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My name is Geo, and I'm a Bruaholic.

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Mother's Day

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  • T Of Horses And Whorses

    A human and his pet horse are transported to Equestria. Misunderstandings ensue.  · GeodesicDragon
    14,747 words · 15,314 views  ·  1,348  ·  62
  • E The Best Mother's Day Ever

    It's coming up for Mother's Day, and the Apple siblings want to make sure that theirs has the best one ever.  · GeodesicDragon
    1,997 words · 81 views  ·  9  ·  1
  • T Bottom Of The Ladder

    Sequel to Top Of The Charts. Freshly released from jail, Anon has returned to Ponyville. The townsponies don't want him back -- but there is another, far more pressing, issue to contend with.  · GeodesicDragon
    12,437 words · 1,211 views  ·  90  ·  11
  • T "It's All Lies And Slander!"

    Somepony was spreading rumours about me, and I wanted to know who. One trip through Ponyville later, I found the source — and got more than I expected as a result...  · GeodesicDragon
    2,539 words · 1,389 views  ·  128  ·  8
  • E Rarity And The Missing Lottery Ticket

    Rarity believes she has lost what could very well be a winning lottery ticket. Pinkie Pie offers to help her find it. This can only end well.  · GeodesicDragon
    1,420 words · 320 views  ·  40  ·  1

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You are free to do readings of my stories, fan art (like these readers have) and translations — just make sure you send me a link to the finished product! However, if you want to use my characters in your story then I would appreciate it if you asked me first... though the chance of me saying 'yes' is quite high.

My name is GeodesicDragon, but you can call me Geo — or Chris, I don't give a damn which. I am 27 and I live in the Scottish Borders. My favourite ponies, in order, are: Twilight Sparkle, Cheerilee, Luna, Spitfire, Celestia, Cadence, Sweetie Belle, Lyra, Rarity, Cherry Jubilee and Octavia. My favourite villain is Tirek, my favourite former villain is Discord, my favourite episodes are Keep Calm And Flutter On, Power Ponies, Three's a Crowd and Twilight's Kingdom, my favourite songs are Winter Wrap Up, The Smile Song and Hearts As Strong As Horses, my favourite CMC is Sweetie Belle, my favourite stallion is Big Macintosh (Eeyup) and my favourite background pony is Lyra. I change my avatar every Wednesday, because I'm weird like that. I am also an admin for Scottish Bronies.


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  • Of Horses And Whorses A human and his pet horse are transported to Equestria. Misunderstandings ensue. by GeodesicDragon 14,747 words · 15,314 views · 1,348 likes · 62 dislikes
  • Button Mash Goes To A Slumber Party When Button Mash is forced to attend a slumber party with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, his greatest secret comes to light... by GeodesicDragon 2,919 words · 8,773 views · 792 likes · 34 dislikes
  • The Origin Of Sunbutt Everypony thinks that Celestia is called 'Sunbutt' because of her cutie mark. Only Luna knows the real story, though, and now she's going to share it with Twilight. by GeodesicDragon 3,222 words · 6,572 views · 633 likes · 34 dislikes
  • That Nagging Feeling Celestia has forgotten something important, and must now retrace her steps to figure out what. by GeodesicDragon 1,238 words · 4,544 views · 403 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Geoverse Prologue: The Last Of His Kind Celestia fears losing those closest to her. But when death comes for the last human in Equestria, she vows to be there for him until the very end. by GeodesicDragon 1,778 words · 3,998 views · 322 likes · 15 dislikes

Underappreciated Works


Two entries were received for this month's UKoE Fanfiction Writing Contest, and voting is now open.

Here, for your convenience, is a list of the stories that were submitted.

A Mother of her Own

By Terton

[Everyone] [Slice of Life]

To most fillies and colts, mother's day is a day to express their love for the mares who brought them into the world. For Darling Rose, it's just another reminder of what she never had.

The Best Mother's Day Ever

By GeodesicDragon

[Everyone] [Slice of Life]

It's coming up for Mother's Day in Ponyville — which just so happens to be the same day Ariane Apple gets back from a visit to her family in Manehatten.

But her absence won't prevent Applejack and Big Macintosh from making the necessary preparations to make sure that she has the best day ever.

Voting ends at 23:59GMT on March 31st, and the winner will be announced on April 1st.

GeodesicDragon · 25 views · Report

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#507 · 2d, 1h ago · · ·


If you are referring to my clop version, then I hope to update it at some point.

If you are referring to the original story by Greatodyer, he is taking a break from writing just now.

#506 · 2d, 1h ago · · ·

hey i know it has been a long but i wanted to know do you know when the story when good things come will update again or no?

#505 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·

Thank you very, very much for finding room for my story Every Little Bit on your Favorites bookshelf. I'm glad that you enjoyed my little look at the worlds of Dash and Spike.:moustache::rainbowkiss:

#504 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·

Hey thanks for the watch and the fave!

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