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I know I'm a little late to the party but  Happy Fourth of July!

I hope eneryone has had an enjoyable holiday, and continue to enjoy themselves in all other daily ventures. :twilightsmile:

As for the news...

My family and I have been given a couple months notice to pack up our things and get out of our "home" (its a rental lake cabin and they're coming to reclaim). So Things are getting chaotic, and will only continue to do so for who knows how long.

Point being, This is the reason I have not been able to, and more then likely will not be able to spend time writing.

I can only hope you guys understand, and I am dreadfully sorry about this. :ajsleepy:

This is Fecler, signing off.

....heres some funny to lighten the mood.

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Random video time!

Here i'll be putting up a crazy/random/funny video whenever I feels like for you guys to (hopefully) watch and find humor in.

Hope you all enjoy!  


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>>1263074  whenever my family housing issues are settled.

(see latest blog for further "details")

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when are you going to continue with Dead Space: Friendship is Decayed or Left 4 Derp 2?

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! :yay:


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More of Twilight Gets Hit by a Car? Pwease? :applecry:


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