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Laugh, dammit! Why aren't you laughing?!


Well, I spent my whole weekend at Malaysia's first ever Brony convention; 'The Friendship Express'. And let me tell you, it was totally worth it! Although, I did go over my budget. I was just planning on spending RM150. Ended up using RM300+. Although, I did get a bunch of real cool stuff, like a Sunset Shimmer plushie and a mini Doctor Whooves vinyl figure.

They even had a teleconference with Vincent Tong (voice of Flash Sentry, Prince Blueblood, Pony/Donut Joe, Garble, and... well, Angel Bunny apparently) and The Living Tombstone. And hey, Vincent Tong was a really cool guy! Too bad he couldn't really spoil anything about Season 5, not that I wanted him to. It's also surreal to find out that Angel Bunny practically sounds like Chris Tucker.

So if anyone wants to ask why I haven't been updating recently, there's your answer. Also, I had my mid-semester exams last week, too. So... I'll try to get some writing done this week in between rewatching Season 4 and Kamen Rider W, also a few drawings I have planned.

Also, I have a one-shot planned starring Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena Diane Pie. I asked a friend over at DeviantArt, Chirpy-Chi, to draw the cover art for it. So kudos to her!

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Thanks for the fave on "Sometimes They Come Back To Annoy You".

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I'm glad you enjoyed my story Heart of Silver. :twilightsmile:

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:pinkiehappy: Can't wait for more.{Messages are wonky for some reason}

I'm honestly wondering how she's going to react to all that, you know, being a princess, Spike, Celestia her mother...all that and more. Quite the shocking experience she's in for.

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Thanks for the Fav on Pinkie's Traumatization.

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