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Decision-making · 6:16am

Hey, all. This blog has news relating heavily to Duties, but I also have stuff on general progress with my other two major stories, April Showers and The Everfree House, as well as future plans for stories.

I've had more than a few ask me about Duties lately, and when I'm going to be putting out the next chapter. I've tried to work on it as of late, but the truth of the matter is that I'm just more involved with my other works. So, as to not be unfair with leaving readers wondering, I'm putting it on the Hiatus status. Now, that's not something I do lightly. To me, hiatus doesn't translate to 'cancelled' or 'never going to be touched again'. It's just that, a hiatus. I haven't worked on it for a long time, and the truth is, I feel bad about it, but at the same time, I'd feel better with at least having my readers know that it's inactive.

Now, I'm sure I might lose some followers and people will be upset, but in the end, it's my call. I like to write for my readers, but I also like to write for myself. If I didn't consider how I felt about my writing, I'd be miserable. I love Duties, but looking at it, I think it needs a lot of polish and clean-up before I start getting serious with updates again. I have all the documents on Gdocs, and I like to think my writing has improved since I started that story years back. So editing shall be a priority with it now. I'll keep everyone updated on future activities with it.

Anyway, that's that. Thanks for your understanding, and again, I will inform you all of any updates or news regarding Duties in the future.

Well, with THAT said, and a weight off my shoulders, I am happy to admit that The Everfree House editing is going smoothly, and I should have a new chapter for those following it soon. April Showers has been worked on a bit more as of late, and I expect I'll get the next chapter rolled out some time this summer if things work out. I don't want to spoil things, but it's going to be a feel-good chapter, mostly, so you all have that to look forward to. There's also a few story ideas I've been dabbling with. Chief among them being as follows, in no particular order:

1.) An AU where Luna has ruled over Equestria for the past 1000 years instead of Celestia. Twilight Sparkle and Spike must embark on a journey across oceans, deserts, and other regions for their princess, and they make friends along the way. Also, airships, sirens, and windigoes.

2.) Post-zombie virus/dark magic/something scenario in Equestria. A small group of friends must do what they can to survive the hardships and horror of their once peaceful land and, hopefully, find out the cause of it all. May contain some shipping, Applejack being an awesome big sister, Twilight being a mama-bear towards everyone, and Spike being a brave baby dragon.

3.) Twilight failed to stop Tirek, and the worst possible outcome is becoming a reality. Spike, armed with a sliver of combined alicorn magic imparted to him by Twilight as a last-resort, must undertake great tasks to save the land from the now conquered land of Equestria. Enemies will become allies, friends shall turn against each other, and Tartarus itself shall be explored.

There's other stories I'm considering. Another such idea that I have would be part of a series for those of you who follow may Demon Eyes Laharl's Gentleman for Mares stories. I'm strongly considering adding to the world they've created. I know, HiE stuff has a bad rep, and I'm walking on ice with this, but I honestly think DEL and several other contributors to this 'Gentlemanverse' as they call it has done a nice job of showing us a world where humans and the races of the mlp world can interact and exchange information, knowledge, and culture with each other. DEL has been giving me their thoughts on the drafts that I've created and I've been getting some help from others familiar with the G4M stories as well.

Anyway, that's all for now. Have some of my favorite siren for your time. Until next time, keep on keeping on, everyone!

Artwork by Siansaar

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Me overcoming roadblocks in writing...

The solution? Add changelings. Always add changelings.

Current Projects

Current project: Editing the next chapter of The Everfree House and finishing up the draft of the  next chapter of April Showers.

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Oh hey, you write things, too. I like people who write things. Writing is good for the soul.

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I meant "morpholestia" but maybe I have mistaken the stories :rainbowderp: But still it's better to ask :twilightsmile: However you are right, I will try to come up with sth by myself. Thanks anyway :twilightsmile:

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I apologize for the very delayed reply. My life has been rather busy as of late.

Anyway, regarding your question about using the name of my stories' name for the changeling country, I guess that's alright. It's not really the most original of names, being called the 'Changeling Nation'. You could probably think up a more interesting name, but if you like it, I don't see why not, haha. I don't know if I can really claim ownership over such a name anyway, but I appreciate you asking. Take care, and happy reading/writing!

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Can I use your name for changelings' country in my story?:pinkiehappy:

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Not to pester or anything but do you plan to update 'Duties' anytime before next year?

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