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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing human x pony romance stories. Check my blog and Story progress section for updates!


Well, it looks like I'll have the weekend off.  I may have to work till 11am tomorrow, but that's only the worse case scenario.  That means I should be able to finish my rough draft of "Making the Rainbow Shine"!  I can hardly wait!!  It's taken some time, but it's really coming along.  Can you believe I have almost 15,000 words and I still need to do about 5,000 more to finish!!  I never dreamed this would become this long, but hey, I want it to be all it can be.  And I'm having fun with it as well!  This should culminate nicely, but I may have to split this into 3 chapters!  Unless two chapters of roughly 10k words is okay with you guys.  

As far as the whole ponies in "heat" survey was concerned.  It was mostly a matter of curiosity, and if I do incorporate it in one of my stories, it will be in a multiple chapter one.  My Rainbow Dash story won't be featuring her in "heat" at all.  Just in case any of your were wondering.  

I'm really looking forward to starting chapter 11 of my Luna fic - "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts"!  I've got plenty planned for this chapter.  It will start off with more romance, then give you a little more time with David as he interacts with other ponies.  I won't spoil anything, but this will really start moving the plot along!  And I have a really sensual love scene planned between Luna and David as well.  This will put the other three to shame, seeing as my skills with tasteful clop have really improved.  I'm also looking to debut some new characters in this story, all ponies, that will help spice things up even more.  Plus I hate to give a spoiler, but many of you wanted more David interacting with the main six, well that will be starting in chapter 11 as he returns to Ponyville for another visit.  But that's all I'm going to say.

Thank you all for your continued patience and your support!  I can hardly believe I have over 800 followers now.  In fact I forgot to mention it.  I guess in part cuz I've been busy and I just don't want to seem like I'm gloating or being arrogant, you know.  Well, till later!  I'll probably do another blog or so over the weekend!  Take care!

- Jaydex

Rainbow Dash being cute again!

Um, it looks like Luna and Celestia are getting anxious for their updates.  Especially Luna! =D

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Okay, just a few things for tonight's update, including another survey.  

First, I'm making more headway on Rainbow's story - "Making The Rainbow Shine".  The events following the first love scene are coming along nicely.  I just need to look over the key scene, which I just wrote tonight.  Then the next crucial part will begin, and it will be a very emotional part of the story.  I'm not completely certain how this part will go.  It's probably going to be a series of highlighted scenes form the passage of a few days, and will build into a final powerful scene that will lead into the story's second love scene, which will then leave the stage set for the finale.  Presently, I have 13,323 words.  When I first dreamed up this story, back in late August, I never dreamed it would be any longer than maybe 10,000 words.  Man, was I wrong.  lol, oh well.

I do apologize for this taking longer than planned.  I just wanted to properly connect to Rainbow's character and make sure this story conveys what I wanted it to.  So, I will need to take great care as I work on the last of this.  Thankfully, I finally found a song that really fits Rainbow Dash, ironically, it was a brony fan-made song, but I love it!  I'll be including it right before the pics of Rainbow I am sharing.  Thank goodness for this fandom, I really needed a good song to relate to Rainbow Dash, and thanks to the Aviators, I found it!  

Now, I have another quick survey, but before hand, I want to briefly explain my last survey.  The reason I asked about meat and whether you would give it up or not, was so I could have food for thought in my stories.  For the most part I see many of you don't mind adapting your diets, while others want their meat.  So I have some fun ideas for future stories surrounding this topic, thanks to your input.  

Okay, as for my current survey.  I've been giving more and more thought to the fact that these ponies are, well, ponies.  Numerous stories on here depict them as going into heat quite often.  Now my question to all of you is this - Should my stories ever involve this matter, ponies going into heat?  Or do you think it's something I should just leave out?  What are you thoughts on this matter?  Do you like the concept, not like it or doesn't it really matter to you?  Just something I was curious about.

Well, I'd better be going.  Thanks for being so patient everyone!  I appreciate it! =D

- Jaydex

Rainbow Dash's song - Loyalty (Remix)

Rainbow looks to have come down with the feather flu!

Just a fun pic of Rainbow!

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Oh, where do I start?  =D  I've got quite a bit in store for this update.  Well, first things first, I guess I'll give my progress on "Making the Rainbow Shine".  The story is still coming along nicely, I'm almost at the 10,000 word mark.  I have to go into work tonight, but it might only be for 4 hours to clean, which won't be a big deal, plus as I clean up, I'll have plenty of time to brainstorm the coming scenes of Rainbow's story!  I'm really getting into this more and more each day!  I think the feelings I've developed for her have helped me better connect to her character.  I can say I'm very pleased with what I have written alone so far, and I've only knocked out about a little over 1/3 of the story in all.  It keeps growing, what can I say, you know I enjoy giving you a lengthy story you can immerse yourselves into.  Many of you say that's what you love about my stories - how you can feel like you're really there. =D


Now I have a little treat for all of you, but that will be at the end of this and before hand I will have a little explanation.  But first, I have a little survey, I'd enjoy getting your thoughts on.  If you were offered a chance to go to Equestria, whether Celestia came to extend this invitation and take you there personally or if you wound up there by chance via some other means, once in the world of the ponies, would you be willing to give up eating meat or would you venture to all points of Equestria looking for species that eat meat just so you could get a steak or burger?  Do you think it would be an easy choice or a hard one?  Just to let you know my stance, while I admit I love meat, if I could go to the pony world and have a shot at a new life there and find my own very special somepony, I'd give up meat in a heartbeat.  I know it'd be tough at times, but the prize would be worth the sacrifice.  At least I think so.  What're your thoughts?

Your Treat Awaits!

Okay, now that the update and survey are out of the way, I thought I'd share a little pony short I wrote the other day.  A good friend and follower of mine, Coranth, has been sharing a large variety of pony shorts, mostly ones starring Davie & Luna or Daniel and Celestia.  He's offered them to help me stay inspired on both stories.  Now, the other day he shared one that had Luna and Celestia in their office at Canterlot Castle.  They were discussing their roles in my stories and he actually had them speaking to me directly in a sort of 4th wall breaking sense.  Luna was upset that I hadn't updated her story in a while, and was threatening to take my plushy of her away, if I didn't work on her story soon.  It was a fun little short, but it inspired me to write one of my own.  I want to share that with all of you.  It's a bit long for a short, 1,191 words.  I wrote it in less than a hour.  I don't often do on the spot improv stories, but this was fun.

After my pics of Rainbow Dash, you'll find this little short.  It depicts me getting a visit from Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, here in my room, speaking with me as my writing persona.  I hope you'll enjoy it.  Think of it as something to tide you all over till I finish Rainbow's story.  Plus once I am done with her story, I'll be updating Luna's story and the Celestia's, most likely followed by Twilight's.  I want to give my continuing fics a good deal of attention for a bit.  I know how many of you want more, and I want to deliver! =D

Thank you as always for your support.  Enjoy the pics and this little treat!  Take care!

- Jaydex

Here's your Treat my friends - I hope you enjoy it!  

(Jaydex (me) with Luna and Celestia)  

Setting: My Room

Time: Morning (roughly 8am)

"A Writer's Guilty Conscience"

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

Jaydex flopped onto his bed.  "What a night!"  He laid back, casting out an exhausted sigh.

It was then that the door to his closet was vigorously thrust open.  There came the muttering of two distinct voices, accompanying some light clatter.  Jaydex turned onto his side and glanced over at the closet.  He saw Celestia and Luna slowly exit his closet.  Celestia brushed his winter coat off her head with a swipe of her right hoof.  "You should really do a better job straightening up in there."

He grinned at her.  "Yes well, when you work an average of 48 hours a week, the closet takes a Z-priority.  Besides, when I have some free-time, I like working on your stories."  Jaydex sat up and greeted them both with a smile.  

Luna stumbled out shakily.  "I think I knocked down one of your containers of Legos, again."

He stifled a laugh, the expression on her face was priceless.  "Oops.  But, how was I to know that portal to Equestria would just take a liking to my cluttered closet, every time you visit me?"  The quizzical look he gave them quickly shifted as reality set in.  He wearily rose to his tired feet and walked over to the beautiful moon princess.  "Luna."  His muttered words were soft and distinctly heartfelt.

She gazed at him fondly, and yet as she glimpsed into his tired eyes, she saw something disturbing.  "Is there something wrong?"

He threw his arms around her and drew her into a hug.  "Yes."

"And that is?"

A strong bewildering sigh fled his mouth.  "It's been almost four months since I updated your story!  Four MONTHS!!!"  He pulled back to look at her and shook his head.  "I'm not sure how long this Rainbow Dash story will take, and then I told my followers that I'll be updating Celestia's story."

A brief giggle from the sun princess passed through the air, as she pardoned herself by placing a hoof over her mouth.  Though Luna and Jaydex could see the blush on her pure white cheeks.

Luna didn't say anything, she just kept staring into his eyes with her vibrant teal orbs.  Jaydex sighed again as she reached up to sweep his fingers through her silky sky blue tresses.  "It would seem that history is repeating itself...again."

"We don't understand."  Luna's words were more than a little emotional.  She always slipped into the Royal Canterlot voice, whenever something was bothering her or she became particularly emotional, be it angry, scared, or joyfully excited.

His caring fingers continued to brush through her mane, as he nuzzled her velvety cheek, hoping to offer her some comfort.  "It's just as I said, history is repeating itself.  Just like the ponies of Equestira, I've left you take second place in lieu of your sister."  The culmination of his fatique from a harrowing night at work, meshed with his guilt of putting her off for far too long, really started getting to him.  Jaydex started trembling as he sobbed quietly, feeling his eyes well up with tears.  "Luna...Luna, I'm s-so, so sorry.  I never meant to let this much time go by.  I really miss writing about you."

Again, the moon princess looked into his troubled eyes.  She swept her hoof along his face, removing a few of his tears.  "I know...I know."

"I have such wonderful things planned, and I thought I would had made far more progress by now.  I'm letting you down...just like I've let down your sister as well."

"Let me down?" Questioned Celestia, filling with puzzlement.  She slowly made her way over to them.  Tenderly, she nuzzled the weary Jaydex from behind.  "Oh, dear, Jaydex...it's quite okay.  You had other projects you wanted to work on.  Luna and I understand, really we do."

Luna felt her own eyes tear up as she nuzzled against him, hoping to ease his anxiety.  "Tia is right.  There's no need to fret.  I know I'm always in your heart, as is my sister.  We know you'll get to our stories soon enough."

Jaydex began to calm as he felt the loving gestures of his two favorite princesses.  "Thank you, both.  It means a lot.  But seriously, once I'm done with Rainbow Dash's story, I'll be sure to give you both some overdue attention.  And Luna."  He looked her in the eye again.  "If Celestia doesn't mind, I think I'll write the next chapter of your story first."

Luna's eyes began to sparkle at the very idea of getting some time with David again.  She grinned at Jaydex as she kissed his cheek softly.  "That sounds wonderful."  Looking over to her sister, Luna gave her a pleading look.  "You don't mind if he works on my story first...do you?"

Celestia giggled playfully, placing a hoof on Jaydex's shoulder.  "Of course not.  Just don't forget me.  While Luna is waiting to finish a loving night with David, following that harsh battle...I'm equally looking forward to toweling off with Daniel and then listening to some music, maybe dancing, and sharing my second romantic night with him.  Oh, and I wonder when that storm will arrive."

Jaydex chuckled at both of them.  He had his work cut out for him, but he looked forward to the thought of working on each story.  The writer looked at both of them sharing a smile.  "They should be two great chapters.  Well, it's getting late.  I should get some sleep."

Celestia giggled again.  "Luna and I should head back as well.  We're needed in Canterlot."

"We are?" Luna queried.  "Awww, but I wanted to stay with Jaydex."

"Don't worry sister we can, he has plushies of both of us after all."  Celestia pointed a hoof at the plush of her and then the one of her sister, which was sitting on the bed.

Luna smiled at the realization.  "Oh, that's right.  So we can stay with him...in spirit."

"Of course."

"Well then, until next time my ladies."  Jaydex opened the closet door for them.  "I bid you both farewell."  He bowed politely to the regal ponies.

Celestia stepped toward the closet first.  "Take care, Jaydex.  I'll see you later!" She winked as she walked by.

Luna kept her eyes on him as she prepared to enter the closet.  "Farewell, Jaydex.  It was nice seeing you again.  Till next time, as you said."  Luna stepped forward, then halted.  She turned around and threw her hooves around him.  She planted a kiss on his lips, briefly.  Then batting her eyes at him she rejoined her sister.

Celestia shook her head a Luna.  "What will David think?"

She waved a hoof.  "Aww, I'm sure he'd understand, besides, David is a character, Jaydex is real!" Luna grinned.  They gave him a final farewell look and then vanished into the gateway within his cluttered closet.

It faded away, then the closet was as it normally was.  Jaydex shut the door and then returned to his bed.  He grabbed his plush Luna and plush Celestia.  After giving them both a big hug, he turned down the covers and went to sleep, keeping them both closeby.

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Hello my friends.  I must apologize for the delay in posting this blog.  I was going to do this last night, but yesterday morning, when I got home, I received a very disturbing PM from one of my newer followers.  I was half-asleep at the time, so I didn't think much of it at first.  But, after I got up yesterday and checked into what I was told, I found out that a writer on here plagiarized love scenes from three of my most popular stories and use them in a clop chapter of his story.  I'm not going to name this individual right now, I've PM'd one of the mods on here and asked for their advice/assistance in this matter.  But last night as I checked out the chapter of the writer's story, I found that pretty much word for word they copied the love scenes from the following: The three-way love scene from "More Than Their Customer", the love scene from Chapter 5 of "You Brighten My Day" and the love scene from Chapter 1 of "For Whom She Sparkles".  The only thing they did was change character names, add some minor filler and lightly adjust the style from 2nd-person to 3rd-person.  Though they did a sloppy job.  There are potions where they left in the present tenses and "yous" of my 2nd-person stylings.  Plus they failed to remove one intance of Lotus's name.  Their ponies are anthro and yet they left 4 variations of "hoof" in there.  Plus, you know I am probably one of the only writers on here that refers to a pony's marehood as a crescent.  I know, I've yet to read any clopfics that refer to it as such.  

This whole situation has left me feeling a bit miffed.  Thankfully I have plenty of evidence in my favor, plus my stories all posted to the site long before his chapter.  I just didn't feel like blogging or writing last night after I spent over an hour carefully preparing a PM for one of FIMfiction's mods.  I never thought anyone would think my writing good enough to steal, that's for sure.  Developments at work didn't help me last night either, and I'm not going into details about that.

Thankfully, despite all this chaos, I'm still pressing on.  I just have to wait for now and see what the mods will say.  In the meantime, I've still managed to stay in good spirits.  Tonight I had a good session of writing and added nearly 1,400 words to my Rainbow Dash story and just need to do the cuddle scene and I'll be done with the first love scene.  It got a bit longer than I expected, but I had some fun experimenting and I think plenty of you will be in for a treat.  Tomorrow, if all goes well, I should finally get to the core of the story, which will only add to "your" relationship with Rainbow Dash.  Now, I'm not sure how long it's going to be till I'm done with this.  The length keeps changing.  Currently, I have 9,069 words!

You know one things for sure, my new plush Dashie has helped me stay chipper.  And since I've been able to connect to Rainbow's character, the writing has gone so much better.  I'm glad I stuck it out and didn't decide to skip over this one.  

For now, I'm going to call it a night, before I have to head back to work.  Thank you all as always for your support and know I will overcome this ordeal!  Take care!

- Jaydex

One thing's for sure, I've developed strong feelings for Rainbow Dash, and I think that's going to help make this story great!

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Whew, what an end to my work week!  I thought I was going to have to work tonight and pull a 12-hour shift.  This morning however, my supervisor comes up to me around six and says if I'll say over till 11, I shouldn't have to come in tonight.  Well, long story short, I stayed till 11 and have my whole 2-day weekend!  I think the following gif of Twilight shows how I feel about this.

You'll have to pardon me, I only got a 3-hour nap in this after.  So, naturally, I'm more than a little tired, which is why after I post this blog and check my updates, I'll be heading to bed.  No way I'm in any shape to write anymore tonight.  Besides, I always do better when I'm properly rested!

The Rainbow Dash story is coming along nicely.  I may have to break it up into two parts, and depending on how long it takes to write, I might release both parts separately.  This way you have something to look forward to.  As of last night, I have a little over 6,000 words, and I'm still on the first love scene. lol  No, it's nothing over the top, per say, I just have a pre-scene discussion that helps you get a better understanding of Rainbow Dash.  I have to confess, getting this story started has been a bit of a challenge.  I'm really trying to do Rainbow Dash's character justice.  She's a great deal different from the other mares I write about, so I want to proceed carefully.  While at the surface she hardly seems super warm and overly caring, if like me, you've paid close attention to her in the series, and fandom, you'll see there is a warm and caring side to her.  Anyway, I'm really excited about having some time to buckle down and work on this.  I do my best work when I'm off.  There's no pressure and I can go a my own pace, without an immediate deadline because of it being time to go back to work.  

Now, you may wonder also, why the title of my blog?  Well, I was out at the mall with my best friend this evening.  Now, I had almost forgotten that we have a Build-a-Bear Workshop at our mall.  I remember seeing pics on ebay of Plush Build-a-Bear ponies.  And, imagine the rush I felt when I saw plush Pinkie Pies and Rainbow Dashes in the window.  I seriously considered getting one of Rainbow Dash.  I told my friend, I'm such a brony!  He then told me, do you really need more plushies?  I said, of course I do.  So, I kicked the idea of making one around, while we browsed music and DVDs at FYE.  Well, it took all of 30 seconds, to make up my mind.  Especially when he told me she only costs $24!  I think that clinched things for me.  Anyway, rather than ramble on.  I've got pics of my adorable new Rainbow Dashie.  She is so cute and very well made.  First, here's a few fun things about the Build-a-Bear process.  You pick out an un-stuffed plushie, then take her over to the filling station, an attendant asks how soft or firmly packed you want the fill.  (I asked for it firm enough for her to stand).  Then, once they're filled, you get to take a tiny plush red heart and insert it in the opening in her back.  (Daww, you literally give them a heart).  Then after they are stitched up, you can pick out outfits/accesories (if you want).  All they have for the ponies are their gala outfits, so naturally I got Rainbow's =D.  It wasn't expensive either, $12.50.  Then you get to go over and create a birth certificate and register you pony, in case she is ever lost and then found and returned.  It was a fun experience.  And best of all, I found out the new plush ponies are doing "insanely" well (the clerk's words), and that they will be adding Twilight and Fluttershy next, most likely in November.  In time he said they'll probably do all of the main six.  Hopefully they'll do ever more.

But wow, even though I have a plush Rainbow Dash, to find this one when I wanted some fresh inspiration for my story, how ideal a find was this?  Well, below are the pics of my new Dashie.  I thought you might enjoy seeing what she looks like.  

Thank you as always for your support and just for being so Awesome!  Take care!

- Jaydex

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Time for an Update! · 12:19am

Hello everyone!  Not too much going on right now.  I am happy to announce that I'm really getting into my new Rainbow Dash story "Making the Rainbow Shine".  It took a little time, but I'm really connecting with Rainbow Dash and the story has been moving along nicely.  Currently I've got 4,496 words so far.  Originally I thought that maybe this one-shot would reach 10,000 words.  Well, after starting it, that estimate has gone up considerably.  I'm now projecting a length of roughly 12,000-14,000 words, give or take a thousand.  

I've started this story out a little differently than some of my other 2nd-person human x pony stories.  This time I have a flash back in the beginning that shows you meeting "your" mare.  I also include some brief back story (not as much as I did in "More Than Their Customer") but it should be enough to give you some idea about "your" relationship with Rainbow Dash as well as some of your experiences in Equestria.  In addition to this little blurb, there will be little notes about your time in the pony world as the story goes on.  I feel doing it this way will keep things flowing at a nice pace, rather than bombarding you with a huge chunk of back-story all at once.  

One other thing this story has going for it is this.  I think I've finally got a new approach for really spicing up my dialogue, so my characters sound more emotional as they talk.  I was given some good advice in a comment on my new Twilight story "She Will Always Be Your Twilight", plus I've been reading some other stories on here, and getting some great ideas toward improving my dialogue.  Now, I can't promise the cheesiness will leave their words, but hopefully the added emotion will help.  Besides, I know many of you enjoy the excessive fluff of my love stories, otherwise, you wouldn't be here.  lol

This new story should be a very good one when all is said and done.  It has a similar storyline to that of "Her Gentle Hooves" in that there is a love scene near the beginning, as well as near the end.  I'm also hoping to add a little more sensuality to the love scenes in this story.  From the fan art of Rainbow Dash I've seen, I think she can pull off sensual in a very sexy way, and that's considering that she is quite the tomboy.  Though one thing I'm tackling in this story (besides her - lol) is that even though she comes off as a dare-devil and a tomboy, that under all of that, there is a mare longing to be loved and treated right.  

Well, before I go, I have some more Rainbow Dash art to share with you.  Thanks as always for your support!  Take care!

- Jaydex

I love her "Come Hither" eyes in this pic!

To quote Sweetie Belle in this one - "I really like her mane!"  Plus, Rainbow looks so beautiful, even though there is a strong anger in her eyes.

This one is titled - "Can I Sleep With You Tonight?"

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I want to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts on my last blog.  I'm pleased that many of you are eager for my Rainbow Dash story, as well as my others as well.  That said, I'm going to respond to your comments form the last blog in a sort of collective fashion, before I crash for the morning.  lol Good old night shift.  

Now first I want to address my blog title.  It would seem I was just really tired.  Last night at work, another wank of a night, my load former suffered a major break down and left me with little more than cleaning to do for the first half of the night.  Anyway, while I was pushing my broom around, I got to thinking about my Rainbow Dash story.  Sudden, I started pretending to have a conversation with Rainbow in my head.  At first she was telling me not to worry about her story, if I was feeling so stumped, but then I said back to her (in thought), what if I just change my approach.  She said she agreed and said maybe I should just come at the scene from another angel, that way I could capture my thoughts about her awesomeness, and I think I have.  Getting back on track, I ended up connecting with her character and found a way to make the starting scene work to my liking.  The planning phase is everything.  If you can't get a good mental picture going to start, then you'll have trouble getting a story started, let alone off the ground.  So, I think I know what to do now.  Plus I've been getting some good ideas for the other parts of this story as well, and they are all going to be easier for me to write, because I spent a lot of time fantasizing about them.

Now, a number of you expressed your interest in my other stories.  Well, Luna, Celestia and Twilight will be getting updates, rest assured, but since Twilight has garnered plenty of my attention, for now, I will be giving Tia and Lulu my focus in the coming weeks.  

A few of you mentioned my planned Derpy fic.  Rest assured, Derpy will have her time, but it won't be for a while.  I know some of you want it now, but it won't just be a simple clopfic.  It's going to have to be several chapters just to accomplish what I'm hoping it can.  Second, Fluttershy has been popping up in the suggestions as of late.  I really have a soft spot for her.  Her soft spoken voice, her adorable cuteness and natural beauty, along with her charming personality make her one of my favorites among the main six.  So I have a 3rd person Human x Fluttershy story in the works.  Ironically I started it late last spring, around late May early June, but the idea never panned out.  I have since given it more thought and taken some feedback from a few of you.  But, like Derpy, Fluttershy is still a ways off.  I've got too many multiple chapter stories in the works to add more.  Doing a one-shot here or there is fine, but anything more will just add too much to my plate.  Besides, I don't want the others to feel too left out.

So, for now, I'm not really committing to or promising anything...other than, for right now: Rainbow Dash get's center stage, followed by Celestia.  I'm only planning two projects at once.  This way I don't get overwhelmed.  

So Expect "Making the Rainbow Shine" - Next, followed by Chapter 7 of "You Brighten My Day".  I'll keep you all in the loop as I progress.  Oh yeah, one more thing...  Vinyl Scratch fans, have no worries.  I am going to be doing my Vinyl fic somewhere around the updates of my other stories, so Vinyl will have her time.  Though, I've decided, it won't take place around Hearth's Warming Day.  I doubt in spring that a Christmas themed story will fit well, plus I can make my story work just as well set in late spring or early summer.  So, there you have my plans for now.  

I want to Thank all of YOU for offering your invaluable and greatly appreciated feedback!  It means a lot!  So, again, thank you!  And a WARM WELCOME TO MY NEWEST FOLLOWERS!  Thanks for keeping an eye on me!

Now before I go, I have two Rainbow Dash pics.  You will see why I've also decided to give her the chance she's been waiting so patiently for!

- Jaydex

This was how Rainbow looked, when I said, I might not do her story, now.  I can't have her look at me with sad eyes, I just can't.

And if tears weren't bad enough, when I said I would give it another shot, Rainbow decided to lay on my bed and pose like this. She said, "Are you sure you still don't want to write about me?"  What can I say, she was rather convincing.

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Hello my friends!  Well, now that my newest Twilight story has been posted, I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do next.  Originally, I was all set to start work on "Making the Rainbow Shine".  In fact, I started work on it last night, but for some reason I'm just having trouble getting the story started.  I don't know if my starting with a flashback that shows how you met Rainbow is my stumbling block or if I'm just having trouble connecting to her character, or perhaps I'm just tried from my job.  All I know is things just aren't jiving for me at the moment, maybe I am just tired.  What's odd is that I have this idea fully planned and outlined.  It should be a really good story, but for some reason I just can't explode into it like I have with my other ideas.  

So that's why the question in my blog title.  I have other stories that could use updated, like - "For Whom She Sparkles", "You Brighten My Day", and "A Total Eclipse of their Hearts".  Funny fact about the next chapter of all three of these stories, each is due to have a love/clop scene in roughly the beginning to middle of the chapter.  Plus, I have no lack of drive or vision for working on them.  So they are all valid options, and I'd still like to do my Vinyl Scratch story.  I know many of you were looking forward to that one.  My only question there is this...do you want it to still take place around Hearth's Warming Day or do you just want it to take place in say spring or summer.  The story won't be affected much, because it's mainly going to be about "your" one-year anniversary with Vinyl and the presents you have for each other, topped off with a tender love/clop scene.  

In addition to the above mentioned ideas, I've also been getting more and more requests for another Redheart story.  So, I'm not sure what I want to work on next.

What would you guys like to see me work on next?  Is everyone on board for Rainbow Dash?  Or would you like me to update one of my other stories?  I really want to work on my Rainbow Dash story, I've kept her waiting for a while now, but I feel like I should update my other stories, given how much you all love them.  So maybe that's why I'm really feeling stumped more than any of the reasons I mentioned above.  Some sort of writer's guilt if you will.  If you wouldn't mind offering your thoughts, I'd appreciate it!  

Thank you as always for your support!  I hope I can continue to bring you great pony stories!

- Jaydex

Have a cute pic of Dashie in white stockings!

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Hello everyone!  Well, the secrecy ends now!  I've been working on a special alicorn Twilight story, and now that it's safely in the hands of the mods, I can give you a little more info about it.  

My new story is called "She Will Always Be Your Twilight" and is 7,681 words long.  It's one of my typical human x pony romantic clopfics.  The reason for the lack of details was that I haven't seen many human x alicorn Twilight stories show up, and I was hoping to be one of the first.  Anyway, more than the originality of this tale, I'd like to tell you why I decided to write this.  First off, I know some of you thought it odd that I'm working on another Twilight story, right after posting the last one, but the idea for this came while I was working on that one.  I watched the season 3 finale three times.  Now, I'll admit, at first I wasn't too nuts about this development.  Mainly because the episode felt rushed, but after taking time to let it all sink in and note the positive aspects of the episode, like Celestia's beautiful song.  I had a chance to think about a number of things.  First off, from the beginning Twilight was building to this change.  Secondly, it's not like she won't still be the Twilight we know and love.  After Celestia told her that she's a princess, Twilight asked, "Is there a book about being a princess I should read?"  When I heard her say that, I knew she was still the same Twilight.  

The more I pondered this whole ascension of Twilight's and the reactions of the fans, the more I got to thinking....how does Twilight feel about all of this?  You know, she never asked to become an alicorn.  All she did was try to help her friends by reversing the spell she cast.  Then I got to thinking, how can this work into a story.  Well, one thing let to another and thanks to some great pics on Deviant Art, I found more resolve that suggested this tribute to Twilight was needed.  

So I hope you will all check out my story.  I've spent close to a month planning and working on it, and trying to make it another of my feel provoking tales.  With that all said, I have some pics of alicorn Twilight for you to enjoy.  The ones I found with her crying really touched my heart and got me thinking, why should we hate her just because she's gained a crown and wings?  It doesn't mean she's going to change and become a whole different pony, does it?  Oh, and wait till you see the cover pic!  It tugs at my heart every time I look at it!

Thanks as always for your support my friends!  Till next time!  Twilight Forever!!

- Jaydex  

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Wow!  Can you believe in just over a year this is my 200th blog post, already?  It sort of sneaked up on me.  When I was checking comments on one of my stories, I saw the last one noted as post 199, and a few of you mentioned it to me as well.  

What a difference having some time off has made.  I didn't get a whole lot done yesterday (Saturday), oh but today, I was back in my element!  Fully back to my normal writing-self, I cranked out over 3,000 words today and finished my newest special Twilight one-shot.  It's 7,359 words, before editing, and has turned out quite nicely.  The feels are there and everything I was hoping for.  I just need to smooth it over and edit it.  I'm still not spilling what it's about until it's in the hands of the mods.  Once it's submitted I'll post a special blog offering a sneak peak.  

That aside, I'm glad so many of you are stoked for my upcoming Rainbow Dash fic, which I will be getting started later tonight and working on tomorrow!  Mmm, I can hardly wait.  A number of you are interested in seeing how I plan on portraying Rainbow Dash.  Well, I've been stewing on ideas for this particular fic for months, and have already outlined it.  So, it's only a matter of writing the story.  

Now in addition to starting "Making the Rainbow Shine", I will also be editing my new Twilight project.  Then once these two fics are posted, my plan is to work on Chapter 7 of "You Brighten My Day", followed by chapter 3 of my incredibly popular Twilight story "For Whom She Sparkles", which has soared to an incredible 800+ favorites and 510 vote ups in just two weeks!  I'm ecstatic here!!  In all the time I spent working on it, I never dreamed it'd take off like this!  Oh, and Luna fans, please don't worry, "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts" has so not been forgotten!  I'm planning an update for Luna as well.  I just ran into a few snags back in February and the last two weeks of this month, but I'm getting back into the swing of things again!  So have no fear.

One thing I'd like to share with all of you is what happened during my 12-hour shift the other night...  I day-dreamed about more pony stories!  I started the night thinking about Twilight, then I moved on to mentally outline the start of chapter 6 of my Celestia story.  After that, I gave new thought to my Vinyl Scratch fic and some fun material I plan on using in that one-shot(which sadly won't be for a little while yet).  Then, I started having full scene fantasies about a new Trixie romance, with one of my OC humans.  At first I was thinking about their love life, but then I flashed back to earlier in their relationship, to an outing where Trixie took her human lover out for smoothies.  Trixie wanted to enjoy some fruit themed smoothies, but also began discussing with her special somepony about more bland varieties, like tea flavored or even hay flavored, but then she and he got to discussing the likelihood of humans liking grass.  But I was amazed that I thought out all of this while at work.  It's been days since I could get into my happy place at work.  So it looks like I'm back!!  Now, my Trixie story is still in the development phases and may not arrive on the project queue for quite some time, but any of you that like her, or may be interesting in seeing what I've got planned for her, might find it enjoyable.  I personally want to show her some love and give Trixie some happiness.  Her life seems to be fraught with some much sorrow, I just want to see her happy.  I was glad to see her back in season 3, but wished they had done more with her.  

Well, I've rambled on enough for now.  I have some pics for you, a Twilight pic, and a Rainbow Dash pic!  Plus a follower of mine, Vexus Nightwish, has returned after being away due to major laptop troubles.  Now, following his return, he went and crafted some OCs of me as a pony.  I've also earned the pony name of Jaydex Nightingale.  The first is what he thinks I'd look like as pony, with a cutie mark.  The second is what I thought an OC of me might look like.  Enjoy, and as always my friends, thank you for your continued support!  It's greatly appreciated!

- Jaydex

Celestia is teaching Twilight how to fly....so much dawwwww!

Rainbow is getting rather flirty, now that I'm finally working on her story!  BTW, I have been gathering art of Dashie, so there will be more of her to come!

Me as a pony by Vexus Nightwish.

And my idea of what I might look like as a pony by Vexus Nightwish.  I used this description for an OC in Nine Tails' School of Magic with Soaking Wet.

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