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Equestria Noir Cases Coming up!

Case 15 "Manehatten Rain"

Case 16 "True Noir"

Case 17 "Charcoal"

Case 18 "9,10,11"

Case 19 "Valley of Death"

Case 20 "Fortnight"

Case 21 "Fallen Sky"

Case 22 "Explosive Games"

Case 23 "Kingdom Come"

Case 24 "Kingdom Fall"

Case 25 "Kingdom Rise"


Hey guys, I really want to apologize, with the way this semester has been going, I'm surprised I managed to get ONE case done. Honestly though, I really felt I let you down with last case, the real reason is that I honestly hit a spot of writers block with that case. I honestly just decided to make it a breather episode before things get really crazy. And let me tell you, things are only going to get crazier from here. I have finally managed to nail down the last eleven cases of Noir. Still up in the air about side stories, could really use a couple of ideas of characters and relationships I haven't explored yet. I was going to give you all summaries about the last eleven cases, but I figure that would be major spoilers for Case 15, so, I'll just give you guys the first five, I'll put up the rest as we get closer to the end.

Case 15 "Manehatten Rain"

Teenage cheerleader Fire Up being found dead near a dumpster is not the typical way to end up back at your high school. Private returns to his school to find that the young cheerleader was found dead with a filly in the dumpster. Who's filly is it? Who killed her? And what does the strange Bat Pony floating around school have to do with all this? Private will soon find this school holds a lot more dark secrets then he remembers.

Case 16 "True Noir"

A curator was found murdered in his own office, guarding a journal from EW2 era Equestria. The journal as it turns out, belonged to a former detective. A tale of forbidden love, a feud between sisters, and a legendary medallion. Can Private solve this murder before history begins to repeat itself?

Case 17 "Charcoal"

Spera takes center stage in this case of Noir. After learning of a murder of one of his clients, Spera takes it upon himself to solve the murder over at Icewing Lodge Ski resort. With the help of Sunset Shimmer, the pair begin to unravel a conspiracy involving twin brothers, a dark past, and a stallion who's aware of Spera's true nature.

Case 18 "9,10,11"

The Doctor mysteriously shows up out of the blue. Private is shocked to find he's on the run from an alien lifeform that used to prey on Time Lords. Through a freak accident in the Tardis, Private realizes, one doctor was bad enough, but having to deal with three different versions of him is another matter. Private and the three doctors must work together if they ever hope to survive the deadly monster hunting them.

Case 19 "Valley of Death"

Private is invited to Pinkie's rock farm by the party pony herself. All is not well in the small town of Rocksville, ponies are utterly convinced a local mansion is haunted. Private soon learns there may be truth to these rumors, as a mysterious young girl is seen on the street corner...seemingly being followed by something nopony can Private and Pinkie...

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