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Bad Gateway 1 · 7:06pm

I'm sorry I've been away for awhile. Personal issues. Let's move on.

I'm kind of stumped about where to go with "Shadow Day." The story spun out of my control at some point, I think because I was confused about where the series was headed. (I really thought that Twilight would end Season Four much like she began. I never imagined her being punched through a mountain!) I think I need to make this story much smaller, and focus just on Twilight, Pinkie, Marigold and Fletcher. While I like the bits about Filthy Rich and his daughter, Diamond Tiara, and adore the scene with Tank, I think this story needs to be pruned a lot.

I'm pleased that the end of Season Four validates (or, at least, doesn't contradict) my story, "The Tree That Blooms in Darkness."

That said, while I puzzle over what to do with "Shadow Day," I'm now working on "Bad Gateway," a sequel to "Tonight I Shall Be Laughter." Yes, the title was inspired by an error message I've sometimes observed here on FIMFiction. "Bad Gateway" is about Captain Bucephalus struggling to command the odd lot of ponies assigned to him by the generals of the Royal Guard: a couple of Pegasus ponies, some eccentric Unicorns and the Cheese Family, who rival the Apples in their fecundity.

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hiyee! :pinkiehappy:

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Yeah, pretty much what >>771527 said.

I just finished reading Short Cakes, and it's wonderful. I'll leave a longer comment over on the story, but I think, even alone, it's plenty to convince me that I'd like to know when you've got things to say or stories to tell.

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Awesome stories, bro! :raritywink:

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