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A man born and raised in Worcester, MA. I like Mega Man. A lot. Fluttershy is best pony, and I will make her mine one day.

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Would you like to rp?

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I like how Discord's guide on how to write a clopfic turned into an epic quest to destroy the evil entity that is Sunset Shimmer.

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So...went almost all of 2015 without writing anything here. I got plenty of writing done, just nothing pony related. I'll come back some day, but in the meantime, here's links to every story I wrote throughout the year. Note: all Omorashi.

Digging Himself a Hole (Animal Crossing)

Don't Lose Your Wee (Kill la Kill)

Everyday Life With a Fetishist (Monster Musume)

Five Nights of Holding (Five Nights at Freddy's)

Linkle Needs to Tinkle (Hyrule Warriors)

Uri Nova (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Wash Away the Sorrow (Splatoon)

What's Wrong With a Squiddle Accident? (Squid Girl)