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  • NightingaleAlternative take on Mlp;Fim. Princess Luna is best Princess.19,837 words ·6,799 views ·19 likes ·5 dislikes
  • Handsome Jack In EquestriaThe C.E.O of Hyperion and savior of pandora fins himself in the mystical lands of equestria! 6,349 words ·1,454 views ·82 likes ·7 dislikes
  • Growing Uptime brings change, and change is good... Right?2,519 words ·552 views ·10 likes ·5 dislikes
  • Equestrian LawThe drama of a t.v courtroom lawyer show... Ponyfied... Well... It's more like franklin and bash...7,979 words ·377 views ·5 likes ·4 dislikes
  • Fallout Equestria; Hurt.A wastelander learns pain isnt the same as hurt1,158 words ·590 views ·15 likes ·2 dislikes
  • Legacy of Mare-do-wellThe Return of Mare-do-well2,763 words ·497 views ·5 likes ·4 dislikes
  • CowponiesA young Cowpony Looks to Rekindle a relationship with a certain abblebucker13,682 words ·502 views ·10 likes ·3 dislikes


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Thanks for the fave on The Luna Cypher!  :twilightsmile:

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Hey there! I can't thank you enough for adding A Draconequus' Guide to Immortality to your favourites! I'm glad you liked my take on Discord and the whole immortality debate.

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Thanks for the fave on FiO: Incompatible Values!  May I ask what you liked about it so I can make sure to use more things like it in the future?

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Dear East Coast,

Thank you for playing a game of Chess with me. I'm glad we both had fun, no matter who the winner was, and I hope that we can sit down for another game sometime soon.

~ KR

(Thanks for the fave!)

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Thanks for the fave on Viva Las Pegasus!

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