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Back in business. · 5:44pm

My stories are back on track. I admit that I am a Game Master first and a story teller second so I had no intention of actually writing when I joined this site. Seeing so many of you finding the courage to present your thoughts to your fellow bronies made me realize that I should stop wasting my time on games after work and do something productive instead.

Some of you read my first story and that one is NSFW. I will admit that I am going to be working on that one for I have never found an...exploration shrinking story. One where the shrinkee goes out and tries new things instead of it being about survival or being locked away as a slave--or world domination. That is also a popular one that is not my thing.

But I have also been working on designing entire new countries and stories over the past few years that I wish to bring to life here. I am also working with TalonMach5 who is writing the several times featured "Earth King Saga".

Well, I am hoping for your support AND giving you a pleasant read.

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Okay goodnight and we'll figure out the location later

Also I've been wanting to join White Tail Woods but I've been having difficulty joining.

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I bet we can just send him am PM here or on Whitetail Woods. We could even do it here again, since the admins don't seem to care unless it's a ridiculously huge thread. For the time, I am available from 2 pm to 6pm? Incidentally, this means that it's now time for me to sleep. So, goodnight, and I shall send to DO2012.

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There shouldn't be a problem as far as scheduling concerned Felyon since Laurent should be on Christmas break like I am right now.

The main issue id getting a hold of Do2012 and finding a place to do it.

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How did you do?:pinkiehappy:

Yes, Laurent is *very* eager to get together again, and I calmed down from my mad inventor binge. There is still the issue of the differing time zones and schedules, though. With you and Laurent in college, what times could you be on? Or perhaps we do it casual, with everyone answering once per day?

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I'm doing quite well thanks for asking.  Just finished my first term of college.

Anyway to answer your question I abandoned that project 5 months ago it got to be too much of hassle having to write and fight to keep Skyrim from crashing all the time.

Anyway I've been talking to Laurent and he seems to want to have us get together again.  Has he said something similar to you?

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