Having used a pastiche of his fictional "Laundry" agency in Kraken, I feel obligated to point out that Charles Stross recently put up a new story in the series online, titled "Equoid".

It's about unicorns... sort of.

Whether you're already a fan of his fiction in general or the Laundry Files in particular, or if you're simply curious about what inspired the inclusion of Canterlot Laundry Services, Mr. Delta Green, and CASE NIGHTMARE MOON in my story, check it out. FAIR WARNING: Despite the occasional comedic bits, this is at its heart a horror story, and when the horseapples hit the fan Stross does not pull punches. It's nightmarish and disturbing at times, and the usual "rules" for most fiction of who's allowed to die and when do not apply.

If you're still interested, you can read it here.

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you know it would be nice if you could do a little ship in between derpy and Big Mac basically a continuation of ditzy Doo dismal Derby Day :twilightsmile:

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Hi CLAVDIVS! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

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I think you should make a sequel to ditzy doo dismally Derby Day

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A long time back when I blogged about wanting a new avatar, a follower posted in response. And yes, it's on DA.


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