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I am possibly the most giga-asshole in the entire world. I write and game and study, poorly.


Real sorry 'bout that and erryting. But everytime I do a blog, I don't finish it then leave it to finish the next day and so on. Then Firefox derps and closes all of my windows instead of opening tabs from last time. So I'm planting my ass and typing this. I could A) Release FoE:Fireman Chapter 3 as the 6000 - 6500 chapter with a great closing line, or continue it to 7k words. I'm really torn in this, because that closing line is so good. But also because even if I do continue to to 7k it is still 3k shorter than the other chapters. Which I'm not really happy with even though it's inconsequential. But I do want to continue it because the three amigos need to meet back up and if I do it in the next chapter it'll seem really jarring. Wow, I'm using big words and pseudo-deep shit. Also, I started reading Project Horizons again and it turns out BJ (Lulz) Also gets a sword. So, that kind of seems like a rip off, but I had it in my head before I saw it in PH. Also apparently Death is a companion for her. Except he's a Tarot card fag (Nothing against Somber, just Tarot cards), I have the equivalent of Mort + Yes Man

Right, now that's out the way. Still troubled on the chapter, but eh, it doesn't matter. Real life stuff. New academic year, WOOT (sarcasm). Everything is simultaneously going to shit and going great. I can feel it coming and I can't do shit to stop it. I went on and it turns out I write like Neil Gaiman and Tolkien. I now realise why I hate my own work all the time for no other reason (Apart from my obvious scrubnubbiness to writing). I mean, shouldn't authors/music makers/other creatives take pride in their work? But since I have the thumbs up from some people I know that it should be finished. And hey, I could even learn to appreciate my own work. Then write some other stuff, like that one shot for the site official OC's (doughnut steel.) I enjoyed that, but it was meant to be almost crackfic levels of stupid. Eventually I'll probably write actual full pony fiction with no outside crossover. I'll call it Operation Stalliongrad. It wouldn't be war either. It would be pre twilight but way after NMM Banishment. Maybe about half way between, slightly after the death of Starswirl in my head (If actual canon says he lived at whenever I'll find that out later. Then I'll tell it to eat dirt/make a newer version of Starswirl except less awesome-o).

Right, that's my jumble of sentences in raw brain format. TL;DR chap 3 is getting closer, real life is meh. Metro 2033 book is cool. Peace.

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Welcome welcome welcome! A fine welcome to you!

Welcome welcome welcome! I say, how do you do?

Welcome welcome welcome to a choice you won't regret!

Welcome welcome welcome to!


Thanks for following me, Ghostmk1!:yay:

I really appreciate it and I hope my stories continue to entertain you in some way. :twilightsmile:

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>>1041711 lolwut? I don't know if you mean it getting 404'd or uploading.

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Dammit, why do you always take down your story at seemingly random times?

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Thanks a lot for the watch!

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