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Deadpool! · 2:22pm

It is SO awesome! Really funny, love this movie. Love this rap

And yes, this rap is in the movie with reworked lyrics to fit the plot. Oh god and Colossus, my favorite X-Men character is actually in this movie which made me so happy. So go watch it!

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My crappy stories

Stories Quicksilver is in (In oder from biggest to smallest role)

  • Repairing Harmony Side Stories: Quicksilver Broken and Derpy go up against a pony they've never seen before... by twow443 1,769 words · 371 views · 9 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Revolution: Equestrian Blackout One fateful night, all magic just, disappears in a worldwide blackout... by LittleBoyBlue 7,846 words · 748 views · 19 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Princess Luna and Luna's Lunatics Luna has returned and she needs to adjust to the times, and restore her former royal legacy. As well as the reputation of her once glorious Lunar Corps. by TheNocturnalLoner 73,782 words · 2,902 views · 241 likes · 18 dislikes
  • My Brother, the Storyteller Rumble loves his big brother. But more importantly, he loves the stories he tells. This is a story about the lengths to which a stallion will go to protect his younger brother's innocence by gmen15 41,231 words · 2,037 views · 124 likes · 4 dislikes

*Insert stalking pun here*

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My Theme Song

And Quicksilver's theme song:

"All it takes is a little bit of kindness, and you can save a life"


"We are, who we are, and not even we can change us"


"We all have that one friend who we can always look at and smile".


"Destiny awaits us behind every door. All we have to do is open the door".


"If you can find a victory in defeat, you are the true winner."


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Thanks for the fave on Different Sides Combined! :pinkiesmile:

#3,677 · 57w, 6d ago · · · are probably going to hate me chances are, by tomorrow, I'm going to have the entire Gurren Lagann series, on my Play Station 3, by buying and downloading the two movie adaptations, called 'Gurren Lagann: Childhood's end' and 'Gurren Lagann: The lights in the sky are the stars.'

also, tell me. who's your favorite character in the series? Mine?

Is none other than Team Dai-Gurren's  badass leader, who never runs away from a fight, or from his enemies. none other.


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Our Friend's Hopes and Dreams are Etched into it's Body....

Transforming the Infinite Darkness Into Light.

Unmatched in Heaven, and Earth.

One Machine...Equal to the GODS!


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>>1588896 Do the impossible, see the invisible

Row Row, fight the power!

Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable

Row row, fight the power!

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