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I've been writing online for thirty years.  One of these days I might actually get good at it.

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This anguished bit of agitprop showed up in, of all places, Yahoo! Answers:

It's a tad hard for me to fathom that such an innocent magical show actually took a political position that insults the notion of equality or collective responsibility. I am referring to a set of episodes in the Season 5 called "The Cutie map" where the Mane 6 visit a village that is essentially Ayn Rand's "Anthem" turned into ponies. Everyone is equal, everything looks the same, they sing triumphant choirs of how they are but mere cells to the community, food tastes bland, and those who don't follow the status quo are forced to by fear tactics.

As a leftist myself, I'm of course offended by these totalitarian stereotypes of democratic socialism. But beyond that I'm just surprised that instead of some dumb *** Fox News documentary, this is MLP propagating this BS.

(Source here.)

Of course, the hilarious aspect of this is that "democratic socialism" works only to the extent that it is totalitarian: the moment someone steps off the page, the entire illusion starts to unravel.   It was always thus, and thus shall it always be.  

Q. "What's the difference between Utopia and Tartarus?"

A: "Tartarus readily admits to what it really is."

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I am the very model of a modern minor generalist

I've been writing online for half my life, taking time out for meals of course, and in all that time, it has never occurred to me that someone might actually want to read something I'd written.

My range of interests may be fairly characterized as a thousand miles wide and about three-eighths of an inch deep.  And if you ever thought it was tricky explaining your devotion to pony to family members -- well, imagine what it's like when all those family members are younger than you are.

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That helps, yes.

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We need love here.


Good. Good.

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It's gotten more recognition than I ever expected, it being my first real story and all.  Still, it's been up for nearly three years, and is clearly Old News, even if it does get a mention in TV Tropes.

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Just wanted to thank you for the fave on The Sparkle Chronicles.  It is much appreciated.

I do wonder why the story has so few upvotes and favs. It's well written, has few—if any—grammatical and spelling issues, and it's fluffy and cute. Maybe it just arrived at the wrong time, in the wrong place…? :ajsleepy:

However, it's definitely a story I liked, or do like, I'm still reading. :twilightsmile:

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How are you feeling?  Although "still with us" is promising enough, I think.

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