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For those of you on here who are big Resident Evil fans (or even moderate Resident Evil fans) Dancewithknives has gotten into contact with me on fimfiction with regards to a RE group entitled 'Among the Infected'. It's just started off so it's small for now but that's where you guys come in. Join the group, add your RE/MLP crossover stories to it if you've written some and share in a mutual love for Biohazards and adorable pastel coloured ponies. See you there. :) http://www.fimfiction.net/group/202285/among-the-infected-resident-evil-group

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  • My Little WeskerAfter Wesker is defeated, he finds himself in a strange land. A strange land known as Equestria.97,451 words ·11,034 views ·1,206 likes ·33 dislikes


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poor blueblood when he meets wesker...lets say....head-snap......poor blueblood.....noon ever understood him.....

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>>304220 Haha, I love his little scream as he walked on. :rainbowlaugh:

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Go to 1:25. WESKER!

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If you do that, then you will save my soul from annihilation! Thank you!

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>>272957 >>287356

I have been very bad with the lack of updates. Dissertation has spun me right round, right round, like a record baby, right round round.

Will do my very best to ensure a new chapter within the next week. :scootangel:

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