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So, yeah, if that somewhat ridiculous blog title didn't give it away, I went and bought Dark Souls II. It was relatively cheap, and I wanted an excuse to go get myself a shiny Gengar at a nearby GameStop in town. Gave them a Forza racing game that I never played (it came with my Xbox 360) for in-store credit, and bought the game for less.

(I just hope this won't be me come my first PvP encounters in this game. I feel naked without my Black Iron armor and Claymore. The fact that Black Iron armor set isn't in this game saddens me a little.)

First impressions of the game? Well, I played Dark Souls, loved it, and it's forever raised the bar for my expectations on what makes a good game. It's horrible, really, but that's the cost of a good video game, I suppose. Anyway, as it stands, Dark Souls II is 'nice, probably about what I expected'. In all honesty, it's predecessor prepared me for what lay in store for me with the game. First thing I did upon getting my broadsword (Knight for the win)? I went two-handed. Hell, I might not even use my shields that I get until later on at this rate.

That or, you know, I'll get my arse waffle-stomped and use the shield after all. Without my Claymore/Black Knight Sword and Black Iron Armor, I just... feel vulnerable. So very, very vulnerable. The lack of Humanity has yet to hit me, I think. I miss those little, flickering sprites of darkness.

Dark Souls II is nice, but my first impression is leaving me thinking that I won't have as much difficulty to put it down and write. The ultimate test of how much enjoyment I can get out of it will have to wait until I'm more familiar with it and can listen to MBMB&M podcasts while doing so. Goofy podcasts and ominous/soul-crushing video games make for a nice combination.

That aside, I'm currently busy working on Everfree House, as well as tinkering with some other ideas. I get distracted by other story ideas, so sometimes just typing stuff out helps put them to rest for a bit (I save them to files on Gdocs, of course, since sometimes they pan out into actual stories.

So, yep, plugging away at stories when I'm not working/listening to the Emerald Herald prattle on about souls. Work's been taking up a lot of my time as of late, but I'm hoping for it to slow down a bit soon. In the meantime, keep on keeping on, everyone.

"Magic-schmagic! I got a massive greatsword!"

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Me overcoming roadblocks in writing...

The solution? Add changelings. Always add changelings.

Current Projects

Current project: Working on the next chapter of April Showers and then Duties.

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I am, in between catching up on my massive 'Read Later' list, working, playing Dark Souls, and many other things. In the event that I for some crazy reason decided to stop working on Everfree House, I would most likely make a post about it.

So, unless that happens, you can be safe in assuming that I am working on it.

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Are you still working on Everfree House?

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And you're a stupid sponge! YOU'LL NEVER EVOLVE, PERIOD!


Thank you much. I figured it was time for an avatar update.

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