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As some of you may already know, I've been the editor behind NATOstrike's Researcher Twilight for quite some time now. The story is his take on the Ask Researcher Twilight Tumbler.

Little over a year ago he had to take a break due to a number of life's monkey wrenches being tossed at him. The largest of which would be a brain tumor that stopped him in his tracks. After some surgery he manged to beat the thing, have it removed and recovered quite well. He even started to post updates for the story again.

However life decided to be a total dick.

I am dictating this blog post to a friend, due to an inability to write.

I've been gone for a while again, as many of you may have noticed. Unfortunately, this post is not one of good news. I am done writing.

Several weeks ago I went to the hospital because I suddenly could not type or write, and speaking became extremely difficult. One CT scan and two MRIs later, it was found that I have three new meningioma type growths in varying locations around my brain. One or more of these has caused what my neurologist calls fluent anomic asphasia. Which pretty much means I can't write and it is extremely difficult for me to access the words to use for spoken language.

Chemotherapy started last week. I go in twice a week for an indefinite period of time. If it doesn't work, I get to begin directed-beam radiation treatments.

Getting blasted by gamma radiation sounds awesome, by the way.

Being forced to stop writing because of things outside of my control hurts me greatly, but I've made a lot of good friends because of this crazy place and I'll still be lurking around here (I can still read just fine). Thank you to everyone that read the story up through this point. It's been fun. Thanks to everyone that has commented on the story and taken the time to read my stupid blog posts. And thanks to the people that have told me I suck at writing, and caused me to strive for improvement.

Even though the poison chemo drugs makes me feel awful, I'll still be around from time to time. If anyone makes comments on this post or on my user page, I'll try to talk someone into typing responses for me... I don't know how often that might happen though. Hell, it's taken over an hour just for me to get these words out of my fucking mouth. I guess I could try to write responses, but it would likely be nonsensical random words strung together.

I already miss writing...

With Nate left out of commission this left the question of, what of Researcher Twilight? What will happen to the story?

Being his good friend and editor since the beginning, I've had my hands deep in the inner-workings of the story's plot and development. So as the next most knowledgeable and vested person of the story, I offered to pick up the torch and continue on in his name.

NATOstrike took me up on this offer. So you'll see that Researcher Twilight is now attached to my account here on FiMFic.

This has left me with some really big shoes to fill. However, knowing what I know, and with the guidance of NATOstrike's notes and outline, I am confident that I can get things moving and continue the story in his stead and give it the justice it deserves. I've been lazy with my own writing as of late and been primarily just editing for others. However this has given me a new sense of motivation, so it looks like I'll have to get my shit together.

With that said, Researcher Twilight is still up and operational, and I'll be getting started on the remainder of the next chapter here soon. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask away.

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Well, mine's more intimidating.

Can I eat you?

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What else would you expect from the editor behind ReTwi? :trollestia:

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MAN, is that profile pic creepy!

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It's yours now.

Do me proud, Azu.

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Have you written any more of your story Colors of the Heart in the last 10 months?

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