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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing human x pony romance stories. Check my blog and Story progress section for updates!


Hello everyone!  Well, the secrecy ends now!  I've been working on a special alicorn Twilight story, and now that it's safely in the hands of the mods, I can give you a little more info about it.  

My new story is called "She Will Always Be Your Twilight" and is 7,681 words long.  It's one of my typical human x pony romantic clopfics.  The reason for the lack of details was that I haven't seen many human x alicorn Twilight stories show up, and I was hoping to be one of the first.  Anyway, more than the originality of this tale, I'd like to tell you why I decided to write this.  First off, I know some of you thought it odd that I'm working on another Twilight story, right after posting the last one, but the idea for this came while I was working on that one.  I watched the season 3 finale three times.  Now, I'll admit, at first I wasn't too nuts about this development.  Mainly because the episode felt rushed, but after taking time to let it all sink in and note the positive aspects of the episode, like Celestia's beautiful song.  I had a chance to think about a number of things.  First off, from the beginning Twilight was building to this change.  Secondly, it's not like she won't still be the Twilight we know and love.  After Celestia told her that she's a princess, Twilight asked, "Is there a book about being a princess I should read?"  When I heard her say that, I knew she was still the same Twilight.  

The more I pondered this whole ascension of Twilight's and the reactions of the fans, the more I got to thinking....how does Twilight feel about all of this?  You know, she never asked to become an alicorn.  All she did was try to help her friends by reversing the spell she cast.  Then I got to thinking, how can this work into a story.  Well, one thing let to another and thanks to some great pics on Deviant Art, I found more resolve that suggested this tribute to Twilight was needed.  

So I hope you will all check out my story.  I've spent close to a month planning and working on it, and trying to make it another of my feel provoking tales.  With that all said, I have some pics of alicorn Twilight for you to enjoy.  The ones I found with her crying really touched my heart and got me thinking, why should we hate her just because she's gained a crown and wings?  It doesn't mean she's going to change and become a whole different pony, does it?  Oh, and wait till you see the cover pic!  It tugs at my heart every time I look at it!

Thanks as always for your support my friends!  Till next time!  Twilight Forever!!

- Jaydex  

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Wow!  Can you believe in just over a year this is my 200th blog post, already?  It sort of sneaked up on me.  When I was checking comments on one of my stories, I saw the last one noted as post 199, and a few of you mentioned it to me as well.  

What a difference having some time off has made.  I didn't get a whole lot done yesterday (Saturday), oh but today, I was back in my element!  Fully back to my normal writing-self, I cranked out over 3,000 words today and finished my newest special Twilight one-shot.  It's 7,359 words, before editing, and has turned out quite nicely.  The feels are there and everything I was hoping for.  I just need to smooth it over and edit it.  I'm still not spilling what it's about until it's in the hands of the mods.  Once it's submitted I'll post a special blog offering a sneak peak.  

That aside, I'm glad so many of you are stoked for my upcoming Rainbow Dash fic, which I will be getting started later tonight and working on tomorrow!  Mmm, I can hardly wait.  A number of you are interested in seeing how I plan on portraying Rainbow Dash.  Well, I've been stewing on ideas for this particular fic for months, and have already outlined it.  So, it's only a matter of writing the story.  

Now in addition to starting "Making the Rainbow Shine", I will also be editing my new Twilight project.  Then once these two fics are posted, my plan is to work on Chapter 7 of "You Brighten My Day", followed by chapter 3 of my incredibly popular Twilight story "For Whom She Sparkles", which has soared to an incredible 800+ favorites and 510 vote ups in just two weeks!  I'm ecstatic here!!  In all the time I spent working on it, I never dreamed it'd take off like this!  Oh, and Luna fans, please don't worry, "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts" has so not been forgotten!  I'm planning an update for Luna as well.  I just ran into a few snags back in February and the last two weeks of this month, but I'm getting back into the swing of things again!  So have no fear.

One thing I'd like to share with all of you is what happened during my 12-hour shift the other night...  I day-dreamed about more pony stories!  I started the night thinking about Twilight, then I moved on to mentally outline the start of chapter 6 of my Celestia story.  After that, I gave new thought to my Vinyl Scratch fic and some fun material I plan on using in that one-shot(which sadly won't be for a little while yet).  Then, I started having full scene fantasies about a new Trixie romance, with one of my OC humans.  At first I was thinking about their love life, but then I flashed back to earlier in their relationship, to an outing where Trixie took her human lover out for smoothies.  Trixie wanted to enjoy some fruit themed smoothies, but also began discussing with her special somepony about more bland varieties, like tea flavored or even hay flavored, but then she and he got to discussing the likelihood of humans liking grass.  But I was amazed that I thought out all of this while at work.  It's been days since I could get into my happy place at work.  So it looks like I'm back!!  Now, my Trixie story is still in the development phases and may not arrive on the project queue for quite some time, but any of you that like her, or may be interesting in seeing what I've got planned for her, might find it enjoyable.  I personally want to show her some love and give Trixie some happiness.  Her life seems to be fraught with some much sorrow, I just want to see her happy.  I was glad to see her back in season 3, but wished they had done more with her.  

Well, I've rambled on enough for now.  I have some pics for you, a Twilight pic, and a Rainbow Dash pic!  Plus a follower of mine, Vexus Nightwish, has returned after being away due to major laptop troubles.  Now, following his return, he went and crafted some OCs of me as a pony.  I've also earned the pony name of Jaydex Nightingale.  The first is what he thinks I'd look like as pony, with a cutie mark.  The second is what I thought an OC of me might look like.  Enjoy, and as always my friends, thank you for your continued support!  It's greatly appreciated!

- Jaydex

Celestia is teaching Twilight how to fly....so much dawwwww!

Rainbow is getting rather flirty, now that I'm finally working on her story!  BTW, I have been gathering art of Dashie, so there will be more of her to come!

Me as a pony by Vexus Nightwish.

And my idea of what I might look like as a pony by Vexus Nightwish.  I used this description for an OC in Nine Tails' School of Magic with Soaking Wet.

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Edit II - I was going to post an new blog, but I'm just too sleepy right now.  I do have some good news.  My creativity is back, but I need to recharge my batteries before I can tackle any writing.  The good news is that I set up the next scene of my current story and I finally feel connected to it again!  Plus I'm really feeling psyched about starting my Rainbow Dash fic.  I can hardly wait!  Plus my next blog...will be my 200th blog!!  So I want to make it something special!  Till later!  - Jaydex

EDIT - FINALLY!!  I was able to connect to my muse again, just now!!  I was going over the last scene I left off on my current story and managed to smooth it over and prep it for the next scene.  And, I even got my creative thought process back online again!  I was taking a little break and it came to me how to lead into the next scene, so I could bridge the two scenes together!  This is great!!  What a feeling! =D

Hello again, everyone!  My apologies for not personally responding to your comments in my last blog.  Sadly, the time just isn't there.  But, I do have some good news!  I found out last night that, even though I have to work Good Friday, I will have Saturday Night and Sunday Night off.  So this marathon or work madness will soon be over.  I just have to survive a 12-hour shift tonight and then one final 8-hour shift Friday Night.  Then Saturday morning I can finally chill for a little!  

In addition to this news, I'm finally starting to feel a little morel like myself again.  I might be able to hop back into my current Twilight project and get things moving again.  But I will be resting up in preparation for this 12-hour shift tonight.  

As for your feedback to the two surveys.  I enjoyed hearing about your favorite ponies.  And, I am equally thankful for your feedback on a story being able to have merit, even if the plot is rather simplistic, but well-written.  As always you've given me plenty to think about, and I am grateful.

Thank you all for your continued support.  And can you believe my new story "For Whom She Sparkles" has 800 people following it?!  That's awesome!  I'm looking forward to continuing this new story, I just need to get back on track with a few things first.  But I have started planning more of chapter 3, so hopefully I can get working on it before too long.  I've also been getting quite a few questions about when my next Redheart story will be out.  I'm still planning that one as well, so again we'll have to see.  My current projects are: My Secret Twilight Story, my Rainbow Dash story, and another chapter of Celestia's story.  Plus I do want to update my Dragon Ball Z/My Little Pony Crossover at some point as well.  Just never fear, I have no intention of stressing over any of this, and my schedule is tentative.  So, nothing is in stone.  But after my current story, I'd like to give Rainbow Dash some attention.  I think she's waited long enough now.  

Till Next time my friends!

- Jaydex

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As I continue my respite, and another long work week, I thought I'd hold two more surveys!  

First, who are you two favorite ponies and why?  You can list more than two if you want.  But I was just wondering, which ponies all of you like best.

Now, for the second survey, this is about stories in general, just something that came to me on the way home from work this morning.  Do you think a story can still be good if it doesn't have the most intricately woven plot or storyline?  Can a simple theme still make for an immersible and enjoyable read?  What are your thoughts?  

I'm starting to feel my creative drive return, but sadly it still looks like little rest for the weary in the days ahead.  So, I'll be taking it easy for awhile, but as many of you said, surely things will get better in time.  And I won't worry about writing anything till it feels right.  That way I don't force anything and end up giving all of you less than my very best.  =D  

Well, since I'm just rambling now, I'll cut it off here.  Thank you as always for your support and for just being the awesome followers that you are!

I've been missing Luna as of late, so enjoy a few pics of the always beautiful Princess of the Night - Luna!!  BTW, it's Full-Moon tonight!  =D  Maybe I can enjoy the sight of the Bella Luna, as I head to work!

- Jaydex

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Feeling Tired... · 1:04am

Hey everyone!  Working that 7-day, 60 hour work week has really left me feeling drained.  I haven't made much progress since that 12-hour shift the other day.  Last night I managed to add about 300 words to my current story, but tonight I can barely read over what I wrote so far.  I made it about three pages in before I just felt a sudden sense of...well, for lack of a better word "blah".  I'm not ill and I'm not pushing myself too hard.  The fact that I felt this wave of fatigue, suggests I'm going to back off, lest I push myself too hard.  Besides, I promised myself before, I won't be one of those writers who writes with his brain turned-off.  I owe it to myself and especially to all of you to write when I'm at my best.

I hope you will continue to bear with me as you have in the past.  Hopefully this seven day work week will be the only one and I'll at least get a day off this week.  Right now I'm looking at a 4 to 6 day work week.  If my employer grows a heart and lets us have the weekend and Good Friday off, I'll have a 3-day weekend, but given their track record, I'm not sure I feel so optimistic this time.  I'll hope for the best, but remain realistic about the most likely outcome.  I'm just going to take it easy for a while and when it feels right, then I'll hope back into my writing.  

Thank you all for your support and warm regards! I'm sure I'll be my normal self in a day or two.  I just remembered something ArmedBrony said in my second to last blog.  He said, "You can't rush perfection!"  So, I was sure to keep that in mind, tonight.  Take care everyone!

- Jaydex

Just a little something to show you that I still love all of you...and so does Queen Chrysalis!

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Progress and Such · 12:43am

As of this morning, I finished a 12-hour shift at work.  That was tiring.  I was never so happy to crash in my bed.  I'm still a little tired, so I'm not going to push myself too hard writing-wise tonight.  But my story is still coming along nicely, despite my employer.  I'm getting ready to start the really good part, which will comprise the last half of this one-shot I'm working on.  I'm enjoying it so far.  Right now, I'm nearing the projected half-way point at almost 3,900 words.  

Now I'm thinking about doing my NSFW blog tomorrow night, but I'm not sure if I should feature only one pony or would you like to see pics of several different ponies?  I can go either way.  And I wouldn't mind doing a few more of these, but I doubt I'll do them as often as some people do.  

Well, not much else going on right now.  My mind is still a little dazed from work, but otherwise I'm dong A-ok! =D  Eight more days till I have a day off.  Hopefully there won't be anymore surprise 12's in my schedule.  But if there are...then so be it.  I'm just glad to have the ponies to turn to and of course all of you, with your support and warm regards!  I don't think I can ever say enough, how much I value having all of you as both followers and readers!  Never forget, you're all the best!!  =D

Till my next blog, have some more pony pics!  The last one is heavy on the dawww, so keep your crash carts at the ready!

- Jaydex

A fun pic of Twilight Reading under a tree by the light of the full moon.

A cute pic of Alicorn Twilight.  I know some aren't nuts about her change, but she does make a cute alicorn, besides, she's still Twilight, I can't stop loving her just because she's changed.

Here's a pic that may cause you all to flat-line, so keep those crash carts handy!!

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Hello my friends.  I'll have to keep this brief, and I'm sorry to say I have some bad news, but I do have some good news as well.  Yesterday morning I found out my co-workers and I have to work the entire weekend this week.  So no days off, and this means I'll be most likely working 12-13 days straight till I have a day off.  I didn't think that was going to be such bad news to deliver, seeing as I thought it'd just be a bunch of 8-hour shifts, so I could still write, and celebrate my anniversary with all of you.

Now, here's where the real bad news seeps in.  This morning, just around the end of my shift, I found out I most likely will have to go in early the next two days and work 7p-7a.  Which means no time to write, no time for anniversary blogs, and no time to read new stories either.  So, I'm going to have to hope that they don't need me in early both nights, and play things by ear.  I know you all will stick with me during these trying times.  And I will just have to space out some of my special blogs across the next few weeks.

Despite these set-backs, there is good news!  My new story is coming along nicely, I have almost 2,800 words done, and that's after hitting a few snags.  Thankfully I managed to apply my anti-writer's block techniques and got through both of them.  And while I was at work last night, I got a great idea on how to start the next scene, which leads into the "heart" of my new story, but I don't know if I will get the chance to make any more progress for a while.  It figures, whenever I start to get cooking on something, work steps in and steals my free-time.  Oh well, as I said, I'll just make the best of this.  It's just I love to write.  For me, it's like how video games are to some of you.

Well, I'd better head to bed.  Hopefully things will work out and I won't have to go in early.  But either way, I'll get by this.  I just wanted to keep you all posted.  Thank you as always for your continued support and patience.  I'll be sure to do my best!  Oh, and I have two pics to share with you!

Oh yeah, before I go...I do  sorta have a survey to share with you.  What do any of you think of having a story element involving one of my OC humans aspiring to become a Knight of Canterlot?  And I mean a knight, not just a royal guard.  Your thoughts?

- Jaydex

I sort of feel like Celestia in this pic in regards to my own job, only mine is with boxes, not the paperwork of ruling a kingdom.

And here's a fun pic of Twilight.  Fun Trivia fact - this was one of the many pics I considered for use as the cover of "For Whom She Sparkles"  But I felt the other one was better...and cuter!

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OMG!  Where do I start my friends!  My 1-year Anniversary has just started as of today, and already I have so much to share with all of you!  This is going to be a major blog!!  =D

In one year I've posted 15 stories, some good, some...well, they were good practice. =D  Oh and I am ecstatic about my my newest story!  "For Whom She Sparkles" has only been up for a little over a day and half, and it's still in the feature box, at #2 no less, and it actually spent a little time at the #1 slot.  All the extra time I spent working on it has really paid off.  I've encountered some that didn't care for it, but that was expected.  The lion's share of you are all really enjoying it and looking forward to more.  I'm currently planning the events of chapter 3.  In case an of you were wondering, this story will continue and be about your relationship with Twilight and the various trials (good and bad) that you face together.  

Please don't think I'm bragging for this next part, but the numbers from this fic being up less than two days on the site are incredible!  Let's see 330 up-votes against 26 down-votes, 2,577 views of chapter 1 alone, and this next part has me rather awestruck - 539 watchers, following this story, currently looking forward to more!  You guys are just simply amazing!  I'm glad you're all so interested in my story!

This story has also helped me turn a new milestone...I now have 717 followers!  I hardly know what to say!  This is huge!  When I started a year ago, I was happy to have 4 followers after my first story.  I can honestly say I've come a long way since last March.  I only hope I can keep getting better and provide all of you with even better stories.  

Originally, I didn't think I'd have anything special story-wise to go with this anniversary.  Now, why I don't have a story to post today, I will have a new one soon.  Sunday night I started work on a new project, one I've been waiting to get rolling on.  I was outlining it as I worked on "For Whom She Sparkles".  It's going to be a one-shot and as of last night I have a little over 1,500 words.  I'm projecting a length of at least 8,000 for this story.  I'm not saying anything in regards to its contents other than that it involves Twilight, and will be another very moving story.  I reached the first pivotal scene last night and just from starting the scene, the tears were running down my face.  The music I'm planning on using with it, only added to the moment.  I'll keep you all up-to-date on this story's progress, but you'll have to wait till it's posted to see what it's going to be about.  I'm confident you will enjoy it!  Sorry for the mystery, but I want this to be a real surprise when it's done.  Hopefully if all goes well, I'll be nearing completion by the weekend.  I've got this outlined quite well, and at work last night I mentally worked out a crucial scene that I was having a little trouble with. =D

I've got other projects I'll be announcing in my next blog.  I think poor Rainbow Dash really needs her fic completed, she's been waiting for months now.  And I want to update my MLP - Dragon Ball Z cross-over, for all those valued followers, and then I think Celestia will be getting another update, plus I will soon be pushing back Twilight fans, wanting the next chapter of "For Whom She Sparkles" so, my plate, as usual, is quite full, but I'm okay with that.  I love having so many great ideas!  It fuels my drive to write, and helps me get through those long nights at work!

Before I go, I just want to offer all of you a great big HUG!!  

You guys are the BEST!  And a SUPER WARM WELCOME to all of my new followers!  I hope you enjoy the ride!  =D  Lastly, in honor of my new fic's success so far, have some Twilight Sparkle pics!  And don't fret that NSFW thread will be coming later this week! ~_^

Till later!

- Jaydex

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Hello my friends!  Great news!  "For Whom She Sparkles" has been submitted, and is now awaiting approval.  It should be up shortly, so keep an eye out for it!  

Twilight and I have gone over the story as carefully as possible, and she agrees it's good to go!  I hope you all enjoy it.  What originally started as a simple idea has really taken some incredible turns, making this a much more in-depth story.  

Thanks as always for your support!  Till later my friends!

- Jaydex

Twilight is just as cute as ever!

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Greetings my friends!  Before I finish working on chapter 2 of my Twilight fic, I just wanted to take a moment to respond to your feedback from the survey in my last blog.  

First off, I want to say one of the reasons I love this fandom is because of the "tolerance" we offer each other.  It's something I will always be grateful for.  As  I suspected, a number of you don't like the whole pee thing, while the majority don't mind it but don't generally go for that sort of thing.  I thank you all for sharing your opinions and any of you that didn't respond yet, please feel free to do so even if you didn't get a chance to reply right away.  My surveys don't really end.  So even if you don't get to reply till days later, I'll still be happy to read your responses.  =D

Now, I noticed that those of you who tolerate it, even if it's not your thing, noted that it doesn't bother you if scenes like that make up only part of a story or are at least well written.  Rest assured when I do use such content, I don't generally make it the focal point of my stories, it's only one aspect.  And despite its nature I try to present it in a tasteful and sensual way.  Plus what you've read in my stories is as far as I tend to delve into that fetish.

I was asked by a few if I will be doing other fetishes in any of my stories, such as Anthro or BDSM.  There is no simple yes or no answer here.  I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole Anthro fetish.  The reason I love writing about these ponies is because they are ponies.  Their lack of hands, breasts, and other typical human features as well as not walking like bipeds is what makes creating these stories so enjoyable.  It's different.  Still, it's not to say I won't ever consider doing an Anthro story.  A few of my followers have written some very good Anthro stories that may eventually help me change my opinion on it.  

As far as other fetishes go.  Most of the ones many of you know and may be into just aren't for me.  I'm not into Rape, Rape Fantasies, BDSM, Dominating, Scat, Vore, or basically anything that's designed to humiliate and inflict pain.  I don't like causing others pain, and seeing others in pain makes me weep on the inside.  I know my dislikes may seem weird of me, given my enjoyment from the pee fetish, but that's just me.  Besides, my enjoyment of that fetish mostly stems from it's taboo nature, curiosity from the difference between the sexes, a love of watching water flow (ie: fountains, streams, waterfalls, rivers, oceans, rain, etc.), and the fact that it's tied into the sex organs and causes a pleasant release of endorphins, which makes the simple watching an intriguing form of foreplay.  I've often spent time disliking myself for being into it, and asking myself why?  That's when as I thought about it, I came up with the reasons I mentioned above.  Why did I just share that with you?  Maybe understanding my connection to it will give you a better idea of why I even considered writing such content into my stories in the first place, in addition to the fact that there are others that enjoy it as well.

One fetish I would enjoy writing about in one of my stories would be role-playing.  There is plenty of fun and creativity to be had there.  Like for instance, I am thinking about having a pony dress up and play the role of maid for one of my human characters.  Not sure which yet, but it's an idea I really like.

But to recap, you don't have to worry.  Pee scenes won't make up too many of my stories and even if they do they will play only a small role, like they do in my Redheart series.  In fact as it currently stands, the only story I have in the works right now that has any pee scenes planned, is my Rainbow Dash story - "Making the Rainbow Shine" but again there will be two scenes and they will only make up a small part of the story.  That and I just had an idea that Rainbow could pull of such a scene in a very sensual manner, courtesy of some suggestive rule 34 fan art I saw.   But, the story will mostly focus on "your" relationship with Rainbow Dash and how she deals with an audition for the Wonderbolts.  Plus I have a plan to challenge some of the long held ideas about her.  After seeing her display a softer side in some of the episodes, "The Last Round-Up" springs to mind.  At the end she was crying with the others, before she caught herself.  That suggested to me that maybe behind the closed door of a bedroom, that Rainbow Dash might be different as a lover.  So that's one aspect my story will be about.  

Thank you all for putting up with my occasional use of that quirk.  And like I said, it's not planned for many of my fics, just some.  I do thank you all for sharing your opinions.  As I said, I do value them.  Really, I do, just as I'm so very glad for your continued support!  Take care my friends and I should be ready to post my Twilight story later this morning!!!  =D =D =D =D

Take care and enjoy a silly pic of Celestia being cute!  

- Jaydex  

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