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So I have:

     Come into possession of a copy of The Journal of the Two Sisters, by Amy Keating Rogers*.  I suspect some of you might be interested in the contents of this book, but not fifteen bucks interested, so I'm gonna spill the Princesses' secrets right on up in here, as a free bucket of chum for the FiMFiction shark tank.

To avoid spoilers on your feed page, and avoid a stupidly long blog post, I'll put up a brief review here, and then provide a GDocs link to all the good stuff.

First off, it's a pretty little book, in the same hardback format with a half-cover jacket as the Elements of Harmony series guide.  Take off the outer slip and it's a nicely decorated, cheerful little grimoire; to some it may be worth cover price as an ornament or prop alone.  It's not hard to imagine it as a book on Twilight's shelf, albeit printed in plain English rather than odd blobs of blocks.

The first half of the book is devoted to alternating journal entries by Celestia and Luna, from some time prior to Nightmare Moon.  There's not very much of a plot; it's more a string of incidents told in summary -- sort of like a retrospective of episodes that happen not to exist.

No matter, as the story isn't the star anyway, but the backstory.  The first half of the Journal is just as dense with interesting new information as you might hope, though for many, it may not be what you would hope.

This part's awesome, and for every reader who agrees with me, another five will think I'm insane. As one might expect from the publication of a royal diary, this is guaranteed to ignite pointless controversy all over the poniwebs, but then, so is a twenty-word tweet.  I like it, at any rate.  

The latter half, "The Journal of Friendship", isn't nearly as interesting.  It's a recap of season 4, via journal entries by the face characters.  It's cute, amusing and attractively designed, but there's not much new here.  Even the illustrations call on a terribly familiar old cast of vectors.  You'd think by now they could've gotten someone to DRAW A NEW PICTURE once in awhile.

Overall score: well worth the money, I'd say.  Some may end up hating the content with the fury of a thousand impotent sons, but even so, it's guaranteed to make you think; like it or hate it, it's the single biggest pure infodump yet released in the franchise, and whatever side of any stupid little argument you fall on, this book will come in handy as debate fiber.

With that all said, here's the doc where I've summed up pretty much everything from the book that I thought would be of interest to fanfic writers.  Do note that I've done my best to just stick to what's said in the book, with a bare minimum of interpretation or commentary; I'm not here to go full Linkara on the book, nor to sell t-shirts for the Keating Rogers fanclub.  I just figure that this would be useful for fic-writers to know, whether they intend to make use of any of it or toss it aside with great force.

* winks to AugieDog

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Glad you like 'em!  :pinkiesmile:

I'll keep tossing them up as and when I get ideas for them.

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Heh I love the badges you do for the Rage Reviews.

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My pleasure!  Somehow I hadn't come across your stories before, but Darth Sandwich, and the delightful usage note on your userpage, certainly got my attention.  :pinkiesmile:

And I now think that pie a la palooza is quite simply the proper term for pies served in the time-honored manner of the slapstick comedy. :raritywink:

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Thanks for the watch!

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I have every confidence that you shall.  :pinkiesmile:

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