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The Atrocities of My Forge

  • Three WishesRarity has bought a magical gemstone. It's as perfect as the moon, vast as the stars, bright as the sun, and even grants its bearer three magical wishes. But there is a reason why mortals aren't gods- they will never be allowed to mess with2,661 words ·392 views ·6 likes ·3 dislikes
  • BubblesIf Gilda and Rainbow were never friends, fate would end up tragically different for a group of three5,875 words ·413 views ·7 likes ·2 dislikes
  • HangedDerpy hooves' family has a genetic disorder, leading to wall eyes, insanity, and eventually death.1,879 words ·618 views ·9 likes ·4 dislikes
  • Silenced NocturneLuna loses a friend to Celestia's want for power.4,288 words ·471 views ·11 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Deae? Reginae? Matro?The Mane 6 begin questioning their obedience to Celestia when a great war comes.2,237 words ·275 views ·7 likes ·0 dislikes
  • Done by a Single NightA simple visit to Twilight plunges Rainbow Dash into much more conflict than she's ever seen before. Monsters unseen to the regular eye that lurk in a hidden hour. Ancient powers beyond anyone's comprehension. But most of all, she learns of41,729 words ·920 views ·15 likes ·4 dislikes
  • Mare CognitumA long-lost student of Celestia explores the universe.13,894 words ·464 views ·6 likes ·1 dislikes

Those scarce few who are of like minds with me.

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>>689027 And neither have I.


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I'm back online ... wow I haven't logged on here for almost a year

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Yes, it feels so good to click the feed button and remove all 2000 :pinkiecrazy:

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>>632784 Oh, I see. You're making good progress! Godspeed.

Also, by the way, doesn't doing this just flood your inbox every day? :P

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Check out my page :pinkiecrazy:

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