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The TwiBrush Tales

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Inspirations I

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Inspirations II

  • A Twilight Landing A strange girl has shown up in another strange girl's garage. Together, can they figure out just what is going on? Will they be able to get the strange girl claiming to be Twilight Sparkle home? by MerlosTheMad 236,356 words · 21,039 views · 1,020 likes · 26 dislikes
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Inspirations III

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  • Severed Roots Third and final installment in the "Tangled Roots" timeline. When our heroes of the West and our villains in the East clash at last, who will be left standing? by Bad_Seed_72 216,687 words · 1,158 views · 183 likes · 5 dislikes

The third Soft Spectrum album has been released, and like its predecessors, it's a showcase for chill, a genre -- at least, I think it's a genre -- that I have found welcoming in the past.  The series is presided over by Kyoga, who has composed some stuff that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.  

Also like its predecessors, it's a charity affair: the $5 they're asking for the ten tracks will go to Bronies For Good.   (As is my wont, I tossed in slightly more.)   If you go for this sort of thing, here's where you get it.

Dusty Sage · 15 views · Report

I am the very model of a modern minor generalist

I've been writing online for half my life, taking time out for meals of course, and in all that time, it has never occurred to me that someone might actually want to read something I'd written.

My range of interests may be fairly characterized as a thousand miles wide and about three-eighths of an inch deep.  And if you ever thought it was tricky explaining your devotion to pony to family members -- well, imagine what it's like when all those family members are younger than you are.

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#143 · 1w, 22h ago · · ·

Thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

#142 · 4w, 21h ago · · ·


Don't worry, I remember you as well as your comments on my first story. I am glad that you have an interest in my stories. Ill be sure not to disappoint.:twilightsmile:

#141 · 4w, 22h ago · · ·


I am hopeful.  (I'm also following Guardian of the Pure Elements of Harmony.)

#140 · 4w, 22h ago · · ·

Thanks for the fave! Tell me how ya think when its done!:moustache:

#139 · 7w, 5d ago · · ·


Peppermint is a popular choice.

:twistnerd: - Thank goodneth!

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