So i found myself strolling around the under-rated story and found this monstrosity of a story Diamond princess chapter 9 now go ahead and read what's written in Italic it starts about 1/3 the way down.

Now read this interesting story Feather to Feather prologue

and you will find something amazing yes that's right the Diamond princess stole the whole prologue as it was created a year after Feather to Feather

So do hardworking authors out there a favor and head on over and report this author Night-Moon-12 and let justic be served

oh also read his bio afterward's for a laugh

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They stole the Skyranger

Have a follow

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>>2298500 hey i come for the stories i stay for the plot

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why do you even have a-

never mind.

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>>2298059 whooops meant to move to tracking  sooo tired

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