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Hmm, a bio ay? Well, not much to tell. I'm English and I love gaming, PC Mastur raic! Also, I eagerly await [DATA EXPUNGED] for his elegant, now non-pony, writing. He chose to remove himself from here


So, been two weeks. · 11:03am

So, I kind of forgot about my blog day, don't kill me. But since it's almost been two weeks, it will be a double feature. Of nothing. Seriously, nothing much has happened. Well, no, something did happen. But that's a 'me' thing. I have made some progress on the third chapter of Fireman. I still need to think of a cooler name. A cooler description too. After I finish it I'll probably keep my crossover works on hold to do some regular ol' pone. No fancy stuff. I do want to expand upon the guard (Not some bullcrap war story, more of the civilian side) and write a bit on that. Got the basic idea of it. No HiE for me just yet, or maybe ever. Because it will probably turn into some weird self insert. I am IRL, slightly mary sue-ish in the luck department. As though I'm a main character. I do have a very large fault, well, two. One, being real childish all the time. Two, you know Trevor from GTAV? Yeah, I have his rage and a lesser version of his instability. Like, continuing to beat people up after they are unconscious, Running someone's face into a wall. Potent rage. Rather hard to stay calm all the time. But, I am above average intelligence and very lucky. Not strong by any stretch of the mile, but endurance to boot. And very sneaky. I'm the silver tongued bastard. I'm basically Light Yagami, except not super egotistical or likely to break down under pressure. (Also not as good at tennis) Or maybe Littlefinger from GoT. I'm not being narcissistic, I just improve my strengths while not letting my weaknesses decline further. Oh, it was my birthday on the 22nd. That was nice. Some cake with my parents. Never been a party guy.

Updates on stories.

Black Box's: Still in alpha stages. Basic idea ironed out. Rather like my non-crossover thing. Except with Black Boxes

Pyreman: About 500 words more. Writers block + current events have been shit to me. I've been playing a lot of games though. Games usually get my brain working.

Graph Curve: Still in alpha; much like BB.

Project Y: Still on drawing board.

Goodbye for (hopefully) a week at the most. Might have a burst of inspiration, finish the third chapter, then go play World o' Tanks. Oh, and my name's John if anyone wants to know.

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>>1041711 lolwut? I don't know if you mean it getting 404'd or uploading.

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Dammit, why do you always take down your story at seemingly random times?

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Thanks a lot for the watch!

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Thanks for the fave on Viva Las Pegasus!

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