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  • Tiny WingsScootaloo has always been a filly with big dreams, but can they all come true?35,581 words ·10,827 views ·881 likes ·10 dislikes


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I ask why you stopped,

why you closed your earned door.

You clearly have talent,

why don't you write more?

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Are you ever going to write a new story? :fluttershysad:

I feel that this should've been the Dashie and Scoots episode, rather than the canon one from last week.

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Hi, just wanted to let you know I have for the third time returned to re-read tiny wings ;-)

your story really hits a special note for me so a while back I drew something based on it here's the link


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Your welcome for the fave :twilightsmile:

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Oh, very nice!

I'll try to give it a read the next time I have a chance and let you know what I think! :twilightsmile:

I'm still on KYM, but I've been tending to post more on the forum than the image gallery lately (though I still pop into the gallery from time to time).

Stop on by if you ever feel like joining in!

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