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I'm just another writer trying to get by. But I'm just another writer. Who cares if I get by?

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SUIT UP · 7:47am

Alrighty, fillies and gentlecolts, I have my Crim final in 7 hours, and I THINK my Psych final almost immediately thereafter. This leaves me with ALL of Tuesday and Wednesday to write without stressing out over finals before I get on the plane back home for Winter Break. Just thought I'd give you all a status update.

I'll try to work on Blind some more.

</3 DarqFox

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What I've been up to.

  • T Forced Hooves

    Nightmares aren't necessarily evil, and light isn't always good.  · DarqFox
    1,009 words · 204 views  ·  15  ·  2
  • T A Permanent State

    Dusk Shine has been trying to catch Fluttershy's attention for a long while, but she hasn't been seeing it. Dusk finally decides to go all-in, and risks everything for a shot with her.  · DarqFox
    1,289 words · 588 views  ·  31  ·  6
  • T I Remember

    Inspired by "I Remember" by Tristam. Vinyl comes across a very simple melody tucked away in a book in the Canterlot Archive. Seeing it as a huge break, she brings it, and the memories it stores, to the forefront of Equestrian music and hist  · DarqFox
    8,345 words · 206 views  ·  18  ·  0 · gore
  • T Bittersweet

    Reeling from the loss of her brother, Twilight has slipped into depression. Her marefriend of four years, Fluttershy, has gotten more and more worried as the days passed. Perhaps she has a sweet surprise for our depressed unicorn.  · DarqFox
    2,122 words · 1,527 views  ·  67  ·  5
  • E DarqFox's TwiShy Shorts

    < 1000 word stories with reader suggested prompts.  · DarqFox
    3,922 words · 599 views  ·  40  ·  3
  • E Sing It Out

    Short story I wrote for the TwiShy group contest. Twilight has been noticing her marefriend of four years start acting a bit shifty. What could our favorite adorable pegasus be hiding?  · DarqFox
    2,085 words · 1,060 views  ·  75  ·  2
  • T Blind

    What's it like to be blind, you ask? Well, it's a little something like this...  · DarqFox
    16,548 words · 2,781 views  ·  229  ·  13
  • T Time and Warmth

    Fluttershy and Twilight have been depressed for a very long time.  · DarqFox
    4,158 words · 813 views  ·  49  ·  3
  • E Facing Fears

    Fluttershy takes three months to make her move on Twilight, but what a great move it is.  · DarqFox
    2,240 words · 1,308 views  ·  82  ·  3
  • T The Frozen North

    The Frozen North. A beautiful yet unforgiving place. The perfect place to share warmth.  · DarqFox
    19,039 words · 1,208 views  ·  82  ·  2 · sex


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#41 · 22w, 3d ago · · ·

Thanks for the fave and the comment on Their First Time! Glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

#40 · 37w, 6d ago · · ·


I've been trying to think of what to do with Blind. Of course, I want to write more, but with school and all, I can't do as much as I wish I could.

I might get time the week after next, when Spring Break arrives.

<3 DarqFox

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#39 · 38w, 4h ago · · ·

Looks like you're still writing somewhat, any plans for Blind? Just going through and culling favorites, so some stories are popping out at me after some time since last seeing them.

#38 · 45w, 4d ago · · ·

Darq? Where have you gone?

#37 · 51w, 6d ago · · ·

Awesome stuff! I see that you have your distinctive style. I was reading through the Twishy gtoup, and I suddenly made the connection between two fics that I liked. Therefore, followed!

(The connection was "twisting around like a ferret". Soon therafter, the use of the word 'debris' when describing a preening session confirmed my susupicions.)

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Stories I'm most proud of.

  • The Frozen North The Frozen North. A beautiful yet unforgiving place. The perfect place to share warmth. by DarqFox 19,039 words · 1,208 views · 82 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Pony Poetry Vol. 1 A compilation of shorts written in verse, with a translation to prose to accompany it. Volume 1: Deaths of the Mane 6 by DarqFox 7,406 words · 388 views · 20 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Facing Fears Fluttershy takes three months to make her move on Twilight, but what a great move it is. by DarqFox 2,240 words · 1,308 views · 82 likes · 3 dislikes


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