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Outdated bio much? I'm 17 now and I have moved on.

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One exam down. · 2:38pm

One exam down. I completed my History exam today (Having to go into school whilst it is shut is mildly annoying, but hey) and now I have some free time to write before my next exam: Physics. Happy days.

So yeah, there's snow and stuff, but not much at all. According to my school, two centimetre deep snow is enough to stop the whole thing running. Hmm.


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Too long since someone posted here! :raritydespair:

:rainbowwild:  :raritywink:

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No, thank you for following me. You are a truly wonderful person.

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>>65838 thanks for the follow! :yay:

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I'm gonna watch you. If you have anything more to say about this, feel free to ask.

Better post me some good stories, though... :pinkiecrazy:

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