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  • T April Showers

    As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers...and rainbows. Spike learns this first-hand.  · Denim_Blue
    121,086 words · 12,989 views  ·  712  ·  28
  • E Mind your Elders

    Celestia and Luna receive a surprise visit from Pinkie Pie. The party pony's impromptu social call is about more than just fun and games, however. More than either of the two sisters could have expected.  · Denim_Blue
    7,060 words · 5,986 views  ·  838  ·  18
  • T Duties

    Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, we must take on duties we may not be entirely ready for.  · Denim_Blue
    198,514 words · 15,220 views  ·  1,124  ·  33
  • E The Stars Above Know

    Sacrifice. It's a word that Luna is all too familiar with, and a word that has driven her to where she is today.  · Denim_Blue
    29,408 words · 1,154 views  ·  69  ·  3

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Hello, readers new, old, and possibly lost amidst the many pages of Fimfic.

Just figured I'd let you all know that no, your story alerts aren't lying. I updated April Showers.

Yep. I did it. You can't stop me now! I'm invincible! Bwaaahahaha—

But no, in all seriousness, this was a very much needed update. It was sitting on my back for ages, and I finally decided to get it finalized and published. So go on and read it! You owe it to yourself for waiting this long, and it's a relatively feel-good chapter! Who doesn't like those after all the ups and downs Spike and Rainbow Dash have gone through?

That aside, I've started a new job last week. Longer commute, but better pay and just an overall more fitting job in my opinion. Still a little early for me to figure out how I feel about it, but it should be better than my previous job. Still twelve hour shifts, but I'll be on a four days on, four days off schedule, which will be nice once I'm finished with training.

Hm... let's see... that aside... ah, I saw the new Star Wars film. Enjoyable, and I'm glad Disney didn't completely destroy the lore of the series. I won't say more than that in case anyone still hasn't seen the new film yet.

Fallout 4 is incredibly entertaining. I recently nicknamed an Combat Shotgun that's saved my character's arse more than a few times Attitude Adjuster, and boy-howdy, few things last long once there in close enough range. It even has a bayonet to emphasize the adjustment of bad attitudes.

Anyway, not much else to report at the moment. Hope you all had a great holiday if you celebrated. Until next time, happy reading!

Me overcoming roadblocks in writing...

The solution? Add changelings. Always add changelings.

Current Projects

Current project: Editing the next chapter of A Gentleman in Training and starting up the draft of the  next chapter of The Everfree House.

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#114 · 7w, 10h ago · · ·


Of course, but why take that beautiful helmet off when it can help him do this? Cupcakes can wait, slaying Iron Golems comes first!

#113 · 7w, 3d ago · · ·


So his helmet CAN come off?

#112 · 7w, 3d ago · · ·


He can topple towering golems made of iron with sheer strength and determination, using nothing but his trusty great sword.

I'm sure he can eat some cupcakes...he may want to wash it down with some Estus Flask drink, though.

#111 · 7w, 4d ago · · ·


But can he eat cupcakes?

#110 · 7w, 4d ago · · ·



I'm sure the raptor will return at some point. For now, though, Festive Black Iron Tarkus is my avatar. Please consider giving him a chance; he's a pretty cool dude once you get to know him!

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