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The roar of the creature formerly known as Ek’idna really didn’t help Lyra’s pounding headache to go away, but at the moment the sight before her was enough to keep her distracted from it… At least a little.

The massive monstrosity maneuvered itself to float upright, with its large eyeball staring, unblinking, straight up. It’s heads, for lack of a better term to describe a tentacle with a shark’s mouth, began to whip around in an erratic pattern, sending the assembled mass of ponies scrambling for safety. One of the head snapped its maw toward Ditzy who dodged at the last second, much to everypony’s relief. Another one scraped the bottom of the large depression that used to be the center of Ek’idna’s slave work camp, kicking up large amount of silt and sending larger pieces of debris flying around as it did so.

Bon Bon grabbed her marefriend and pulled her behind rock outcropping just as a piece of a fractured column hurtled through the water towards them.  Lyra sighed in relief and gave the earth pony a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. Being reunited after all those stressful hours felt amazing, but it was no time to bask in that feeling. Channeling her magic Lyra recalled her lyre to her side. She wasn’t sure when it had floated of to after her confrontation with Ek’idna.

“We could really use a fancy magical friendship beam right about now,” commented Bon Bon, peaking over the outcropping at the jellyfish like creature.

“Can’t happen unless Princess Luna suddenly teleports in with the others in tow,” replied Lyra, secretly hoping for just that to happen, however unlikely it might be.

“I’d take Princess Luna too, I’m sure she could take care of this thing.”

“Well she’s not here…” grimly said the unicorn.

Yes I'm still alive and working on it...

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Oh, excellent, joy and joy! I'll be waiting.

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>>1874336 No it's not dead, I'm working on the next chapter right now... making headway step by step. There's secquences of events I just need to figure out and one particular one I really really don't know how to fit in the timeline of event.

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Regarding your fiction story secrets of Andalantis,

Welp, question. It's been 6 months. Is this story dead? If not, I'll wait for the next chapter *stomps foot fervently*. But I just thought I'd give ya a howdy do and honestly ask if you're okay. I mean yeah, writer's block sucks and I want you to finish the story, but health comes first man. Also, did you need any help? I'm always willing to assist if necessary.

Hopefully awaiting your answer,

Random internet stalker #63042 :applejackunsure:

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I come here to check out Fizzy's page and turns out he's friends with the future president's husband!

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