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Hello. I'm BillyColt. In real life, I'm a dweeby music student from California. Here, I write Pony fanfiction.



I do not understand the point of “cosplayer in Equestria” (or “Displaced”) stories.

Like, okay, let’s talk a little about crossovers.

Like, first we have stories like Archives of the Friendquisition or Fallout: Equestria, where it’s sort of a blended setting that uses elements from the crossover’d material is used in an interesting way and the thematic juxtaposition makes for some interesting storytelling opportunities. Personally, I think this is the best way to approach a crossover.

Then you have lazier crossovers like, say, “Anti-Mage in Equestria” (which I hope doesn’t actually exist) where a character is lazily plunked into the setting for the sake of whatever plot. Hypothetically, this could be used to explore character - how does the character react to this setting? How does this setting react to the character?

But a “cosplayer in Equestria” story isn’t either of these. It’s just some idiot in a costume and also superpowers farting around. It is a crossover minus literally everything that might make a crossover interesting to read.

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>>2107147 I haven't been in any IRCs in a while. I might drop in at some point, but I've found Study isn't quite as active as it used to be. Generally though I frequent the Pony Fanfiction thread on TVTropes and chat with folks on Skype.

It'd be nice to have a regular IRC group, though. Sometimes I think that helped motivate me. In any case, currently planning the next BOF. Hopefully I can get writing on it this week.

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>>2107044 Ah nice, I was wondering if some of the old writers were around, glad to see you about. Do you stop by Study anymore or are there new places to go?

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>>2105321 Yeah. Just got back from three weeks in England on a study abroad program.

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Hey there Billy.

Still in the game?

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