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A shining star in creative arts (acting, singing, writing), with an imagination higher than the stars. Writer of The Day My Life Ended. Always working on my next story. Friend on Site: Harmony Charmer


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  • Lilac's EasterToday is Lilac's first Easter Sunday. Can she and Twilight Sparkle understand the meaning behind this holiday?7,102 words ·145 views ·4 likes ·5 dislikes
  • The Day My Life BeganDrum roll please! (Insert drum noise here) It is the Prequel to 'The Day My Life Ended'! The moment you have been waiting for, so please. Read...55,009 words ·407 views ·25 likes ·8 dislikes
  • Is Blood Thicker Than Water?Everypony and their mother knows about the attack on Equestria by the changelings. Does anypony know why?4,299 words ·362 views ·26 likes ·16 dislikes
  • The EldestThey have separated for over a millennia. My daughters know that I cannot bare to see them fight yet they continue. They know I hate to see them hurt each other yet they continue. They know I hate to see them cry yet they continue.32,896 words ·922 views ·69 likes ·6 dislikes
  • Power of the SongWhat do you do when your family betrays you, you get transported to some gender-swapped version of one of you favorite TV shows, and love-eating bugs kidnap you from your stallions crush? Somebody tell me, because I don't have a clue33,298 words ·803 views ·36 likes ·18 dislikes
  • The Day My Life EndedWhat do you do when you're out with friends at a karaoke bar and six people walk in looking just like ponies from Ponyville! Well, that's my problem.83,606 words ·1,878 views ·106 likes ·20 dislikes
  • Hidden by ShadowsWhen the Mane 6 find three young mares just outside the limits of Ponyville, a large amount of questions are left unanswered. Also, a new evil arises in Equestria. One that not even Celestia is able to stop.29,536 words ·262 views ·9 likes ·7 dislikes


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I got a part · 6:39am

Hey. Sorry I’ve kinda gone under the grid. My life has been hectic. Apparently, to graduate next year, I have to have an internship. So, I had to search my town for internships that I would be interested in. Once that was done, me and the person I was working with had to figure out our schedules for the year and decide the best times for everything.

Next, I had to meet with my school guidance Counseler (aka my mother) to discuss what classes I wanted to take next year and how they would help my GPA and college. Then I had to talk with her about colleges I liked, and my career plan.

Lastly, (and I am most proud of this) I had an audition for the musical Cinderella. I got an email around nine last night, and I am playing....FAIRY GOD MOTHER! THE BEST FREAKIN’ PART IN THE WHOLE SHOW!

So, I have that going for me. Yay!

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  • All-American Girl A pony raised amongst humans finds out about her birth mother - Rarity. by Shinzakura 360,211 words · 18,740 views · 832 likes · 94 dislikes
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