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The new deal · 3:15am

OK, for those who aren't aware, I've FINALLY gotten around to editing that last chapter. I've also partially revised the second chapter, but I've come to a realization...

...While I have some plans for the story later down the pipeline, we're at a pretty flexible point in the story, and I haven't done this in a while, SOOOOO....

What would you be interested in seeing happen in the next chapter?

Write it down in the comments section of this blog post, I'll take a look and maybe work it into the story. Inspiration is always a good thing.

(be warned, I may use some ideas or none at all, or heavily modify them.)

the ideas will be "officially" accepted for the next month, until the sixteenth of May. But fee free to post them anyways.

The only rule is that at the end of the chapter Troy has to 'talk' with the CMC. That's it.

Now you may be wondering,"Jar, what are you going do be doing for the next month while we write the story for you aid you in your brilliant writing?"

I'm going to be doing a one-shot to help get the creative juices flowing. And to be perfectly honest, just to DO SOMETHING ELSE! Seriously I can see why other writers have let their stories die. This ain't easy. Still, I made a promise to all of ya'll so you can expect an update in about two months.... Probably... Maybe...

Edit: Something for everyone to know, there will never ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER! be any romance between Troy and any creature in Equestria or beyond. His view on the matter can be summed up as thus: "Oh God no, Ew, just... EW!"

Some people like that in their fics, and I don't terribly mind it, but it has no place in this story.

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Hey mate, thanks for the fave on He Who Walks The Graves, I do hope you're enjoying it. May God and Her Majesty be with you, amen.

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your welcome I don't like SOPA their really out of control and from what I've found out doing things they don't have the power to do.

Like trying to deport a minor for doing something that wasn't his fault and he really didn't do anything wrong.

All he had was a link to a site they considered had copy writed material and instead of charging the site with the material they try to deport the minor.  They failed...badly but still.  What a bunch of bullies...it's like those fictional conspiracies or a fictional agency that's gone rogue.

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Signed... Thanks for the heads up, going to go back up my story now.

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Sopa's apparently trying to take down fanfiction.net please sign the petition and spread the word.


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One of my favorite interpretations of hie I've read so far. It's more realistic than most with them trying to understand each other. I really hope we see a new chapter soon. Keep up the good work.

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