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First things first, I think it's fair to say you are all wondering where the hell my updates have gone. Truth is for personal reasons I've been unable to write much for a while now. However with some luck that's going to change over summer. So yes update will be coming, but its very far off.

In other news I attended Everfree NW today! Met a lot of people, and played a card game called: Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder. Think something kindof in the vein of Cards against Humanity execpt more perverted and with ponies, I nearly busted my sides laughing. I'm going to be chilling with the writers tomorrow after 7:30. If you're at the con you can drop by and demand MOAR UPDATES! in person.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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mer chaptar pls dolan? :unsuresweetie:

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Thanks, so am I.

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Looking forward to what you're gonna do next in your story.

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Hey mate, thanks for the fave on He Who Walks The Graves, I do hope you're enjoying it. May God and Her Majesty be with you, amen.

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your welcome I don't like SOPA their really out of control and from what I've found out doing things they don't have the power to do.

Like trying to deport a minor for doing something that wasn't his fault and he really didn't do anything wrong.

All he had was a link to a site they considered had copy writed material and instead of charging the site with the material they try to deport the minor.  They failed...badly but still.  What a bunch of bullies...it's like those fictional conspiracies or a fictional agency that's gone rogue.

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