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It's been a loooong time.

And I always hate having to make you guys wait for the next chapter... So here's a little sneak peek. keep in mind this is completely unedited and everything is subject to change.

Dear Princess Celestia,

    I am writing in regards to a new creature in our midst, a brand new sapient being was encountered in the Everfree forest. Communicating with him is rather difficult as he doesn't appear to speak our language, but we've been able to communicate some crude concepts.

    I am currently referring to this new individual as "the Subject" as his name isn't easily replicable for casual conversation. (I don't even know where to begin spelling wise.) His appearance is difficult to describe, but I will do so to the best of my ability, please note this is from casual observation and not in depth study. Assumptions made off of first appearances may prove to be incorrect with further investigation:

    He is approximately twelve Hooves tall, bipedal, with a similar stance and posture to that of a minotaur. He has no readily observable tail or other appendage that would aid balance, despite this it appears to be fairly agile. Also, what I hypothesize is to be the equivalent to the hoof area is covered with a garment similar in appearance to work boots or some other covering, but has some design on the bottom that I can't place a function for outside of radical speculation. The shape of the boot flattens out horizontally in the front along the laces and appears on first inspection to be masterfully crafted.

    The Subject, although when first encountered was only partially clothed, appears to prefer being clothed completely. The reason most likely stems from a near complete lack of fur, whether due to disease or poor health is beyond my observation, he seemed to be in at least fair health when we first encountered him. He also is in the possession of hands very much like minotaurs do, the only observable distinction is that minotaurs have a total of eight fingers, whereas the subject has ten. The creature also keeps on its person an small wood axe and a large knife. The knife in particular seems to have an ornate handle, possibly an heirloom or something else of significance? The knife and the axe have oddly shaped handles, possibly to offer a better grip?

    The Subject himself is difficult to read in terms of terms of emotion or temperament, though while it seems we share common expressions like smiling or frowning, due to his small eye size some of the more subtle gestures are easily lost. From what I've witnessed he seems cautious regarding ponies he has just met and the possibility of him being territorial is difficult to judge due to various circumstances. However, it seems amicable at the moment.

    Tomorrow I will be leaving with Zecora and Mayor Mare to meet with our new addition in two days at noon. If you have any material you think would be useful or any advice on diplomatic matters, it would be most appreciated. I promise I will do my best to learn as much as I can about our new friend and facilitate peaceful relations between our two species.

Your student,

Twilight Sparkle

Celestia cast her eye once more over the letter on the breakfast table. Her expression hidden behind her cup of tea. She had already finished her morning meal and was planning on how to deal with this news. The implications behind such a discovery were weighty indeed. To start the Scientific community would go absolutely bananas when they got wind of this. She had already drafted multiple letters to the various learning institutions and research labs to increase their janitorial staff, with a new species and the possibility of making history she could already see the proverbial hurricane of various theses, scientific journals and research papers flung about in the rush to find anything that might be of the slightest relevance to such groundbreaking event.

The doors to the small dining area opened, drawing the princesses eye and attention away from her letters. Luna yawned as she entered, the younger princess had an odd sleeping schedule. She had to be awake to raise and lower the moon and to deal with the various piles of paperwork that were thrown her way as well as see to her night court. On the other hoof, she oversaw the dreams of her ponies, which required her to be asleep. So Luna had taken to cat napping at any opportunity, resulting in her being awake both later in the day and early in the night without tiring herself out.

Simply put, Celestia's breakfast was Luna's Lunch.

Behind Luna shuffled in Prince Blueblood, His unkempt mane had yet to be styled and sprung out in all directions in a massive afro. The prince didn’t seem to care about his massive coiffure just like he hadn’t cared yesterday or the day before that. At this hour he was more or less dead to the world. No one had ever accused Blueblood of being a morning pony, the only reason he was awake now was because outdated decorum demanded it. The bags under his eyes and the fact he was practically dragging himself across the room did nothing to indicate that the prince would ever be a early riser. Several servants were desperately trying to tame the young royal’s mane with various straighteners, combs and hair sprays.

"Good morning sister," Luna called out in greeting. "and good morning to you nephew."

The irritable grumble she got in response was fairly standard for this time of day. The prince shuffled to his seat with unseeing eyes as he plopped himself down on his usual seat and pawed blindly around the table until a servant placed a bagel underneath his reaching hoof. He then proceeded to pull the baked good to his mouth and idly gnawed on it as his brain tried to remember how to properly function.

All the while his hair maids labored in the background as they finally managed to wrestle the massive mane into his usual manestyle. They bowed before the prince upon completing their given task, and excused themselves when Blueblood finally blinked. Which the stylists had long ago decided would be the closest they would get to a dismissal with the prince in this state.

"Cmmphy" Blueblood mumbled through his bagel, still staring dead ahead. Soon a servant brought forth a strong cup of coffee and set it next to the waiting prince. A few seconds later he set down his bagel and sipped from the steaming cup. Soon some intelligence creeped back into his tired eyes and he let out lengthy yawn.

The royal sisters shared a private giggle at their nephew's zombified antics before Luna turned to the sizable pile of scrolls seated in front of her sibling. "And what pray tell has you doing paperwork at this hour?" as she lifted a scroll at random and scanned the contents. "Summons for the griffin ambassador Laud? For discussions of a paramount nature?" She raised an eyebrow at her alabaster sister. "Has something happened?"

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