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  • A Relaxing Night with Luna
    You and Luna leave the Nightmare Night celebration to enjoy a quiet break, alone, under the light of the full moon.

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  • The Princess Marks
    The Cutie Mark Crusaders are told the story of how Luna and Celestia got their cutie marks.
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  • What Am I Doing Here?
    Spike finds himself in an unfamiliar Equestria in the future devoid of his friends and he's grown.
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  • A Great and Powerful Legacy
    Trixie learns an amazing secret about her ancestry and meets up with an old friend.
    7,382 words · 1,421 views · 71 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Dragon Ball Pony Z - A Costly Ramification
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Well my friends, the wait is over!  "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again" has just been posted!  It cleared moderation while I was working on this blog.  lol  You guys will be glad I took my time editing it.  I was able to smooth things over and make it a very grand story indeed.  

Here is the final work count: 29,860 words!!  Across three chapters!  

Now I decided not to use the two songs I was going to use.  While they were very appropriate to the story, I found them very distracting as I tried listening to them, while I read.  Besides, I felt the strong level of feels even without them!  

I'd ramble on more about this story, but I think my writing can speak for itself.  There's plenty of romance, playfulness, tenderness and naughtiness packed into the chapters!  One final thing I'd like to say.  I think my writing has really improved since I began work on this.  Following "In the Hooves of an Angel", I was given some great tips and feedback from you all of you and well, I think it, along with reading more fics, it has helped me capture my thoughts in a never better way!  

Well, enjoy my friends and take care!  

- Jaydex

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One chapter to go! · 2:53am

Hey guys, I'm just about there.  I'm not going to say it's only going to take one more day, because I can't honestly promise that.  Now, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again" are completed, but I need to go over chapter 3 and polish it off.  It's nearly 12,000 words without being given a final look over.  So I can't say how much longer till I submit this, for sure.  It will be up by the weekend, that much I am confident of.  

I'm very grateful that you guys don't mind the wait and want me to make this good.  It really helps, and I can assure you (again) that this will be worth the wait.  Oh yeah, I also have the title pic chosen.  It took a while to pic one I liked.  The summary and mature content warnings are taken care of as well.  So if you'll bear with me just a little longer, we'll finally have this story ready!  FYI chapter 1 is nearly 9,500 words and chapter 2 is nearly 8,400!  So you will have one enjoyable story that really show's Nurse Redheart some love!

For now, here's a daww pic to keep you guys going!  As soon as I submit this, I'll post a blog, keeping you guys informed!  

- Jaydex

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It's Coming Along! · 2:53am

Okay guys, just a quick update.  I'm almost done with the editing "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again".  I have a scene and a half to finish.  Roughly 4,500 words.  Then I can begin preparing this for on here and break the story into its chapters.  I'm going to do three chapters.  The first will be a little over 9,200 words, the second will be a little over 8,100 words and the third will be a little over 11,000 words, give or take a few.  I do apologize for the delay, but I've spent nearly a month working on this, I don't want to rush this final crucial stage of editing and proofing it.  I was hoping to submit this by tomorrow night, but I know it's probably going to be Wednesday evening till I'm ready to submit this properly.  Though I can honestly say this story has turned out great.  Looking at it as a whole, everything seems to mesh.  I just need to smooth over the ending and make sure it's not choppy or anything.  

I have to say it's a very delightful read.  I keep getting sucked in and can actually see myself there.  =D  Now if only all of you will be able to as well.  I also hope I can find a suitable cover pic for this story.

Take care guys, and I hope you forgive me if I can't reply as actively to your comments as I'd like to.  I'll be sure to get back to doing that once this story has been posted.  Thanks again for being so awesome guys!  

- Jaydex  

I still love this pic of Redheart!

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I just had to give you guys a quick update and share the great news!  I just finished "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again"!  It took a day longer to complete than I thought, but at long last my late Hearth's Warming story is done.  Now I just have to edit it and give it a good proof-reading.  I'm so looking forward to reading over it and seeing how the entire thing works together, plus I have a good idea where I'm going to break it up into chapters.  It will be about 3-4 chapters.  Right now without editing, the story is a little over 29,000 words!!  I don't think this rates the name "Short Story" anymore.  But it will be a grand one.  I'd start editing now, but I'm a bit sleepy and this is going to take a least a few days to smooth over, but when it's done...I can hardly wait to post it! =D

There is just so much in this story.  And without spoiling anything, I will say those of you that really liked "Her Gentle Hooves" will be in for a treat.  This story plays out a lot more like the first, only no one is sick in this one.  Basically the events of this story help to strengthen the relationship between "you" and Nurse Redheart.  You get to spend more time at your home in Ponyville.  And I will say the two pivotal scenes I was mentioning, they've turned out great!!  I cry almost every time I read them or at least get misty-eyed.  And that's without adding the songs I'm planning on including.  There's plenty of fun material to go with all of this, and should give you guys a real treat, if you've been enjoying my Redheart series.  

For now, I'm going to call it a night.  I do have a Redheart pic I'm going to share.  Agarwaen shared it with me.  It's a simply gorgeous pic of my favorite pony!  

I thank you guys as always for your support and your patience.  Once I finish with this story, I'll be working on Episode 6 of "Dragon Ball Pony Z" and then I'm probably going to work on my Luna or Celestia fic, pushing my other projects back.  That is, assuming I can keep Rainbow Dash from getting too angry.  I did tell her I was going to work on "Making the Rainbow Shine".  I'll have to see about that one.  =D

- Jaydex

A wonderful pic of Redheart with her mane down.  It looks saucy, but she's done in a pose as if she were in the shower, and the artist said they made it a transparent background, so you have to imagine the shower.  I think it's superb!

And here's some more Daww Redheart!  (Keep those crash carts handy and those defibrillators charged!)

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Hello everyone.  I'm really excited about my new Redheart fic, but sadly my employer is going to be trolling me again.  First all that overtime cost me about a week of writing time, and now I found out my machine has suffered a major breakdown.  I don't know what that will mean for my weekend now.  If it's still broken by my shift tonight, you'd think they'd call me off, but I know them, they won't.  Hopefully it's fixed and I can finish my last two days this week and have Saturday night off.  But until I go in tonight, I don't know what to expect.

Now aside from the uncertain news from work, I do have Good news.  I just finished the second/last love/clop scene.  I will need to read back over it, but it turned out nicely, just like the first and I suspect it delivered the feeling I wanted it to, just as the scenes leading up to it.  =D  I still have to do two more scenes.  A wake-up cuddle scene and then the story's final scene, that will end it on a fun note.  I'm projecting 2,000 words roughly to do the last two scenes, give or take a hundred.  Right now I have a little over 26,100 words!  "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again" has become a very long story, but like most of my stories, the words go by very smoothly.  It's going to take a few days to edit this once it's finished.  Now, I'll try to finish it tomorrow, but my evening is going to be limited, because I've been invited to sit in on a Skype pod cast tomorrow night, discussing fanfics!  I'm really looking forward to it.  I hope there will be some fun discussions!

I can say with confidence that this new story has come along very nicely.  I do apologize for all of the delays, but there were quite a few unexpected events that lead to things taking longer than planned.  Work was a big part of it and the other was that I didn't want to rush this.  You guys like that I don't hurry my stories and make them all they can be.  Well I know I've been hyping this one, but I can say I haven't been leading you on.  I still can hardly believe all the stuff I've packed into this Redheart Story.  I hope you will all enjoy when the time comes.

Till I know what this weekend will hold, I leave you with two more Redheart pics, one is a repeat, but a classic repeat!  Take care and thank you all as always for your continued support and patience!

- Jaydex  

Redheart soars to the rescue in a hang glider!

And here's Redheart, just looking cute and beautiful as always!

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Phew, that was quite a week!  Thank goodness it's over!  I didn't do much of anything last night, mainly because I was spending time with my best friend and a buddy of mine that was on leave from the navy.  We had dinner at Chili's and then watched a bunch of movies.  The fun thing from last night, well from simply eating dinner and watching one of the movies (Project X), I got some great ideas for my Vinyl Scratch story.  Though I'm not sure how soon I will be getting to it.  I have some of my followers asking about my other stories that sorely need updates.  Plus Rainbow Dash keeps bugging me about her story, so I'll have to play things out carefully.  At least I'm not at a loss for ideas or inspiration! =D

Now, as for today, I've finally gotten a major fix for my writing and made some wonderful headway with "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again"!  Once I got into my element, I was able to crank out over 5,100 words today!  The story is now at 20,320 words and I still have at least 5,000 to 6,000 words to go.  I had no idea this story was going to end up this big!  It will most likely top 25,000 words or more!  But I am roughly at 75% to 80% now.  I completed the first love/clop scene today, and it turned out beautifully, and with no re-writes needed.  It will need smoothed over in editing, but that's no biggie.  I also got into what I'm calling "The Meat and Potatoes" part of the story.  So I'm about to start a scene I've been mentally planning for this story for weeks now!  I have roughly four scenes to go till this is done, including the second love/clop scene, which will play a vital role in completing this amazing story!  I'm just amazed at how well things are turning out with this!  I'm so glad I'm not rushing this.

Now, there was another matter I didn't have time to touch upon last week.  Now, I'd like to.  LunaLover1990 recently shared a comment in one of my blogs, stating that he thinks my stories are only second to "My Little Dashie".  Well, imagine my thrill at someone even comparing my work with ROBCakeran53's legendary tale!  So, I figured, it's time I buckled down and took the time to read this story.  I'll confess, the main reason I avoided this story, was not because of it's fame, but rather, I was told it's quite the tear jerker, and lately, it doesn't seem to take much in a story to make me shed a few tears.  But I felt it would help my own writing if I did sit back and read it.  There's a certain mood I'm hoping to capture with my newest Redheart fic.  If I play it just right, there won't be a dry eye in the house (or at the very least, many of you will shed manly tears), following the story's pivotal moment!

This is why I decided to read "My Little Dashie".  Now at first as I began reading it, I was like, "What's so great about this?"  That was roughly 3,000 words in.  It didn't take long for me to see the story bloom into the epic that it's become!  By the end I was never more thankful that I had my plush Raindow Dash.  I'm glad she convinced me to hold her while I read this, especially at the end.  I confess, I actually cracked out a few strong sobs.  I haven't cried that hard in a quite a while.  Even though I still had my Dashie, I felt her daddy's loss, just the same.  In fact, as he was hit with that flood of memories from his time raising her, I couldn't help but think of this song from season 1 of Pokemon:  from "Pikachu's Goodbye"


That song alone usually makes me tear up, but thinking about how fitting its lyrics were to MLD just made me shed more manly tears, and hug my plush Dash even tighter.  

I added to the epic following of this story by thumbing and faving it.  And I have to say, I think it really did help me stir something from deep within myself.  I just might be able to use this in my new Redheart story.  So here's hoping.  I'll know when I resume work tomorrow.  =D

Well guys, I'd better get going.  But I wanted to keep you all informed and share my thoughts on a truly great fic with all of you!  Oh yeah, following the massive changes on here, I've revamped my user page a little.    

Take care and thanks as always for being so patient my friends!  Stay awesome!  Remember...you're the best!! =D

- Jaydex

A very lovely pic of Redheart titled: "I wish I could share my life with somepony".

A cute pic of Redheart, supporting pony belly rubs.  I liked it! =D

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Come on Weekend! · 2:38am

Hey guys!  I want to thank all of you for the warm Christmas Greetings!  I hope all of you had a great Christmas!  Sorry I didn't have a chance to reply to your comments, I just barely have enough time to pop on here and say "Hey!".  Thank goodness I only have one 12-hour shift to go.  I can hardly wait till 7am Saturday morning.  Hopefully I'll have four days off this time, if not I'll at least have three days off from work.  Oh yeah, since the theme of the questions in my last blog's comments were hoping I had a good Christmas - Well, I can tell you all that I did.  I had a chance to work on my newest Nurse Redheart story, and while (ironically) I didn't get any pony items for Christmas, I did get some money that I will most likely use to buy another plushie or some other pony swag.  =D

Now, last night I had a great time working on "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again".  Gee the title sounds so clean, and despite the heartwarming story it contains, there is plenty of naughtiness and overall fun within its words.  Speaking of which I just completed a fun scene that has lead up to the first love/clop scene of this story.  I seriously have to laugh.  I'm at a little over 15,000 words and am only now starting the the first clop scene.  My last story was a total of 16,000+ words with two clop scenes.  So my works seem to be growing with my ambitions.  In fact this story just may exceed 21,000 words.  But hey, you guys are always telling me to make my stories all they can be...and I'm really having fun with this one.  I've got so much packed into this story, it's really gonna be good!  =D  And I'm reminded of what ReaperOfSouls42 said, back when I wrote my first Nurse Redheart story - "Her Gentle Hooves", we'll all want the Nurse Redheart fantasy to last as long as possible.  Well this one will hopefully do just that!  To think my first Redheart fic was a little over 12,000 words.  It seems so short compared to my newest story.  lol.  Oh well, why shouldn't each new story be grand?  

Well, I'd better get going.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I can always save it for my new blog.  By the way I'm not sure how tired I'll be tomorrow, so I doubt I'll be doing any posting till late Saturday or sometime Sunday.  Story-wise, I probably won't get a chance to add to my Redheart story, till Sunday.  Oh well, patience is a virtue, besides, I can always read over what I've done in the meantime.  I just know I'm really enjoying working on this story.  I thought I'd have trouble working on this, seeing as I had just finished work on my second Redheart story, but for some reason, I just can't seem to get enough writing about her.  In fact, she's become my new favorite pony.  Who'd have guessed back when I read SwiperTheFox's story "Help Me, Nurse! I need 50cc of you!", that I'd be so taken with Redheart.  

Well, Take care my friends, and I'll catch you all in a few days!  Hopefully tonight won't be too tiring.  And have no fear, I've been resting as much as possible between these long shifts.  Thank you all as always, for your support and patience.  I can assure you the wait for my newest tale will certainly be worth it! =D  

- Jaydex

I think Redheart and I are getting more than a little antsy for this new story! =D

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Hello everyone!  Just a short update.  I have to soon get to bed.  I've got a rather goofy work schedule this week.  I work 7a-11a tomorrow then I work 11p-11a Wed Night and Thursday Night, and finish up 11p-7a Friday Night.  I have another four day weekend starting Saturday.

I've made some nice progress on "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again"!  I omitted the scene I was thinking about and by adding a summation, I saved nearly 700 words, which I was able to use in a much more relevant scene.  I'm working on the first love/clop scene, well, the naughty fun and foreplay that will lead up to it.  Then I'll get into the main tier of the story, that should really stir the feels, maybe like never before.  

Right now I have around 13,500 words done, and a ways to go yet.  Have no fear, I'm not rushing or stressing at all.  I've had a good Christmas and been given some fun presents!  And I want to say having all of your as my readers and followers is quite a present in itself!  Your present, my friends...if all goes well, will be ready around New Year's Day, not sure exactly when, seeing as I don't want to rush things.  But this story is still looking at becoming over 20,000 words!

Well, I'd better get going!


Enjoy two festive pics (keep your crash carts handy on account of the dawww)!

- Jaydex    

Luna is getting into the holiday spirit!  She looks so cute!

Oh and check out Vinyl!  Dawwww!

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Sorry for the delay on this new blog post my friends.  I spent a good part of yesterday (and last night), resting.  That, and I spent some time with my best friend, we went out to the local mall.  I was amazed to find a 2x shirt of "Luna Is Best Princess" at Hot Topic.  So that was some major win, especially considering the crowd!  Then we came back to my place and played Grand Theft Auto - Vice CIty (yeah, I know it's ancient compared to the news ones).  Needless to say we had a blast anyway!

I will be getting back to working on "Until I'm In Your Hooves Again", later today!  *hears Fluttershy quietly shout, "Yay!"*  It's been over three days since I last did any writing, so I'm starting to suffer from withdraw!  I know to some, writing can be hard and seem like a chore, but to me, it's my way of relaxing and getting away from it all! =D  So I'm hoping to make some major headway tonight and tomorrow!  Plus I'll be working on the story Christmas day as well, when I'm not sharing in the festivities with my folks!

A far as the story itself is going, I am at roughly 10,000 words, but I am thinking of re-tooling a scene, though it might upset some of you to know I may be axing the Mayor's cameo.  I haven't decided for sure, but the scene isn't quite what I hoped for, and a short summation in the next scene I'm starting with could have the same effect, and keep the focus on "you" and Redheart, which is what my plan is from the get-go.  Though Celestia and Rarity's cameos have turned out quite nicely!  =D  In fact, Rarity appears in a total of three scenes.  At least my time at work, gave me a chance to think.  And right now, I still have at least 11,000 words to go!  That's why I doubt this will be ready in time.  Had I not lost those two evenings, maybe it would have worked out, but no biggie.  I'll just push back the release, in favor of making this story all it can be!  =D

There's a good deal of content to come, and I'm evening planning on tooling a few scenes to some very moving songs.  I hope it will play out, and the music will of course be optional, in case you find it distracting.  Sometimes I find music distracting, and then again I find it can help add to a story.  Oh yeah, before I forget again, I do have one little item I wanted to touch upon.  I'm going to try an experiment with the 2nd-person writing style, and see if I can pull some scenes that actually put "you" in the super person position.  Events will be happening, but "you" won't actually be physically there, yet, "you" will be referred to.  You'll have to see when I'm done.  To be honest, I'm not sure if such a thing is even recommended or done for this style, but think of it as my way of endeavoring to break the 4th wall, in a way. =D  I think it will work out, providing my delivery is done properly.  All I can say is that it's a challenge I look forward to sinking my imagination into!

Well I have a new pic of Nurse Redheart to share with you guys and a pic of my latest pony swag!  I enjoyed the Lotus Plush I had, so I asked the seller to make Aloe as well, plus I am still all about Nurse Redheart, so I picked up her as well!  They are both very cute!  And I included a pic of Aloe with Lotus.  Now that the spa twins are together, I'll have a creative edge on working on the sequel to "More Than Their Customer".  Call me crazy if you will, but having figures and plushies help me to better connect to their characters and thus allow me to create the stories I've been sharing with all of you.

Well, it's about lunchtime for me, so I thank you all of you for your continued support and look forward to your comments!  You are the best followers any writer could ask for!  And I want to give a "SHOUT OUT!" to my newest followers!!  Welcome aboard!!

Ooh, real quick, I have good news for the fans of "Dragon Ball Pony Z" and "You Brighten My Day"!  I've been brainstorming more ideas of new updates for each!  They should just keep getting better! =D  And I've got a major twist in mind for my Celestia fic, that should make the ending really exciting!

- Jaydex

This is a fun Redheart pic, I found on Deviant Art.  The thing I like, is that there's room for someone to join her on that picnic blanket. =D

Here they are!  Nurse Redheart & Aloe

The spa ponies are together!  Aren't they cute?

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EDIT:  I'll be back with an update tomorrow.  There was a slight change of plans today.  But tomorrow and Monday are looking good for me to get back to writing!

I'm back guys.  Sorry for being so silent for the last few days.  Thanks to my job, it couldn't be avoided.  I just finished a 56 hour work week.  I'm not quite as exhausted as I thought I'd be.  We'll, I'll be back with an update later tonight.  I have three full days and a partial day off work for the holiday, and then Two more 12's and an 8 hour shift next week, but afterward I have four nights off for News Year's break.  So it won't all be so bad.

I'm hoping Sunday and Monday will afford me the change to make some real headway with my Redheart fic, but I fear it might not be ready in time for Christmas, but shortly afterward.  It will still be a good story.  If it's late, you can think of it as my After-Christmas present to all of you.  Like it's something I found laying behind that tree. =D

Take care guys and I'll see you later!  Thanks as always for your support!  Your wait will be worth it!

I have one pic of Redheart helping Rainbow Dash.  Enjoy! (Not sure if I shared this one yet or not.)

- Jaydex

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