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I finished a draft of a chapter for a thing.

Guess setting a timer for twenty-five minutes and just writing through it really works. I did it yesterday, and I did it today.

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>>1059411 I should have something up at the start of April, though admittedly I'm in a slight rut… got a couple of exams next week.

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Any update to any stories of yours soon? :D

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I do have plans for it. Of the Frederic ships I have in mind, that's the one I actually have the best fleshed-out in terms of knowing where I want to take it. When I get around to trimming Symphonics I'll be sure to post a Googledocs link, and then when I get back on with writing it I'll post it as its own story.

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I noticed you mentioned that you said you're removing the Frederic/Harpo part of Symphonics because you want to focus on the Frederic/Octavia part.

Do you think you might ever pick it back up again in the future? I personally found it refreshingly fun and immensely entertaining (and rather adorable to boot).

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Lol whoops I feel foolish thanks. :derpytongue2:

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