I'm going back to Tokyo! I'm taking the plane tomorow morning at the crack of dawn... actually earlier than that, will probably see dawn from the air on my way to Toronto...

So sorry I haven't been very much active around here. I had my Halloween costume to work on in september and october (alongside the Kimokimo Cup in September taking up more of my creative efforts), and then I got hit with bad news for my teeth... I had my first ever root canal treatment and let me tell ya it was a fresh new type of dental health... and I still got THREE more to go before I have a fully healthy mouth! I felt pretty depressed about it for a while...I'm also looking into getting some sort of certificate through online courses and change job in the near future.

And then I've been fretting and getting ready to leave for my trip...

I'll be back in North America by December 4th. Hopefully I won't have trouble catching the next episode online next weekend! I should be able to get back to writing then!

And for those curious, here is my Halloween Brainstorm costume!

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  • Secret of Andalantis Lunaverse, On a trip to the beach Ditzy dissapears underwater, adventure ensue by Fizzy Orange 48,344 words · 3,638 views · 171 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Longest Night: Everypony's Day Lunaverse Story, what happened to side characters during Corona's return with chapters written by different authors. by Fizzy Orange 31,483 words · 3,086 views · 178 likes · 7 dislikes

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  • E Discord meets Discord and Discord

    A petrified Discord contacts his other self from the multiverse and they try to come together in a meaningful way. It goes as well as you'd think.  · Fizzy Orange
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  • E My Little Beast Wars

    A ship of Maximals explorer and a ship of escaped Predacon criminals both crash land on Princess Luna's Equestria. Written for the Lunaverse crossover writing event of april 2013.  · Fizzy Orange
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  • E Slayers F

    Lina Inverse and Naga accidently end up in Princess Luna's Equestria. Explosions and hilarity ensue. Originally part of the Lunaverse April 2013 crossover writing event.  · Fizzy Orange
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  • E Luna's Pet Project

    Luna has a favorite restaurant she visits incognito, sadly that restaurant is on the verge of closing! Luna wants to help, but without breaking her disguise, so she gets a job. Story for the Lunaverse Alicorn Story Writing Event of March 2013  · Fizzy Orange
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  • E Bride of the Rain

    Gilda the Griffon shows up in Ponyville with strange news. Crack Lunaverse fic for Hearts & Hooves Day writing event 2013  · Fizzy Orange
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Five stories I want to share


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Oh, excellent, joy and joy! I'll be waiting.

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>>1874336 No it's not dead, I'm working on the next chapter right now... making headway step by step. There's secquences of events I just need to figure out and one particular one I really really don't know how to fit in the timeline of event.

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Regarding your fiction story secrets of Andalantis,

Welp, question. It's been 6 months. Is this story dead? If not, I'll wait for the next chapter *stomps foot fervently*. But I just thought I'd give ya a howdy do and honestly ask if you're okay. I mean yeah, writer's block sucks and I want you to finish the story, but health comes first man. Also, did you need any help? I'm always willing to assist if necessary.

Hopefully awaiting your answer,

Random internet stalker #63042 :applejackunsure:

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I come here to check out Fizzy's page and turns out he's friends with the future president's husband!

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