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How long has it been since I last moved from my laptop? Days? Weeks? I don't know, and frankly I don't care. All that mattered was me and my beautiful laptop. Oh, how wonderful to be in love with such an amazing piece of machinery. It was nothing like those filthy girls. Always talking shit about their makeup and boys. It sickened me. Machines will never ignore me, and they will never hate me. They are the master race. Humans are far more inferior than them!

"Dude. You're writing a romance fic. Doesn't that technically mean that you believe in love?"

Oh, Master Rex. Why must you be so shallow? Why do I have to spend my time and effort to lecture someone as simple minded as you?Honestly, you should be glad that I even consider you as an acquaintance!

"Because shipping and dating are two totally different things, asshole." I said, shrugging off his unworthiness before he infects me


"Well, for one thing, shipping implies that the people in love never break up. They tend to take their relationship seriously and not just break up if things don't go their way. They talk to each other, they comfort each other, they live in a perfect world where love is a beautiful thing! Unlike this hellhole we call Earth."

"Le-Mond's story still pissing you off?"


Master Rex only shook his head, no doubt regretting ever mentioning the name of that... that fiend. Well, no matter! Virgins will one day rule the world, and people will have to start breeding asexually! Yes, that is the ideal world. The perfect world where love is but a concept and not a necessity. One day, I shall be the new king of my perfect world!!

So I wrote a thing. It's Valentine's Day. Add two and two together, I guess. Anyway, have fun doing couple-y things, for those of you who have them. For the Virgin Master Race, stay awesome!

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I'm glad you enjoyed my story Heart of Silver. :twilightsmile:

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:pinkiehappy: Can't wait for more.{Messages are wonky for some reason}

I'm honestly wondering how she's going to react to all that, you know, being a princess, Spike, Celestia her mother...all that and more. Quite the shocking experience she's in for.

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Thanks for the Fav on Pinkie's Traumatization.

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>>162407 I'm guessing you read the Heroes of Olympus series, because I do :twilightsmile:

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