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    They have separated for over a millennia. My daughters know that I cannot bare to see them fight yet they continue. They know I hate to see them hurt each other yet they continue. They know I hate to see them cry yet they continue.  · Authora97
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I am done. I am just so done.

The Octavia and Vinyl friendship was cool, and a bit expected. Their epic music collab made me laugh, especially when Vinyl made her stereos into a car.

The flower mares were exactly as they were the first time they were seen: drama queens. That part just made me shake my head.

Gummy. Allow me to properly sum up my thoughts of Gummy: What? Gummy, I expected this, actually. That's some really deep thoughts.  He brought up a cool point, though, like what if animals got cutie marks too? Why just ponies? I think it would be cool to see the animals in Equestria suddenly get cutiemarks.

Shining Armor and Cadence. He's not crying, it's liquid pride!

Lyra and Bonbon. Dude, it was actually pretty funny. They managed to use both of the names given to Bonbon, and give her a backstory we all pretty much believed. When Lyra gave her big secret, I expected her to rip off her hoof and reveal a green hand. At the very least, we can still ship them. Best friends have been known to become more. I blame Kim and Ron for that. (Also, hehehe. The benches we've sat on.)

The Princesses arguing over a gift made me smile. It was just such a wedding problem to have. My favorite part of the argument has to be the first line: 'what do you mean you left it on the counter?'

Ditzy was actually a funny character. She did have the eye problem, but it didn't seem to affect her flight in any sort. She gave Cranky some muffins, which fits a stereotype we gave her. She did seem a bit flightly at times, and a bit airheaded. Maybe her cutiemarks mean that?

Is no one going to point out the changeling during the ceremony? Seriously? A little changeling, scaring the foals, and no one does anything?

I like the ponies pointing out the fact that seeing the Mane 6 together meant trouble. Sweetie's Belle comment had me dying 'maybe it'll be cleared up a half-hour, or so.' Fourth Wall Break. Fourth Wall Break!


No. No. Nonononononono.

I am just so done.

First Thing: Bowtie. He wore a gosh darn bowtie!

Second Thing: A traumatic experience as a foal. That was actually the Master, but I'm counting it!

Third Thing: He was British.

Fourth Thing: In the credits, he was just 'Doctor'.

Fifth Thing: In the bowling scene, he said something that made me think of the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey'. "I'll try straight. It's so crazy, it just might work."

Sixth Thing: Need I even mention the Scarf? The Scarf.


I am just so done.

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