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Case 10 "Forest of Death"

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Hey Guys, I am officially back from tour and will be writing more regularly, I apologize for not being frequent but life gets in the way at the worst of times. Now, I have some things I need to address.

1. The next case will be on it's way soon, a largely Trixie focused experience so you know that'll be instant faved by Sethisto. (I kid, but you have to admit the guy needs a new best pony). I however, am curious as to any side story ideas you guys have, and hope you will put them in the comics.

2. I am currently working alongside my good friend and fellow Fan Fiction Writer Incrediblewerekitty to make a slice of life Equestria Girls set of stories with characters from the Noirverse as a sort of continuation of Mirror Mirror. The plot will be written in the style of her Sour Grapes Chronicles and will largely focus on high school life and even some of the adults in the Equestria Girl's world. I do hope you will be willing to give this setting a chance as many of us have did and will enjoy what Kitty can bring to the table. So give her your support and I'll be around with a link when the story goes up.

3. I would like to make a statement to everybody who's been hounding me wondering whether Raiden and Rainbow are going to get back together. The answer is-SPOILERS! I have a plan in mind for them so quit asking me when they will get back together, IF they get back together. So please, stop asking, it's not helping matters.

4. With that out of the way I'd also would like to say a large part of the plot is finished in my head at this point. I still have an arc of cases I can do and hopefully you guys can squeeze in some ideas in these last 15 or so cases.

5. For those of you wondering if you too would like to enter the Noirverse and take a character or group and write your own spin offs, contact me first. I am a big stickler for this and do want to make sure that anything cannon within the Noirverse is at least good quality. It's nothing against you guys, it's just a policy I adopted early on.

With all of that out of the way, I think I said my piece for the night, and I will see you all, at the next case!

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Hey, I found the perfect theme for the final battle between Private and Spera, a remix of one of my favorite songs:

Burn It Down by Linkin Park (Remixed by zwieR.Z.)

You are doing a great job.

#1041453 · 6w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1041431 I'd certainly love to, but it may be it's own seperate story.

#1041431 · 6w, 2d ago · · ·

Are you going to do a story based on Power Ponies?

#1010619 · 8w, 4d ago · · ·

What if you made a spoof of Deadman from DC comics?

#994849 · 9w, 6d ago · · ·

>>994847 The covers will come when they come. End of story.

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