Original Characters (And One Not Quite an OC)

Aspire by Painted Wave

Kind and understanding, but can have a bit of a temper when his friends tease him for his love of reading and want to teach. Like his sister, he can be rather touchy feely with his affections, and loves to give his friends nicknames or annoy them with bad puns and his ever-present smug smirk. When he grows up, he wants to be a teacher at the village school.

Esalen by Crecious

A changeling nymph born in the village of Respite, Esalen is still trying to figure out what she wants to make her lifelong trade, and feels a bit of jealousy toward her brother and pony friends since they already have a good idea of what they'd like to do. To her friends, she is playful, teasing, and can be rather touchy-feely; a trait shared with her brother.

Toola Roola by Rossby Waves

Toola is bubbly, giggly, bouncy, and flippy as all get out. Her special talent is gymnastics, and she just loves to show her stuff, often throwing in cartwheels as she walks alongside her friends, or quick flips and somersaults to avoid being caught in games like tag. Catching her is like trying to grab greased lightning! She likes to dance and do a bit of yoga with Nimble as well, both for fun and to stay limber. As a native of Respite, she’s grown up around changelings all her life, but is quite sympathetic to newcomers.

Fmr. Cadet Glimmering "Glimmer" Shard (Note: picture done with a bit of Dennyvixen's personal flare for crystal ponies)

All together everybody: Nice job breaking it, Glimmer! Glimmer often means well, but his nerves and clumsiness can get the best of him. Protecting and serving the Empire was his motivation for enlisting, but he worried that his shortcomings made him ill-suited to be a guard. To his friends, he can be a bit shy when pressed for details on his worries, but he is generally kind and happy, a pony who just needs a bit of a push to come out of his shell and share a joke with them.

Sure Stroke by Rossby Waves

Naturally curious but a bit shy, Sure Stroke moved to Respite from Cloudsdale after her parents took jobs in the mixed village. She seems a bit nervous, but that's nothing a pair of conniving little changeling siblings can't fix.

Queen Euphoria by Goshhhh

Pleasant and playful. Queen Euphoria rules over Respite with her husband, Cooling Breeze at her side. She typically helps those with bad anxiety or extremely low self-esteem, lovingly talking to her patients, offering her hoof in friendship, and giving them a shoulder to cry on and warm bed to sleep in should they be in need.


Fuckin' finally, amirite? Only took me nearly two years. Me babbling and discussing posting schedule under the break.

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Your rebranding frightens me. :fluttershbad:

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Sure Stroke's image is broken for me

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Hi, we're friends now.

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Well, I'm writing for the first time on this site and wish to break my lurking personaliuty for a bit as I wish to state my glee and joy of finding some of your work that has caught my interest. Such works as "Dear Small Pony Book" involving Thorax to the rather nice chapters of  "The Shield's Protector". I can only giggle, d'aawww, and just smile at the writing and find myself so enraptured. I eagerly await seeing more chapters and new stories to come and hope its not to much to wish and hope you good tidings in your life as well as your muse for writing.

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Respite? :3

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