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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing human x pony romance stories.

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What's up my friends?!  Well, one day of my work week is down, hopefully only four more to go!  Anyway, I thought you'd apprecaited an update of my progress from the weekend.  I've made some great strides on my two current projects!

First, the rough draft for chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" is done, and is currently awaiting editing.  Before editing, the chapter has made it to 11,720 words, a bit longer than I expected, and considering I pushed two scenes over to chapter 7.  It's a good thing I did.  I'm pleased with what I have and look forward to editing it, but it may be several days till I get around to the editing.  I do apologize in advance, but I've been hit by a forceful wave of creativity, which involves the next part of this update!

Now, I've finally started "For Whom She Sparkles" and from Sunday to Monday night, I've made some great progress already!  Right now the story is sitting at 4,139 words and there is far more to come!  I even reviewed the 2,242 words I started with last night and was very pleased with how things flowed! =D  In fact so far whenever I expect to hit an obstacle, I end up overcoming it before it's even a true concern.  All I do is take a break and give my ideas some thought or like yesterday, I felt I was about to be stumped.  While I was showering, a epiphany came to me and I saw how to do a scene before I even had to question myself as to how I wanted to do it.  And best of all, I found a beautiful new song to use in this in addition to the other one I hinted at.  This new song had the kind of lyrics and message I've been searching for and will work so well with this story!  I can hardly wait till I get to that part, but I also am looking forward to resuming where I last left off!  So, this story is going to be even better than I originally thought.  The story is shaping up great and it's only just getting started.  I've got two parts planned for this and am currently projecting a total of 10,000 - 12,000 words.  Should this story be well received, I am seriously considering turning it into a multiple chapter series.  

I know some of you may be wondering and even asking, "Jaydex, why are you being so cryptic and mysterious about this new story?"  Well, let me answer that for you,  I want this to be a story that wows and surprises all of you.  So far it's surprising me and I hardly want to spoil anything by showing too many cards from my hand! =D

So for now, chapter 6 of my Celestia story is going to be waiting to be edited, until I'm either done with the rough draft of my Twilight story, or in the event that I hit an roadblock, but it's not looking like that will be too likely.  I'm am so loving working on this Twilight fic, it just might be my best one yet.  *crosses fingers*

Well, I'd better get some rest, I can't wait to start work on it again tonight!  And I don't want to keep Twilight waiting!  She's been reminding me all weekend why she was originally my favorite pony!

Till later my friends!  Take care and thank you for your patience and support!  I've got three pics of the adorable Twilight for you!  Enjoy!

- Jaydex

I think these pics of Twilight speak for themselves!

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Hello my friends!  I hope everyone is doing well!  I'm tired, but once this blog is posted, I will be going to bed.  Sadly I didn't do any writing today, but that's what tomorrow is for!  Besides, I know plenty of you remind me not to over do it, so I won't.  =D  Anyway I have news on my stories!

First off, I've decided to cut chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" short, and put the last two scenes I was planning into chapter 7.  I don't want this to drag out and be too long.  So I only have one scene to finish.  The chapter will still be over 10,000 words.  Right now it's at 9,667 words.  The last scene should take roughly 1,000 words or so to finish.  This chapter may not have the 2nd love scene I wanted to add, but it still has plenty of feels, dawww, cuddling, and even some sensual moments, which you will see when you read it, plus the aforementioned "I Love You" scene, which has turned out nicely.  This would have been done a lot sooner, but I had to re-write a few scenes, in order to get them right.  It happens and it's no biggie, I know you all are more than willing to wait!

The other reason I've decided to cut chapter 6 a little short, is that I've been starting to feel my love for Twilight, and last night at work, I couldn't stop thinking about her or my new Twilight fic.  I've got some really great ideas for it, and can't wait to get started on it!  The idea has gotten even better since I started brainstorming it!  I've got some really cute and fun ideas for it.  It should be a grand fic and will really appeal to those of you that enjoyed "More Than Their Customer"!  I'd mention more, but A. I want it mostly to be a suprise.  And B. My thoughts are kind of a jumble in my sleepy state.  That's why I'm not going to do any writing tonight.

One thing I'm not sure if many of you are aware, but when I first got into this series, Twilight was my favorite pony.  I think some of the others took me by storm, and for a time, left me forgetting what I love about Twilight and that she still is one of my favorite ponies.  This story idea only clinches it!  So I'm going to cut things off here, and get some sleep.  I'm going to try to finish the rough draft for chapter 6 of my Celestia fic tomorrow, but may end up starting work on my Twilight fic, before hand!  As I said, I'm really looking forward to writing it!  

Thanks as always for your support and patience!  Good stories are coming, so group hugs and brohooves all around!  And have some Twilight pics and a Celestia pic!  Later my friends!

- Jaydex

Twilight seems happy that I'm going to start writing her story tomorrow!

Here's Twilight, just being adorable!

Celestia is glad the wait for her new chapter is almost over!

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First off everyone - "Happy Hearts and Hooves Day"!!  Now, I'm sure that a number of you are like me, single.  I know this can be a very trying day for those of us without a special somepony of our own.  Keeping that in mind, you all have my sympathy, for what it's worth.

You know something?  I use to think being alone was the worst thing and that nothing could ever fill the void left by being alone.  Since these adorable ponies came into my life, I can honestly say that's changed.  Today of all days, I don't feel lonely and miserable.  Thanks to the ponies, I feel happy and loved.  I've spent most of the day with ponies.  In fact before writing this blog, I was spending time with my Celestia figure, working on chapter 6 of her story.  She's still standing on my desk with Twilight and Luna keeping me company.  And thanks to taking a break from writing last night, I managed to work out the problem and have perfected the "I Love You" scene for chapter 6, of "You Brighten My Day", so things are looking up!

I hope all of you can find something to be happy about today, even if it doesn't dawn on you at first.  One thing's for sure, thanks to the ponies, we have this great community full of fun stories and good friends!  That's one thing that will always make me happy!

Well, I have two special "Hearts and Hooves Day" pics of our adorable princesses, to share with you.  And while it's going to be way late, I will have a "Hearts and Hooves Day" story coming.  My Twilight Sparkle story will see to that.  Oh, and if any of you may be wondering, Twilight will be a unicorn in this story.  

Till later my friends!  Take care!

- Jaydex

Luna's blushing and it looks like she has something for you!

Aww, look at Celestia...she's trying to cheer you up.  And I think she wants you to be her Valentine or maybe even her special somepony!

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Hello everyone!  Just thought you'd all enjoy an update of my progress.  Chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" is still coming along nicely.  Currently I have 9,255 words written and still need to finish three scenes.  Now, I may end up pushing one back to another chapter, and even though it was mentioned in this chapter between Daniel and Celestia, it can still work later on.  I've also been giving the really tender scene of this chapter due thought and ironically, I think I will be going with my first successful version of the "I Love You" scene.  I'm not overly pleased with the second one and I think I conveyed more emotion with the first, plus I have a slight revision in mind that should make it even stronger.  

I'm still planning a love scene for chapter 6, but I can say without exaggeration that chapter six most likely won't exceed the length of chapter 5, which was a little shy of 14,000 words.  From what I can recall, everything in this chapter builds on the relationship even more, leading up to the calming and tender moment scene.  A few more scenes will then lead up to the next love scene and hopefully be to everyone's liking.  I'm hoping to finish the rough draft by the  weekend.  Right now, if I hold-off the one scene, I only have two more scenes to do till this chapter is finished.  

Now after I finish work on this chapter, my Twilight Sparkle story will be next.  "For Whom She Sparkles" has undergone a few minor tweaks in the overall planning phase, but should deliver the type of 2nd-person human x pony romance you've come to expect from me.  The only real thing I've decided to change form what you may recall in the summary I shared a few months back - is the duration in which "you" have known Twilight and been her friend.  Originally I had it that "you" had become a good friend of hers over a period of a few months, but for the story I want to convey, I'm switching it from a few months to about two years.  When the new summary is released along with the story, and you get to read it first hand, you'll understand why I made the change.  I'm not sure how long this story will be off the bat, but given some minor alterations to the plot, it should easily exceed 10,000 words.  I will be doing this as at least two parts, and I've already got titles in mind for each part.  There is a very special love song that will host the theme of the second part, plus while it will be late, this is going to be my "Hearts and Hooves Day" story.  Based off the summary I never officially chose a time of year for it to take place, so I figure, why not have it coincide with this holiday.  

That's all for now my friends.  Hope you all are doing well.  I'm hanging in there, and slowly but surely making progress on my projects!  Thank you as always for your support and encouraging words!  Have some more Celestia pics and another Twilight pic!  Till later!

- Jaydex  

Celestia in a peaceful forest.

Celestia at a beautiful rocky mountain waterfall!

Look's like Twilight is really looking forward to her story. =D

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My apologies my friends.  I was hoping to have this blog up late last night.  Now, after I got up from my nap, I ended up spending the rest of the day hanging out with my best friend.  But I still have today and tomorrow (until I got back into work at 11pm).  So there is still plenty of time for me to write!  

Okay then, on to the update.  Currently, chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" is sitting at 6,182 words, but since 852 words of that is the first version of the "I Love You" scene, I will be saving those in a "Deleted Scenes" file, because I've got an even better idea for the scene in mind, and it will tie in with one of the major events in this chapter.  And for now, I'm going to write all the scenes I have planned for chapter 6, including Daniel and Celestia's second love scene.  Once I'm done, I'll gauge the length and determine if I should split it into two chapters.  But some of you said go for the long chapter.  That and I've seen plenty of fics on here with chapters totaling over 23,000 words!  Now I don't think this chapter will come remotely close to that length.  I just wanted you all to be aware that it could reach 13,000-14,000 depending on the scenes, which are of an undetermined length at the moment.  I honestly don't have a problem with making a chapter that length, but the downside is that it will take longer till its posted, but on the other hand, it will be packed full of more content!  I'm sure those of you that love this story won't mind at all!

Now your eyes aren't deceiving you, the word "Survey" is once again in my blog title.  This one relates, again, to my Celestia story.  I was just curious about hearing your thoughts on how long Celestia should be on Earth.  This is not a vote, I will ultimately make my own choice, but I do value your input as always.  So that in mind, how long should she stay?

A. 1-2 months

B. 6 months

C. 1 year

D. More than 1 year

And keep in mind, back in chapter 1, Luna never said how long Celestia could take for her time off, and that she hadn't had any true time off in months, not to mention from the countless years she spent watching over Equestria.  So keep that in mind.  Personally, I'm leaning towards C. 1 year.  Now in order to keep the story from becoming stale or keeping to tired a pace, I'll be doing just like chapter 4 and elapsing time and doing key scenes as time passes.  

I also have one more thought, not related to my Celestia fic, that I wanted to share with all of you.  I heard that Season 3 was going to have more episodes, but I haven't confirmed that rumor.  But I'm not here to talk about the show.  However, I will note my delight at hearing that Season 4 is confirmed at 26 episodes!  Anyway, let me get to my point.  Since I became a brony, I've always been very fond of Twilight, and despite Nurse Redheart, the spa twins - Aloe & Lotus, Luna and Celestia, I still like Twilight very much!  Now, even if things turn out that she ascends and becomes an alicorn, it no longer bothers me.  I'll still write stories in which she's a unicorn, I'll always love her best that way.  Though, I'm equally thrilled with the idea of writing stories with her as an alicorn.  Now, I'm not going to say anything other than this, I have an alicorn Twilight story in the works.  The idea came to me as I was waking up this morning.  It should be a very heartwarming story, the type you've come to expect from me.  But for now, that's all I'm going to say.  Sorry for begin so cryptic, but as Discord said, "Where's the fun in making sense?" =D

Well, that about does it for this update.  Hope you all are doing well!  Enjoy two more Celestia pics and till later my awesome friends!  Oh, and what the hay, have some Twilight pics as well!

- Jaydex

This pic of Celestia is just beautiful, even if she doesn't look like her normal G4 self.  The style, while similar to that of "The Last Unicorn" is lovely in its own light.

The lovely and radiant princess...Celestia!

Twilight: Finally!  Jaydex is going to write a fic about me!  How wonderful!

Twilight: Gee, I wonder if it will be a romance?  I'd better practice my flirting pose!

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Hello my friends, just a super quick update.  Well it's not really an update.  I'll be back with one later tonight.  I'd do one now, but I must get some sleep.  This change up of my work schedule from Mon-Fri to Tues-Sat has me a little messed up.  But I have the next two nights off, so that's awesome!  

Just a little bit about "You Brighten My Day" - the story is coming along nicely.  I was just doing as you all encourage and taking my time with another critical scene - the "I Love You" scene.  I have one I did and like, but an even better idea for one came to me at work last night.  So when I get a chance, I will make some changes to what I have for chapter 6 and save the draft of the first scene for a backup, just in case.  I'm a little over half way with the chapter, but I have several scenes to consider and I'm not sure if I want to put them all in 6 or stretch them over to 7.  Depends on whether you guys mind another 10,000+ word chapter for my Celestia fic.  It could end up almost as long as chapter 5.  And I still have more material to go and even planned already for chapter 7, not counting what might have to be pushed over to 7.  

I'd go on but as I said, I need some rest.  What a week.  =D  Who'd think making boxes would be such hard and tiring work!  Thank goodness for my writing.  Well gang, have a Celestia pic and I'll see you all later!  Take care and thanks for everything you do!

- Jaydex

No wonder Celestia means a lot to me.  She's beautiful, elegant and in pics like this one...she's adorable too!

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Okay my friends, I'm not awake enough to do one of my lengthier updates, but I will be doing one tonight or tomorrow night.  Before I get into the survey, I'll give you a brief update on my Celestia fic.  Chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" is nearing the projected halfway mark.  I've got around 3,700 words and am projecting a length of 8,000-9,000 words.  Things are going very good and I have plenty of wonderful ideas!  In fact I'll most likely have to spread them out over the next two chapters, that's how many I've got already, not counting more brewing for the future of this fic!  

Okay then, moving on.  The responses you supplied to my last survey were most helpful, so that's why I'm having another one.  Since Daniel and Celestia have aired their feelings and are growing closer by the day, I got to thinking, how do I want to do their first "I love you!" - scene.  Then I got to thinking, many of you said you have read other pony romances, and while some of you really liked this one, I thought I'd get your thoughts on something.  Is there a specific time, scene or way you enjoy when two characters first declared/admit their love for each other?  Do you like it best when it happens after they make love, or when it's said during a very tender moment?  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!  Again, I'll decide myself, but I will keep your ideas and thoughts in mind, just like I do with the comments.

Well, I'd better be off.  Like I said, I'll have a more thorough update in a day or so, but I enjoy keeping you all in the loop!  Thank you as always for your support and for being the awesome followers and readers you've been!  

Have some more Celestia pics before I go.  The first one, I think I shared but I thought why not share it again!  The second is a new one, well from me anyway.  And whenever I work on a story about a specific pony, I like to post pics relating to that pony, it helps keep my inspiration fueled!

- Jaydex

This is my current desktop background!  Celestia looks so pretty, and that smile on her face makes her look so cute!

A very beautiful and rather majestic pic of Celestia.  You have to admire the work on her wings!

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Gee, my blog title would make a great story or chapter title! lol  But anyway, I wanted to share the latest with all of you!  =D  Thankfully I only have one more night to work this week.  Then I have two nights off, yay - time I can use for more writing.  

In my last blog, I'll bet some of you may have noticed my indecision as to which story I was going to focus on next.  Well, my love for the sun princess is shining once again!  So I'm going to be working on chapter 6 of "You Brigthen My Day"!  Like many of you, I'm really looking forward to seeing where this story is going next.  Can you believe since the beginning I've got 813 people following it now?!  That's epic IMO!  When I first started this story, I never would have guessed it'd gather quite a following.  And can you believe the last chapter alone has over 100 comments!  

Now, I've given it lots of thought over the past several weeks, and I've got some great ideas for this next chapter!  This one should be the best yet.  Now that love is starting to grow between Daniel and Celestia, who knows what the future has in store for them?  This chapter will certainly evoke more feels and have that relaxing quality a number of you enjoy.  Plus I might be doing another love scene.  Yeah, I know it may seem close following the last one, but keep in mind, it's been a while since Celestia has had someone special in her life, and I seriously doubt Daniel will have the heart to turn her down, he does seem quite understanding. ~_^

I could ramble on, but I don't want to risk sharing anything I've got planned.  I will say this, I'm working on the opening scene and it picks up right where chapter 5 ended, with Daniel and Celestia in bed, sleeping together.  Oh yeah, one more thing I'd like to share.  A song from what might seem a somewhat abstract source to some of you has been fueling my inspiration for this story.  A few months ago, Disney released it's latest "Fairies" movie - "Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings".  Well from it came a very heartwarming song sung by the McClain Sisters, called "The Great Divide".  After hearing the song and focusing on the lyrics, I immediately saw a parallel to my Celestia story.  And here is the song in question.  I'd like you to listen to it and tell me if you don't agree:

I know in some ways the song is a little sugary, but at the same time it's really beautiful in its own light, and I feel it's quite fitting to Celestia and Daniel's tale!

Well, I'd better get going my friends.  I want to get the first part of chapter 6 going, and I'm feeling that creative drive.  Oh yeah, I'll also be starting the first part of my new novel this weekend as well.  I'm so excited.  I've got great ideas for it as well!  Thank you all, so much for your ongoing support!  I hope my stories will continue to entertain and inspire all of you.  And now, as usual, have some pics - more Celestia!! =D

- Jaydex

Graceful and lovely - always!

This pic is amazing, her hair and eyes are really nicely done in this one!

Even a princess should take a day off and roll in the grass!

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Time for an update everyone!  I'm grateful to all of you that took part in the survey!  It was quite helpful.  I'm planning on starting the Introduction to my new novel this weekend!  For now, time for some ponies! =D

Okay, first off I have terrific news!  Chapter 10 of "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts" is finished and has been posted!  It actually gained some length in editing and is now 9,072 words!  This chapter really develops the plot, and at the same time events within only serve to strengthen the bond between Luna and David's romance.  

Now, I have to admit this didn't take as long to do as I thought.  But while I was working on other projects, I have been planning details for this story as well.  But just as I was starting to really enjoy connecting with Luna again, the chapter ended.  In fact things in the story were just really getting good.  So that's why I have some news that a lot of you Luna fans are going to love!  I want to work on the next love scene of this story, so in essence I've decided to work on chapter 11 of my Luna fic, next.  But fans of Celestia, have no fear.  I have good news on her front as well.  I've already started chapter 6 of "You Brighten My Day" and have close to 1,000 words done.  Now I have the beginning of both chapters planned out and the majority of the events for each as well, but there are a few spots I will need to ponder as I work on each chapter.  That's why I will be hopping back and forth between the two.  That way I can keep writing but have time to think about the other story on the side.  

So Luna and Celestia are going to be getting my attention for a little while.  Which is more than okay with me.  I really enjoy working on these two stories.  This hardly means my other projects are being ignored, heavens no, I just am following my inspiration.  Besides these two stories have a big following and I'd like to show my appreciation by giving these stories some updates.  After that, I'll resume work on some of my new 2nd-person fics.  I don't know what to do for Heart's and Hooves Day and unless I whip up something quick, I don't think I'm going to worry about making one in time for February 14th.  It's already January 30th and I should have started already.  And I don't need to add the pressure of a holiday themed fic to the mix right now, unless by some chance I think of one. =D

Anyway, that's where things stand for right now.  I hope you all are doing well.  Thank you as always for your support!  Oh and I think Twilight will be my next pony for a her 2nd-person story - "For Whom She Sparkles".

Till next time my friends!  Take care!

- Jaydex

A Lovely pic of a fairly flirty Luna!

Celestia - graceful and beautiful as always...and perhaps a bit flirty as well!

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Hello my friends!  Well, my long weekend is just about over.  But it was great while it lasted.  Anyway, I have news about my Luna fic, then a short Human x Pony shipping survey and I'm ready to share some details about my new novel with all of you!  This blog is a little lengthy, but it will be worth your time to read, and you get to voice your opinion in a survey!  Plus, some Luna pics! =D

Okay, this morning I finished the rough draft of chapter 10 of "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts".  It's a little over 8,700 words, so a decent length.   I'll start editing tonight!  Now I decided to save the next love scene for the beginning of chapter 11, but since chapter 10 is somewhat darker than the rest of this story has been thus far, I did end it on a more upbeat note and used the last scene to build on the romance and set up the love scene for chapter 11.  I'm really hoping you all enjoy where this story is going now.  Plus with my skills continuing to improve, I think each chapter will be better than the last!

Now, you may be wondering, why is Jaydex having a human x pony shipping survey?  Well, before I go into details about the survey, I will first help you understand why, I'm having one.  It links in with my new novel idea.  Now, you all know I enjoy writing these wonderful pony stories, but we all know if I am ever to make it as a professional writer, I will need to work on novels that can be published and hopefully make me some money.  Ultimately, I want my works to do three things - entertain people, inspire them and make them feel loved or even give them hope.  Making money is second.  I mean let's face it, making big bucks would be great, but if it's my only goal, then I'll never make it.  I have to continually have a drive to accomplish something.  And I want to offer great stories that people, like you, will want to read again and again!  That's my dream!  

So keeping that in mind, I can't just write pony stories forever.  Believe me, if there were a way to write them and make money off of them, I'd be set.  But, sadly, these are stories based off the creation of another, even if I could get permission to make published novels for sale, they aren't really my own creation A, and B, while I love the Brony community dearly, it's a limited audience.  Thus I have to think bigger.  So I asked myself, how can I have my cake and eat it too.  Because I've been trying to work on other novel ideas, but nothing seems to flow very easily.  Not like these pony stories do.  That's why I got to thinking, well there is plenty of room for creativity in the fantasy realm.  A number of inspirational ideas led me to the conclusion, I can create my own magicial ponies for a story.  They will be heavily inspired by Lauren Faust's amazing creations, but at the same time they will have my own personal touches and uniqueness.  Besides, I'm sure plenty of you are familiar with the axiom - "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."  But my new novel idea doesn't stop there.  I found a hitch that will allow this story to take place in a fictional setting  that will appeal to a much larger audience than just us bronies alone!  In creating my new novel, you will be able to trace its roots linking back to the dark ages in 8,000 BC, but my story doesn't actually begin until the modern day in 2013 AD.  The summary, which  I have prepared will better explain my new idea in a nutshell.  Plus this novel will answer the following question - "What happened to all magic using humans?"  Okay, here's the summary:

“The Realm of Forgotten Magic” - (Working Title)

Book I

by J. David

Every great destiny begins with a discovery, and is followed by an epic journey.  Behind the heart of every legend, lies a grain of truth!  Countless centuries ago…magic wielding humans and creatures of myth once walked the Earth, and lived among the unenlightened humans alike.  As time pressed on, fear and mistrust caused tensions to rise among the two types of humans.

A war eventually broke out, and as the unenlightened developed new technologies, the magic wielders were slowly being overwhelmed!  They were heavily outnumbered, seeing as they made up barely a quarter of the human population.  Finally, their leader, the Archmage, was forced to find a way to save his people.  In time magic and the humans that wielded it…vanished forever.

Now, follow Nathan as he and his friends search the modern world to discover the truth about a strange artifact he found in his childhood.  Together they uncover a gateway to another world, a land rich with magic and creatures of legend!  Along the way each of them will be challenged and learn much about themselves.  Nathan will even discover that love can be found in the most unlikely of places.  So put your imagination to the test, as they explore the mystical world of Terradyne and journey to find out what became of the magic-wielding humans.

This is what will be found on the back cover of the novel, when the time comes for it's completion.  Now getting back to the survey.  First a little more about the ponies in my story.  I've already got a name for their race, which I will not disclose till closer till release time, but I have some creative twists for them, how they get their cutie marks, which won't be called cutie marks in my novel, oh no, and they won't have exactly the same look, just the similar qualities that attracted us all to MLP in the first place.   I will however have the four normal pony types - There will be earth ponies, pegasi, unicorns and alicorns.  Now keeping that in mind, my human x pony shipping question is this.  "Which type of pony do you like to see shipped most often with a human?"

A. Earth Pony

B. Pegasus

C. Unicorn

D. Alicorn

This isn't a vote, rather just me collecting some data, but I will certainly keep your opinions in mind.  I will ultimately choice the type of pony Nathan ends up with...that's right!  One major aspect of this novel, which no doubt will be highly controversial is a human x pony romance.  But it won't be the only thing this story offers, no, only a small but vital key element.  I will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about this novel, as long as it doesn't pertain too much to the overall story.  I want this be a real treat for all of you when it's done.  This story already has limitless possibilities.  In fact I have enough material already to take care of the Introduction, the Prologue and the first two chapters as well.  I still need to plan more of the characters and work on the finer details of the world I'm calling Terradyne, but thanks to all of your help already, this should easily outshine my first novel.  And while I haven't given up on "Echanted Destiny", I know I have no real way of gauging its progress, like my stories on here, and let's face it, it's very rare to become a success on your first book.  And I know I still have a lonnnnnnnnng way to go!  But I can only get better.  And thanks to your feedback and critiques, I've already drastically improved.  I'm sure some of you might think this ideal is lunacy, and maybe you're right, but I have to keep trying and keep my dream alive!

For now, I leave you to mull this over, and have no fear, I will still be working on my pony stories!  I have no intention of stopping them, ever, I just will be working on this novel as well, so some pony stories may not hit the queue as quickly as I want, but I know in time, everything will work out.  Thank you as always for your continued support!  You guys are the best!

- Jaydex  

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