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A man born and raised in Worcester, MA. I like Mega Man. A lot. Fluttershy is best pony, and I will make her mine one day.

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I like how Discord's guide on how to write a clopfic turned into an epic quest to destroy the evil entity that is Sunset Shimmer.

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I couldn't tell you exactly why, but I'm getting really tired of doing writing at this point. The idea that I would get sick of doing this is why I wanted to stick to one story at a time when I started. Now, I've got 4 stories of varying degrees of completion running at one time, and it's making me a bit burned out. It's a vicious cycle too, Mega Man is close to my heart and I want to do that story before anything else, but it's at a boring part of the story to write, so it's hard to focus, but I don't want to write for a different story while I have a chapter in progress, but I'll do it anyway because I want to write something, which horribly delays the story I was already working on and there's so many that all of them go months between updates and I hate doing that to you guys, so I'm just halting everything right here. Nothing is canceled forever, I will be coming back to these stories once I feel ready to. I know it's not going to be a big change because I've listed most of my stories as "On Hiatus" for a while now anyway so I wouldn't be held accountable when it took a really long time to write them.

And you can rest assured that I should hopefully come back better. I'm taking a Writing Fiction course at my college this semester that I'm hoping will improve my skills. And I'm not stopping entirely with writing either, I'll be doing random fetish fics for a forum I'm on whenever I feel like it at a comfortable pace.