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Hello. I'm BillyColt. In real life, I'm a dweeby music student from California. Here, I write Pony fanfiction.


So, after a year, I finally finished a draft of a chapter in a story. Here's a little preview.

“So,” asked Boss. “We have a deal?”

Patch turned around and leaned back. “You’re not a lesbian, are you?” she asked, her eye narrowing.

Boss balked. “Excuse me?” she asked.

“Well, are you?” asked Patch.

“Uh…” Boss said. “No…”

“Hmm...” said Patch, taking another drink.

Boss opened her mouth to say something when another voice piped up next to them.

“Did I hear something about not being lesbians?”

Boss recognized the voice… but from where? She looked next to her and saw a short earth pony in a white bowler hat. Boss realized at a glance that he wasn’t just really short; he was a colt.

“Well?” he asked again.

“Hey, fuck off,” said Patch. The pistol by her floated just an inch off of the counter.

“Hey, hey…” said the colt, backing up a little. “I was just asking the young mare here,” he said, gesturing to Boss and smiling genially.

“Uhh…” Boss looked at both of them. “Did I miss something?”

Hope that's promising. It'll just be needing the usual proofreads.

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>>1059411 I should have something up at the start of April, though admittedly I'm in a slight rut… got a couple of exams next week.

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Any update to any stories of yours soon? :D

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I do have plans for it. Of the Frederic ships I have in mind, that's the one I actually have the best fleshed-out in terms of knowing where I want to take it. When I get around to trimming Symphonics I'll be sure to post a Googledocs link, and then when I get back on with writing it I'll post it as its own story.

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I noticed you mentioned that you said you're removing the Frederic/Harpo part of Symphonics because you want to focus on the Frederic/Octavia part.

Do you think you might ever pick it back up again in the future? I personally found it refreshingly fun and immensely entertaining (and rather adorable to boot).

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Lol whoops I feel foolish thanks. :derpytongue2:

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