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Wha... Huh? · 9:48am

How does this work?

I have zero stories, that's right zilch, nada, nothing! I do not have a regular informative blog post history. I don't do much art and the little I do does not get posted here. So how is it with all that I have 23 followers?

This baffles me.

Just saying.

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Thank you for the watch. :twilightsmile:

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I think it was the first time I noticed that specific line:facehoof::facehoof:

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>>388370 I have had that posted for quite awhile and you just now got around to reading it?

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Favorite Background Pony (man this just keeps going doesn't it):

Octavia Motherbucker!

:rainbowhuh:I didn't know Octavia's last name was Motherbucker.


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