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I'm just an ordinary Scotsman who writes ordinary horse words, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.

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Since I've not received any new preorders for a printed copy of Of Horses And Whorses for a while, I am going to bring them to an end earlier than originally planned. This, of course, means a shorter wait; I'll be able to start invoicing people sooner, rather than later.

The price of the book, in case you missed it, has gone up to £10 (not including postage) and a signed copy will cost £15. Delivery costs to countries outside of the UK will vary.

I will stop taking preorders on APRIL 26TH — so if you want a copy, please send me a PM with your country (NOT your address) and be sure to tell me whether you want a signed or unsigned copy.

Invoices will be sent out on April 27th/28th.

Thanks for putting up with my constant blog spam about this, I really appreciate it.

Stay awesome.

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Bio and Miscellaneous Stuff

I'm the G to the E-O-D


And ain't no other brony can swig Bru like me

I'm Geolicious.

If you are looking for my comment box, you can find it under the art box at the bottom of my userpage.

If you add me on Skype, please tell me that you're from Fimfiction!

For more information on my work, as well as PDF downloads, Dragon Fics is the place to go!


How To Deal With Manticores

Read On And Download From Dragon Fics

Vine On Vinyl

Read On And Download From Dragon Fics

You are free to do readings of my stories, fan art (like these readers have) and translations — just make sure you send me a link to the finished product! However, if you want to use my characters in your story then I would appreciate it if you asked me first... but I should point out that the chance of me saying 'yes' is quite high. It all depends on what you intend to do with said characters.

My name is Chris, but you can call me GeodesicDragon — or Geo, I don't give a damn which. I'm 28, I live in the Scottish Borders, and I have a penchant for the orange stuff. My favourite ponies, in order, are: Twilight Sparkle, Cheerilee, Luna, Spitfire, Celestia, Cadence, Sweetie Belle, Lyra, Rarity, Cherry Jubilee, Octavia, Rainbow Dash, (Countess) Coloratura, Twilight Velvet and Ivory Scroll (AKA Mayor Mare). My favourite villain is Tirek, my favourite former villain is Discord, my favourite episodes are Keep Calm And Flutter On, Power Ponies, Three's a Crowd and Twilight's Kingdom, my favourite songs are Winter Wrap Up, The Smile Song and Hearts As Strong As Horses, my favourite CMC is Sweetie Belle, my favourite stallion is Big Macintosh (Eeyup) and my favourite background pony is Lyra.


* Skype: geodesic_dragon

* Twitter: @GeodesicDragon

* Battle.net (EU Only): GeodesicD#2840


I know I said I wouldn't post any more blogs about the book, but PMs seem to be acting up right now. I sent a message to one of the buyers, yet it somehow got sent back to me. So, I'm having to resort to a blog.

I am still waiting on three people getting back to me with their details and another to pay the invoice I sent them. The longer they delay, the longer the other buyers have to as well; I'm not putting in the print order until everyone has paid up, or told me that they are no longer interested in the book.

As such, I am going to impose a deadline. If these four people don't get back to me (check your PMs and you'll know who you are) by May 2nd, I will take this to assume that they are no longer interested and cancel their orders. I will then begin the process of ordering and sending the copies which have already been paid for.

In other news, I am working on a new one-shot featuring Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.

Look out for it, and stay awesome.

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No problem.

You've written an interesting story which has grabbed my attention, and I look forward to seeing more of it. :twilightsmile:

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Wow thank you for the fave and the watch.

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Not much.  Just catching up on the updated literatures here since I was busy playing on my PS4 and Black Ops III.

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Hello there, Orion.

Everything with me is good, thanks for asking. What about yourself? :rainbowkiss:

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Hey there, Geo.  How is everything with you? :twilightsmile:

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