So my mom's down in Florida for the Holidays, my dad is coming back only later today from a trip in Mexico... and I have no I spent Christmas Eve alone (though I did have family parties two weeks ago and a rockin' evening with friends last week so don't feel too bad about me) and thus I decided to give you all a special Christmas gift!

In the form of a small update to Secret of Andalantis.

I feel like an idiot for not having finish this story yet! Maybe it was a bit too ambitious a tale to start without having a clear plan...or maybe I should have stuck with whatever I had and let it come out as I originally envisionned it... but on the way I've revised a lot of stuff and I think it'll end up making this a much more solid story than originally.

Anyway, to keep up with the theme of vacations in the south, here is some Christmas music from the Caribeans!

And because Trixie is involved...

Merry Christmas again y'all!

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