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Bad news, everyone · 4:28pm

As muh as I hate to say it, this peice of crap dino of a computer has had yet another system-crippling virus attack. As a result, the damn thing will not even boot up. So, obviously, i wont be able to get anything done until i get this shitstorm sorted out.

(my computer is actually a laptop, but you get the idea.)

However, I do have a touch of good news. First and foremost, Chapter 2 of L4D 2 is going up today as scheduled, so hope you guys enjoy it.

secondly, due to my current computer's bullshittiness, I have ordered a brand-spanking-new, untra desktop that will solve ALL my current issues. (at least, it damn well better. thing cost over $1K)

Hope you guys have a better time than i currently am, and hope to see you soon.


(check out this guys channel for moar reviews)

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