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Crushric, n. — A narcissistic masochist, a Southern gentleman, and snarky smartass. If you're looking for someone to disappoint you, he won't disappoint you.

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    Like a stallion terrified of having children, they pulled me out of retirement. I was the best Special Agent they had, which was saying a lot, because I'm about as effective at my job as a mime having a stroke, and only half as hilarious.  · Crushric
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    If you came to hear a story, I'm sorry to disappoint. I suspect this'll just end up as one big confession, really. Still, with enough wit, some Prussian ingenuity, a droll sense of humor, and wanton murder, I might just be able to survive.  · Crushric
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Twitch streaming, baby!

The plot: Jericho finds himself in a dark position. He must use his charm and dat bod' to seduce all the girls, or else Cards will find a loving boyfriend or whatever, thus tearing the world asunder. Only he can do it, and only you can join us in as we screw around in HuniePop.

Needless to say, the game itself is probably NSFW. (Not that we'll likely get far enough into the game to see anything NSFW, but... it's a forewarning, just in case.)

Jericho Plays HuniePop!

Besides, I need to do something fun and cheery before I gotta carry my grandmother's casket this Monday. Woo, depressing family troubles!

We might also be playing a few other games to pass the time. Dunno. We'll see how it goes

Edit: Bwahahaha! Even playing HuniePop is enough to get suspended from Twitch for a day. That's rich.

Look, if you wanna join in with us, then I guess send me  your Skype name and I'll add ya to the call and screenshare.

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For the record, I agree with the consensus. All adventures need a wide-eyed idiot who can have what's happening around them explained by the professional adventurer.

#92 · 11w, 4d ago · · ·


Consensus is that Jericho is not enough of a character on his own. He can only be funny for so long by himself before we find that he starts to wear on you. In other words, he's at his best interacting with other ponies.

Better yet when he's making them question reality due to his weird actions.

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My hand is on my dick, prepared and ready. Is that not contribution enough?

Actually, in all seriousness, are you planning on having Cards and Dust rejoin him, or has he gone back to his loner roots?

#90 · 11w, 5d ago · · ·


Well, much like PBS, this can only be done with support and contributions from viewers like you!

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Yeah, the one where she impregnates herself with Jericho-babbies. That one.

#88 · 11w, 6d ago · · ·


You mean the inevitable AU fic where she successfully copulates with Jericho when she first pins him down, instead of him bashing her upside the hide and tying her down?

#87 · 11w, 6d ago · · ·

So when's that Cherrypillar clopfic coming out?

#86 · 11w, 6d ago · · ·


:wicked grin:

Ssshhh—we can't be giving up secrets to the next chapter just yet.

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I'm curious, has there been any Jericho fanart in the past? I've spent some time searching for some, but haven't come across any aside from the cover image.

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