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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing human x pony romance stories.


Wouldn't it figure guys?  I no sooner told you that I was doing much better, and Wednesday night into Thursday morning I took one heck of a turn for the worst.  My cold came back with a vengeance! T_T  So I have bad news and good news.  

First the bad news.  Well after having one of the most draining nights at work (I'll spare you the details), I ended up not getting home till almost 10am due to meetings about nothing.  I ended up home with a sinus headache to end all sinus headaches.  Long story short, I didn't go into work for two nights.  Friday morning I went to the doctor and could have guessed, I had come down with a sinus infection.  I was even taking it easy.  Oh well, I spent most of the last few days resting and am now on medicine to help me get better.  Sadly during that time I was hardly in any shape to work on my stories, so I lost even more time, I fear.  But I made sure to rest, which is very important.  

Now for the good news.  Yesterday (Saturday), I awoke feeling infinitely better after two days of rest.  I didn't want Celestia to feel left out, so I did an edit and proof-read of chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day".  I am very pleased with the chapter, and despite it's lack of a love/clop scene, it's got some rather sensual scenes I had nearly forgotten about.  Now, all I need to do is bring it over here to FIMfiction and give it my final edit/proof-read and it will be ready to go.  I've managed to speed up my editing phase by re-reading and editing portions of my stories as I write them.  It helps me capture the mood of the story better for the newly added content and doubles as way to catch bugs and smooth over rough areas. =D  And after taking a little nap, I reviewed chapter 1 of my Twilight story - "For Whom She Sparkles".  I'm very pleased with it as well and should only need to give it one or two more looking overs before it's ready.  Chapter 2 has lost some momentum due to my illness, but what I have so far is great.  I am going to be revising the one scene a little, ultimately making it better.  Hopefully tonight I can make some major head way on chapter 2, and get to the part I've been waiting for.  

Let's just say you should enjoy what I have in the works.  I'll post another blog once I see how things progress tonight.  Also, if I can remember, I had an idea in mind for another of my surveys.  I just can't seem to remember which idea it was for. *faceplams*  Oh well, I'm sure it will come to me.  

I have one image of Twilight and Celestia for you all to enjoy.  I'll have more pics with my next update. =D  Take care my friends!  Oh yeah, and I finally have pics of my birthday present a Plush Luna and a few other Plush ponies I recently added to my collection.  They certainly help when I'm writing...and their company was greatly appreciated while I was under the weather.  Till later my friends!

- Jaydex

Twilight and Celestia reading together.  You don't think they're reading one of my stories, do you?

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I want to thank all of you for offering your warm regards while I was under the weather.  I'm still not quite 20/20, but I'm certainly getting there.  Thankfully I've been able to work on my stories the past few nights.  Thus I have little a update for all of you.

I've finished the first chapter of my new Twilight Sparkle story - "For Whom She Sparkles" and have already started chapter 2 as well.  Chapter 1 is just shy of being 9,000 words and chapter 2 is currently sitting at just under 1,600 words.  The chapter will most likely reach around 7,000 words till I'm done, giving the story a beginning length of roughly 16,000 words.  Which is a considerable increase form this story's original size and concept.  Plus I still want to make this a on-going series.  Hopefully it will be popular enough so I can do just that.  I must say, I've been having a great time working on it. =D  Any of you Twilight fans out there, should really enjoy this as well.

I'm also happy to report the story for my alicorn Twilight fic is pretty much outlined.  I received permission from an artist on Deviant Art to use a very excellent and moving pic of alicorn Twilight for the story's cover.  This pic fits the story's mood to a 'T'.  But for now, that's all I'm going to mention about this tale.  I want it to be a big surprise.  I can say this about it, I haven't even completed the outline and already while I was listening to some fitting music, and thinking about one of the scenes have been moved to tears several times.  It should be another good one!

As for my Slice of Life/Adventure story "Veil of Chaos".  As I continued to work on the overall story, I've ran into some minor hurdles and need to tweak out some bugs.  I have a beginning and ending planned out, plus I know pretty much what I want to have happen.  I just need to get through the initial phase and make sure I do the show and my own idea justice.  So I'm not sure if I should keep things the same as I first planned or if I should make some minor changes.  Originally I wanted Discord to be the main antagonist, but now, after some planning, I have a better character in mind for that role.  So, I need to give this some thought and figure out how I want this to go.

Thankfully, my other stories are still going along quite nicely.  And once I finish chapter 2 of "For Whom She Sparkles", I'll be sure to edit and post chapter 6 of my Celestia fic - "You Brighten My Day".  You have to understand, I didn't expect to get sick or have to work six days last week.  So sadly, my plans were changed and regrettably delayed.  I know all of you will support me, despite these delays, and I will always be thankful for that.  And have no fear, I'm not stressing about anything...rather, like my blog title suggests - I'm taking things, one day at a time.

One last thing I want to share with you is how much I'm looking forward to my alicorn Twilight Story.  When it's closer to completion and I can share more about it with all of you, I think you'll understand.  I admit that I'm still of two minds on the whole concept, but I just love Twilight too much to ever shun her for pretty much any reason.  That and the arrival of my new plush Twilight will only help with my stories.

Well, till later, I leave you with two Twilight pics and my thanks for your continued support and patience.  I know it's been a while since I posted anything to the site.  But over the next week or so that should change, for the better!

- Jaydex

Happy Twilight is best Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle looks to the horizon during twilight.

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Hello everyone.  Wish I had some news, but last night and tonight, I'm not doing so well.  I picked up a pretty draining head cold, and just feel run-down right now.  So, I seriously doubt I will be making any progress on anything tonight.  I'll most likely be going to bed real early and then when I wake, I'll get back to writing.

You see, the thing is that I want to write, it's never a chore, rather it's my passion, but alas my body lacks the energy to even sit here at the computer to do more than force the words out of me.  And whenever I force the words...quality goes right out the window.  All of you deserve better than that, and I owe it to myself to create when I am at my best, not my worst.  

So, for now I will be taking it easy.  Ironic, sick on my one night off work this week.  Oh well, at least I can get some  rest.  The good news - is that I have the foundation set for episode 1 of my blog story - "Veil of Chaos", though if you guys like it enough, I may just post it to FIM as a story anyway, and keep the episodes short as I originally have planned.  As for my Twilight story, the first clop/love scene is done, it just needs a little tweaking, but the first draft turned out very good.  I only wish I had the energy to edit it and complete the first chapter.  I'm eager to get started on chapter 2, I have such great ideas for it, that I know all of you will love.

So for now, I'm going to get some rest and focus on getting well.  Don't worry, I promise not to over do it and I'll bounce back!  You can't keep my down for long!  I'm too stubborn! =D  To tide you over for now, here's some Twilight and Celestia, for you to enjoy!

- Jaydex

PS: Have no fear, Celestia has not been forgotten, she will never be forgotten!  She means too much to me, for me to simply forget her!  Count on it!

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Hey there everyone!  Sorry it's been a little while since you've heard from me, but I've been busy working on my new Twilight Story.  Now, there are going to be three parts to this update, so I hope you're ready for some fun! =D

First off, when I finish the rough draft of my Twilight Sparkle story, I will be editing and then posting chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day".  I do apologize for the continued delay of this chapter's release, but as I mentioned before, when inspiration strikes, I have to follow it.  But don't worry, this chapter will be well worth the wait.  It's packed full of the normal dawwwws and feels you've come to enjoy form this story.

Now second, my Twilight story - "For Whom She Sparkles" is coming along nicely.  I have the last part of the final scene of part 1 to complete, and so far I have 8,216 words and things are going great!  I'm not sure if any of you want me to post part 1 and then part 2, but I think part 2 will do a nice job complimenting the first part and will allow you all to gauge this story and if you want more or not.  I'm confident this one will do quite well.  The story is a little different in places compared to some of the fics I've written, but the concept is actually quite true to life, so some of you may enjoy that aspect as well.  The second part will be at least 6,000 words.  I have quite a few scenes planned plus some songs that will help make this story even more magical.  Not to mention, it will be during the scene that will allow this story to tie into Hearts and Hooves Day!

Okay, and the last part of my update.  I couldn't help but think of all the events of season 3 and the mixed-feelings some of you have for Twilight's ascension, without getting an idea for a great story.  Now, I know there is no way in Tartarus that I can swing another massively in-depth pony story, so I have a great new take on it.  And one that should get my blog on here, more attention!  I'm going to do a blog only series, and below you will see the summary and when you can expect to start seeing the episodes.  I'll add a section to my user page with links to the blog that has each episode, so you can read them at your leisure.

Without further ado...I give you my blog story:


Twilight has at long last proven herself and become an alicorn princess!  Her mentor, Princess Celestia, couldn't be happier, and yet...why is she smirking to herself under that lovable smile?  And how is it that no pony has seen Discord since his alleged reformation?  Things are not all as they would appear in the peaceful land of Equestria.  Now, as Twilight takes her first steps into her new role as a princess, she must learn even more to continue growing.  But what of her friends and life in Ponyville, will it all change?  The answers to these questions and more are on the way...in my specially made for blog series - "Veil of Chaos", coming soon to select blog posts only on JaydexTheShadowKnight's user page!  Look for the first mini-episode coming in March 2013!

*Discord laughs* Make sense?  Now where's the fun in making sense?

Discord - "Did you miss me?"

I hope you guys will enjoy it.  It's going to help fill the long gap until season 4 and contains some of my own foreshadowing of what might happen.  Even if I'm wrong, it will be entertaining.  Each mini-episode will be no more than 1,000-1,500 words.  It's only designed to help fill the gaps during the wait for my normal story update and will give you all something fun to enjoy!  

Well my friends, I'd best be going.  I have two more night this week, and then I have one night off.  I can hardly wait.  Till later, I give you some more images of Twilight and even one of Celestia!  Thanks for your support and patience my friends!

- Jaydex

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What's up my friends?!  Well, one day of my work week is down, hopefully only four more to go!  Anyway, I thought you'd apprecaited an update of my progress from the weekend.  I've made some great strides on my two current projects!

First, the rough draft for chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" is done, and is currently awaiting editing.  Before editing, the chapter has made it to 11,720 words, a bit longer than I expected, and considering I pushed two scenes over to chapter 7.  It's a good thing I did.  I'm pleased with what I have and look forward to editing it, but it may be several days till I get around to the editing.  I do apologize in advance, but I've been hit by a forceful wave of creativity, which involves the next part of this update!

Now, I've finally started "For Whom She Sparkles" and from Sunday to Monday night, I've made some great progress already!  Right now the story is sitting at 4,139 words and there is far more to come!  I even reviewed the 2,242 words I started with last night and was very pleased with how things flowed! =D  In fact so far whenever I expect to hit an obstacle, I end up overcoming it before it's even a true concern.  All I do is take a break and give my ideas some thought or like yesterday, I felt I was about to be stumped.  While I was showering, a epiphany came to me and I saw how to do a scene before I even had to question myself as to how I wanted to do it.  And best of all, I found a beautiful new song to use in this in addition to the other one I hinted at.  This new song had the kind of lyrics and message I've been searching for and will work so well with this story!  I can hardly wait till I get to that part, but I also am looking forward to resuming where I last left off!  So, this story is going to be even better than I originally thought.  The story is shaping up great and it's only just getting started.  I've got two parts planned for this and am currently projecting a total of 10,000 - 12,000 words.  Should this story be well received, I am seriously considering turning it into a multiple chapter series.  

I know some of you may be wondering and even asking, "Jaydex, why are you being so cryptic and mysterious about this new story?"  Well, let me answer that for you,  I want this to be a story that wows and surprises all of you.  So far it's surprising me and I hardly want to spoil anything by showing too many cards from my hand! =D

So for now, chapter 6 of my Celestia story is going to be waiting to be edited, until I'm either done with the rough draft of my Twilight story, or in the event that I hit an roadblock, but it's not looking like that will be too likely.  I'm am so loving working on this Twilight fic, it just might be my best one yet.  *crosses fingers*

Well, I'd better get some rest, I can't wait to start work on it again tonight!  And I don't want to keep Twilight waiting!  She's been reminding me all weekend why she was originally my favorite pony!

Till later my friends!  Take care and thank you for your patience and support!  I've got three pics of the adorable Twilight for you!  Enjoy!

- Jaydex

I think these pics of Twilight speak for themselves!

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Hello my friends!  I hope everyone is doing well!  I'm tired, but once this blog is posted, I will be going to bed.  Sadly I didn't do any writing today, but that's what tomorrow is for!  Besides, I know plenty of you remind me not to over do it, so I won't.  =D  Anyway I have news on my stories!

First off, I've decided to cut chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" short, and put the last two scenes I was planning into chapter 7.  I don't want this to drag out and be too long.  So I only have one scene to finish.  The chapter will still be over 10,000 words.  Right now it's at 9,667 words.  The last scene should take roughly 1,000 words or so to finish.  This chapter may not have the 2nd love scene I wanted to add, but it still has plenty of feels, dawww, cuddling, and even some sensual moments, which you will see when you read it, plus the aforementioned "I Love You" scene, which has turned out nicely.  This would have been done a lot sooner, but I had to re-write a few scenes, in order to get them right.  It happens and it's no biggie, I know you all are more than willing to wait!

The other reason I've decided to cut chapter 6 a little short, is that I've been starting to feel my love for Twilight, and last night at work, I couldn't stop thinking about her or my new Twilight fic.  I've got some really great ideas for it, and can't wait to get started on it!  The idea has gotten even better since I started brainstorming it!  I've got some really cute and fun ideas for it.  It should be a grand fic and will really appeal to those of you that enjoyed "More Than Their Customer"!  I'd mention more, but A. I want it mostly to be a suprise.  And B. My thoughts are kind of a jumble in my sleepy state.  That's why I'm not going to do any writing tonight.

One thing I'm not sure if many of you are aware, but when I first got into this series, Twilight was my favorite pony.  I think some of the others took me by storm, and for a time, left me forgetting what I love about Twilight and that she still is one of my favorite ponies.  This story idea only clinches it!  So I'm going to cut things off here, and get some sleep.  I'm going to try to finish the rough draft for chapter 6 of my Celestia fic tomorrow, but may end up starting work on my Twilight fic, before hand!  As I said, I'm really looking forward to writing it!  

Thanks as always for your support and patience!  Good stories are coming, so group hugs and brohooves all around!  And have some Twilight pics and a Celestia pic!  Later my friends!

- Jaydex

Twilight seems happy that I'm going to start writing her story tomorrow!

Here's Twilight, just being adorable!

Celestia is glad the wait for her new chapter is almost over!

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First off everyone - "Happy Hearts and Hooves Day"!!  Now, I'm sure that a number of you are like me, single.  I know this can be a very trying day for those of us without a special somepony of our own.  Keeping that in mind, you all have my sympathy, for what it's worth.

You know something?  I use to think being alone was the worst thing and that nothing could ever fill the void left by being alone.  Since these adorable ponies came into my life, I can honestly say that's changed.  Today of all days, I don't feel lonely and miserable.  Thanks to the ponies, I feel happy and loved.  I've spent most of the day with ponies.  In fact before writing this blog, I was spending time with my Celestia figure, working on chapter 6 of her story.  She's still standing on my desk with Twilight and Luna keeping me company.  And thanks to taking a break from writing last night, I managed to work out the problem and have perfected the "I Love You" scene for chapter 6, of "You Brighten My Day", so things are looking up!

I hope all of you can find something to be happy about today, even if it doesn't dawn on you at first.  One thing's for sure, thanks to the ponies, we have this great community full of fun stories and good friends!  That's one thing that will always make me happy!

Well, I have two special "Hearts and Hooves Day" pics of our adorable princesses, to share with you.  And while it's going to be way late, I will have a "Hearts and Hooves Day" story coming.  My Twilight Sparkle story will see to that.  Oh, and if any of you may be wondering, Twilight will be a unicorn in this story.  

Till later my friends!  Take care!

- Jaydex

Luna's blushing and it looks like she has something for you!

Aww, look at Celestia...she's trying to cheer you up.  And I think she wants you to be her Valentine or maybe even her special somepony!

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Hello everyone!  Just thought you'd all enjoy an update of my progress.  Chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" is still coming along nicely.  Currently I have 9,255 words written and still need to finish three scenes.  Now, I may end up pushing one back to another chapter, and even though it was mentioned in this chapter between Daniel and Celestia, it can still work later on.  I've also been giving the really tender scene of this chapter due thought and ironically, I think I will be going with my first successful version of the "I Love You" scene.  I'm not overly pleased with the second one and I think I conveyed more emotion with the first, plus I have a slight revision in mind that should make it even stronger.  

I'm still planning a love scene for chapter 6, but I can say without exaggeration that chapter six most likely won't exceed the length of chapter 5, which was a little shy of 14,000 words.  From what I can recall, everything in this chapter builds on the relationship even more, leading up to the calming and tender moment scene.  A few more scenes will then lead up to the next love scene and hopefully be to everyone's liking.  I'm hoping to finish the rough draft by the  weekend.  Right now, if I hold-off the one scene, I only have two more scenes to do till this chapter is finished.  

Now after I finish work on this chapter, my Twilight Sparkle story will be next.  "For Whom She Sparkles" has undergone a few minor tweaks in the overall planning phase, but should deliver the type of 2nd-person human x pony romance you've come to expect from me.  The only real thing I've decided to change form what you may recall in the summary I shared a few months back - is the duration in which "you" have known Twilight and been her friend.  Originally I had it that "you" had become a good friend of hers over a period of a few months, but for the story I want to convey, I'm switching it from a few months to about two years.  When the new summary is released along with the story, and you get to read it first hand, you'll understand why I made the change.  I'm not sure how long this story will be off the bat, but given some minor alterations to the plot, it should easily exceed 10,000 words.  I will be doing this as at least two parts, and I've already got titles in mind for each part.  There is a very special love song that will host the theme of the second part, plus while it will be late, this is going to be my "Hearts and Hooves Day" story.  Based off the summary I never officially chose a time of year for it to take place, so I figure, why not have it coincide with this holiday.  

That's all for now my friends.  Hope you all are doing well.  I'm hanging in there, and slowly but surely making progress on my projects!  Thank you as always for your support and encouraging words!  Have some more Celestia pics and another Twilight pic!  Till later!

- Jaydex  

Celestia in a peaceful forest.

Celestia at a beautiful rocky mountain waterfall!

Look's like Twilight is really looking forward to her story. =D

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My apologies my friends.  I was hoping to have this blog up late last night.  Now, after I got up from my nap, I ended up spending the rest of the day hanging out with my best friend.  But I still have today and tomorrow (until I got back into work at 11pm).  So there is still plenty of time for me to write!  

Okay then, on to the update.  Currently, chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" is sitting at 6,182 words, but since 852 words of that is the first version of the "I Love You" scene, I will be saving those in a "Deleted Scenes" file, because I've got an even better idea for the scene in mind, and it will tie in with one of the major events in this chapter.  And for now, I'm going to write all the scenes I have planned for chapter 6, including Daniel and Celestia's second love scene.  Once I'm done, I'll gauge the length and determine if I should split it into two chapters.  But some of you said go for the long chapter.  That and I've seen plenty of fics on here with chapters totaling over 23,000 words!  Now I don't think this chapter will come remotely close to that length.  I just wanted you all to be aware that it could reach 13,000-14,000 depending on the scenes, which are of an undetermined length at the moment.  I honestly don't have a problem with making a chapter that length, but the downside is that it will take longer till its posted, but on the other hand, it will be packed full of more content!  I'm sure those of you that love this story won't mind at all!

Now your eyes aren't deceiving you, the word "Survey" is once again in my blog title.  This one relates, again, to my Celestia story.  I was just curious about hearing your thoughts on how long Celestia should be on Earth.  This is not a vote, I will ultimately make my own choice, but I do value your input as always.  So that in mind, how long should she stay?

A. 1-2 months

B. 6 months

C. 1 year

D. More than 1 year

And keep in mind, back in chapter 1, Luna never said how long Celestia could take for her time off, and that she hadn't had any true time off in months, not to mention from the countless years she spent watching over Equestria.  So keep that in mind.  Personally, I'm leaning towards C. 1 year.  Now in order to keep the story from becoming stale or keeping to tired a pace, I'll be doing just like chapter 4 and elapsing time and doing key scenes as time passes.  

I also have one more thought, not related to my Celestia fic, that I wanted to share with all of you.  I heard that Season 3 was going to have more episodes, but I haven't confirmed that rumor.  But I'm not here to talk about the show.  However, I will note my delight at hearing that Season 4 is confirmed at 26 episodes!  Anyway, let me get to my point.  Since I became a brony, I've always been very fond of Twilight, and despite Nurse Redheart, the spa twins - Aloe & Lotus, Luna and Celestia, I still like Twilight very much!  Now, even if things turn out that she ascends and becomes an alicorn, it no longer bothers me.  I'll still write stories in which she's a unicorn, I'll always love her best that way.  Though, I'm equally thrilled with the idea of writing stories with her as an alicorn.  Now, I'm not going to say anything other than this, I have an alicorn Twilight story in the works.  The idea came to me as I was waking up this morning.  It should be a very heartwarming story, the type you've come to expect from me.  But for now, that's all I'm going to say.  Sorry for begin so cryptic, but as Discord said, "Where's the fun in making sense?" =D

Well, that about does it for this update.  Hope you all are doing well!  Enjoy two more Celestia pics and till later my awesome friends!  Oh, and what the hay, have some Twilight pics as well!

- Jaydex

This pic of Celestia is just beautiful, even if she doesn't look like her normal G4 self.  The style, while similar to that of "The Last Unicorn" is lovely in its own light.

The lovely and radiant princess...Celestia!

Twilight: Finally!  Jaydex is going to write a fic about me!  How wonderful!

Twilight: Gee, I wonder if it will be a romance?  I'd better practice my flirting pose!

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Hello my friends, just a super quick update.  Well it's not really an update.  I'll be back with one later tonight.  I'd do one now, but I must get some sleep.  This change up of my work schedule from Mon-Fri to Tues-Sat has me a little messed up.  But I have the next two nights off, so that's awesome!  

Just a little bit about "You Brighten My Day" - the story is coming along nicely.  I was just doing as you all encourage and taking my time with another critical scene - the "I Love You" scene.  I have one I did and like, but an even better idea for one came to me at work last night.  So when I get a chance, I will make some changes to what I have for chapter 6 and save the draft of the first scene for a backup, just in case.  I'm a little over half way with the chapter, but I have several scenes to consider and I'm not sure if I want to put them all in 6 or stretch them over to 7.  Depends on whether you guys mind another 10,000+ word chapter for my Celestia fic.  It could end up almost as long as chapter 5.  And I still have more material to go and even planned already for chapter 7, not counting what might have to be pushed over to 7.  

I'd go on but as I said, I need some rest.  What a week.  =D  Who'd think making boxes would be such hard and tiring work!  Thank goodness for my writing.  Well gang, have a Celestia pic and I'll see you all later!  Take care and thanks for everything you do!

- Jaydex

No wonder Celestia means a lot to me.  She's beautiful, elegant and in pics like this one...she's adorable too!

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