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Pte GA, Canadian Forces. Currently stationed at CFG Petawawa. Small time writer, most projects on hold however, due to military training. Always willing to talk via PM, email, or skype.

The stories I have written

  • Flight 19 Flight 19 disappears and ends up in an unfamiliar country filled with unfamiliar people. Or ponies. by Goldenarbiter 200,089 words · 6,876 views · 578 likes · 31 dislikes
  • The Fallen The story of a fallen angel as he finds his place amongst Equestria. by Goldenarbiter 4,113 words · 752 views · 27 likes · 4 dislikes


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Field story · 12:32pm

Felt like writing, here's the result.

Please note, this is all on a cell phone, so don't expect too much. I'll probably continue it for a while, and then hopefully this will let me get back into writing my other stories.


PW is GA#1

Feel free to leave comments, but know I'm in a low reception area.

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Stories that deserve a place in everyone's minds.

  • Our First Steps A tale of the Equestrian Space Programme, in the style of 50s science fiction novels. Poyekhali! by Mrakoplaz 197,232 words · 2,551 views · 289 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Friendship Is Optimal: Caelum Est Conterrens Set in the Optimalverse, a middle-aged woman confronts what emigration to Equestria - uploading to a virtual existence - really means. But can she truly understand - and more importantly, should she trust the artificial intelligence Celestia? by Chatoyance 56,871 words · 16,415 views · 570 likes · 160 dislikes
  • Abandoned Memories (2nd Person POV) Your memory is littered with gaps, with just the sole memory of a traumatic event. by Malevolent Mika 115,430 words · 10,093 views · 596 likes · 19 dislikes

More amazing stories

  • The Gentle Nights: Audience of One A chance meeting at a ruined gala leads to opportunity. Luna longs to recover from her isolation and the shadows of her past, and she clings to the one pony whose music provides her comfort. She might not be the only benefactor in the arrangement... by PaulAsaran 127,575 words · 3,476 views · 426 likes · 15 dislikes
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>>1985920 I'll look into it, time permitting.

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>>1984725 oh yeah, heres something you may like (well, as much as browser games can be liked anyways :ajbemused:). https://www.kixeye.com/ check out battle pirates for starters. surprisingly, this dev, Kixeye, actually did manage to make an actual mmorts game. well, the combat is real rts style anyway. (hint for battle pirates: make a weak but fast fleet of ships and hit the 1st battle of the first campaign then exit said campaign upon winning the fight for sweet resource loot and some easy exp for the ships. :raritywink:)

usually you get base building + garbage turn based combat. that's only half rts, right? well, with battle pirates you get base building plus actual rts combat. and that is QUITE the rare sight among browser based games. also, i don't remember but i think the space themed game is much the same.

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>>1984427 ah, ok, knew i had seen it somewhere. good company and creators of one of my fave rts franchises. :)

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>>1983484 It is the company logo for Westwood Studios.

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