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So, for those of you who may or may not know, I had been busy on a collaboration work with RainbowBob. Here's the link if you haven't seen it yet: Burn the Fallow Land

For those of you familiar with him (I'm sure more than a few of you are), this story is a step away from Bob's often comical works. I'll start by saying he's plenty capable of doing serious works when he wants to, and I really enjoyed working on this with him. I'm not a stranger to serious works, but this had a touch of darker themes as well as tragedy. Really fun to do, though. Stepping out of my usual bread and butter is refreshing, to say the least.

This story was something that we had been brewing for probably a month or two beforehand, possibly longer. I dunno, Bob and I get into discussions and hatch brainchilds all the time. They usually run off on their own before we make anything of them, but this one stuck with us.

Do you like tragedy? Do you like an alternate take on Equestrian history? If you said yes to both, I'd recommend this story.

It's not easy to see heroes fall, whether it be literally, or metaphorically. Perfection is impossible, though. All heroes have flaws. Some flaws are just easier to exploit than others.

Anyway, as it stands, give this story a read. Comment, favorite, track, rant, rave, whatever. Feedback is welcome, not just for me, but also for RainbowBob. As I stated before, we both had a lot of fun writing this, and perhaps got a little carried away with the idea at points (it's over 11K words and we're not yet finished).

That's all for now. I'll leave you all with this piece which helped fuel our writing during our initial start on this fic:

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Me overcoming roadblocks in writing...

The solution? Add changelings. Always add changelings.

Current Projects

Current project: Working on the next chapter of April Showers and then Duties.


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I am, in between catching up on my massive 'Read Later' list, working, playing Dark Souls, and many other things. In the event that I for some crazy reason decided to stop working on Everfree House, I would most likely make a post about it.

So, unless that happens, you can be safe in assuming that I am working on it.

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Are you still working on Everfree House?

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And you're a stupid sponge! YOU'LL NEVER EVOLVE, PERIOD!


Thank you much. I figured it was time for an avatar update.

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