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Crushric, n. — An egocentric mascochist, a Southern gentleman, and snarky smartass. If you're looking for someone to disappoint you, he won't disappoint you.

Wherein I monger my wares

  • The Lady Wore RedLike a stallion terrified of having children, they pulled me out of retirement. I was the best Special Agent they had, which was saying a lot, because I'm about as effective at my job as a mime having a stroke, and only half as hilarious.10,026 words ·1,120 views ·134 likes ·4 dislikes
  • JerichoIf you came to hear a story, I'm sorry to disappoint. I suspect this'll just end up as one big confession, really. Still, with enough wit, some Prussian ingenuity, a droll sense of humor, and wanton murder, I might just be able to survive.508,015 words ·7,215 views ·646 likes ·60 dislikes

Your move, naysaying hamsters. I know you're out there!

But seriously, I've been slacking off. Need to work more.

And I got IRL!Cards to read Jericho. And I quote:

I am making angry squinty eyes in an attempt to be scary when it comes to Cards and all the terrible things that happen to her and the comparison to me. Maybe I should write a fanfic of your fanfic in which she stops crying and finally gets her bloody, badass revenge.

Clearly, the end is nigh. And I have brought it.

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Wherein you yell at me for not including your OC into my story

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>>1372966 Fanfiction of a fanfiction is something Jericho would do himself, if he thought it was productive.

Because, Fictionsception.

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Ah, it's always so cool to think that out there, someone is thinking about something I've written and done. And then thinks enough thereabout enough that he/she does something/writers something that relates to Jericho.

Hell, mayhap one day, when I am a writer, I'll even have fanfiction proper. That'll be a fun twist of life, no?

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Have some poetry I wrote with my feet whilst I was thinking of ways to snuggle and murder Cards at the same time.

Wait, quick question, would if you somehow fell in love with Cards, if you then cheated on her, would you cheat at Cards?


If life is too short to spend angry and hateful, is it not then too long to spend happy and satisfied?

The last bullet is loaded, there's two women and one man, a nice man will shoot a woman to spare her suffering, a smart man will line their heads up and end their lives.

If I groom in my hate, am I not then producing something?

To love is to hate, you'll end up ripping someone's ass apart either way.

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Well, if it (don't) help) the next chapter of Jericho is a little over 20k words and is mostly done. We just have a few issues with scenes and emotion, and so somehow went back to Phoenix Fire.

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Kewl. Will buy copy. And I completely understand "college stuff" as a valid excuse. So that's K.

Still need my Jericho fix, though.

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Oh, most certainly am.

Just doing stuff relating to writing Phoenix Fire novel with Amacita. And college stuff.

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Ugh. Smells like broken dreams, whiskey, and bodily waste in here. You still alive, Crushy?

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>>1255939 Giraffe punching? Better then sports ball.

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Wondering about. Punching Giraffes.

Very slowly writing bits of Jericho. Too damn slowly.

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Hey, so uh... where have you been?

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