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Crushric, n. — An egocentric mascochist, a Southern gentleman, and snarky smartass. If you're looking for someone to disappoint you, he won't disappoint you.

Wherein I monger my wares

  • The Lady Wore RedLike a stallion terrified of having children, they pulled me out of retirement. I was the best Special Agent they had, which was saying a lot, because I'm about as effective at my job as a mime having a stroke, and only half as hilarious.10,026 words ·1,109 views ·134 likes ·4 dislikes
  • JerichoIf you came to hear a story, I'm sorry to disappoint. I suspect this'll just end up as one big confession, really. Still, with enough wit, some Prussian ingenuity, a droll sense of humor, and wanton murder, I might just be able to survive.508,015 words ·7,154 views ·644 likes ·60 dislikes

Your move, naysaying hamsters. I know you're out there!

But seriously, I've been slacking off. Need to work more.

And I got IRL!Cards to read Jericho. And I quote:

I am making angry squinty eyes in an attempt to be scary when it comes to Cards and all the terrible things that happen to her and the comparison to me. Maybe I should write a fanfic of your fanfic in which she stops crying and finally gets her bloody, badass revenge.

Clearly, the end is nigh. And I have brought it.

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Wherein you yell at me for not including your OC into my story

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Well, if it (don't) help) the next chapter of Jericho is a little over 20k words and is mostly done. We just have a few issues with scenes and emotion, and so somehow went back to Phoenix Fire.

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Kewl. Will buy copy. And I completely understand "college stuff" as a valid excuse. So that's K.

Still need my Jericho fix, though.

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Oh, most certainly am.

Just doing stuff relating to writing Phoenix Fire novel with Amacita. And college stuff.

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Ugh. Smells like broken dreams, whiskey, and bodily waste in here. You still alive, Crushy?

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>>1255939 Giraffe punching? Better then sports ball.

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Wondering about. Punching Giraffes.

Very slowly writing bits of Jericho. Too damn slowly.

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Hey, so uh... where have you been?

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jerichos version of celestia ordering the viewer to prepare their anus, as a gaggle(?) of clowns lear ominously from behind her, holding up random phallic shaped tools of their trade.


honestly cant think much beyond murderous grins, knives and blood splatters for suggestions. and i also sound insane at the moment. yup

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I would like to see C on the new cover art.

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I love your profile pic

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