sequel to that fic.  Right now, the plan is to make the spa pony sequel a multi-chapter story that covers your relationship with not just Aloe or Lotus, but rather both of them!  The plan is to have the sequel pick up right after the original left off.  So if I do it properly, it will be seamless!

And while I'm working on all of this, I am also going to be slowly doing some outlining and character profiling for a new fantasy novel.  I'd truly love it, if I could make money selling MLP novels, but I'd only be able to reach the brony community that way.  But thanks to a number of inspirational sources, I have an idea to have my cake and eat it too.  I am planning to work my own magical ponies into my new novel.  They will be heavily inspired by Lauren Faust's creations but will be unique in their own light, yet have that same grace, beauty and cuteness that we all love.  At the same time I have a major plot in the works that will tie them in with a vast world they are part of - this will allow the story to appeal to a much larger audience!  I'll explain more about this idea when I have a chance to properly organize my thoughts and share what I have as a rough story idea right now.  I'm just glad that before there were bronies that there were those of you who were fans of "The Last Unicorn".  My follower, "Vexus Nightwish" has shared some things about that story with me.  In fact I want to make a trip to the book story and find a copy of that novel.  I suspect it will greatly aid my creation of the pony aspect of this story.

Well, I've rambled on enough.  Have some assorted pics, some pony some Dragon Ball Z!  I'll have more pony pics of my next update!  By the way...A WARM WELCOME TO MY NEWEST FOLLOWERS!!  Thank you ALL for your support!

- Jaydex        

First off Fans of "Dragon Ball Pony Z" - If I could draw, I'd make my own sequence to go with the song from Dragon Ball Z Kai.  I don't care for Kai over the original Z series, but the theme song seems fitting for my crossover fic!

This pic made me lol!

And to repeat from my last comment on DBPZ - "The Super Saiyan is coming!"

I'll be depicting scenes like this in upcoming episodes, as Goku fights along side his pony friends and they too will get to show case their special talents against the vile warlock and his sinister plans to gain unltimate power!

And in Celebration of my 3rd Redheart fic, here's a pic a follower of mine shared with me.  It's called - "Good Morning Nurse Redheart"

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Well my friends, the wait is over!  "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again" has just been posted!  It cleared moderation while I was working on this blog.  lol  You guys will be glad I took my time editing it.  I was able to smooth things over and make it a very grand story indeed.  

Here is the final work count: 29,860 words!!  Across three chapters!  

Now I decided not to use the two songs I was going to use.  While they were very appropriate to the story, I found them very distracting as I tried listening to them, while I read.  Besides, I felt the strong level of feels even without them!  

I'd ramble on more about this story, but I think my writing can speak for itself.  There's plenty of romance, playfulness, tenderness and naughtiness packed into the chapters!  One final thing I'd like to say.  I think my writing has really improved since I began work on this.  Following "In the Hooves of an Angel", I was given some great tips and feedback from you all of you and well, I think it, along with reading more fics, it has helped me capture my thoughts in a never better way!  

Well, enjoy my friends and take care!  

- Jaydex

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One chapter to go! · 2:53am

Hey guys, I'm just about there.  I'm not going to say it's only going to take one more day, because I can't honestly promise that.  Now, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again" are completed, but I need to go over chapter 3 and polish it off.  It's nearly 12,000 words without being given a final look over.  So I can't say how much longer till I submit this, for sure.  It will be up by the weekend, that much I am confident of.  

I'm very grateful that you guys don't mind the wait and want me to make this good.  It really helps, and I can assure you (again) that this will be worth the wait.  Oh yeah, I also have the title pic chosen.  It took a while to pic one I liked.  The summary and mature content warnings are taken care of as well.  So if you'll bear with me just a little longer, we'll finally have this story ready!  FYI chapter 1 is nearly 9,500 words and chapter 2 is nearly 8,400!  So you will have one enjoyable story that really show's Nurse Redheart some love!

For now, here's a daww pic to keep you guys going!  As soon as I submit this, I'll post a blog, keeping you guys informed!  

- Jaydex

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It's Coming Along! · 2:53am

Okay guys, just a quick update.  I'm almost done with the editing "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again".  I have a scene and a half to finish.  Roughly 4,500 words.  Then I can begin preparing this for on here and break the story into its chapters.  I'm going to do three chapters.  The first will be a little over 9,200 words, the second will be a little over 8,100 words and the third will be a little over 11,000 words, give or take a few.  I do apologize for the delay, but I've spent nearly a month working on this, I don't want to rush this final crucial stage of editing and proofing it.  I was hoping to submit this by tomorrow night, but I know it's probably going to be Wednesday evening till I'm ready to submit this properly.  Though I can honestly say this story has turned out great.  Looking at it as a whole, everything seems to mesh.  I just need to smooth over the ending and make sure it's not choppy or anything.  

I have to say it's a very delightful read.  I keep getting sucked in and can actually see myself there.  =D  Now if only all of you will be able to as well.  I also hope I can find a suitable cover pic for this story.

Take care guys, and I hope you forgive me if I can't reply as actively to your comments as I'd like to.  I'll be sure to get back to doing that once this story has been posted.  Thanks again for being so awesome guys!  

- Jaydex  

I still love this pic of Redheart!

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