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A shining star in creative arts (acting, singing, writing), with an imagination higher than the stars. Writer of The Day My Life Ended. Always working on my next story. Friend on Site: Harmony Charmer


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  • Lilac's EasterToday is Lilac's first Easter Sunday. Can she and Twilight Sparkle understand the meaning behind this holiday?7,102 words ·139 views ·4 likes ·5 dislikes
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  • Is Blood Thicker Than Water?Everypony and their mother knows about the attack on Equestria by the changelings. Does anypony know why?4,299 words ·358 views ·26 likes ·16 dislikes
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  • Power of the SongWhat do you do when your family betrays you, you get transported to some gender-swapped version of one of you favorite TV shows, and love-eating bugs kidnap you from your stallions crush? Somebody tell me, because I don't have a clue33,298 words ·795 views ·36 likes ·18 dislikes
  • The Day My Life EndedWhat do you do when you're out with friends at a karaoke bar and six people walk in looking just like ponies from Ponyville! Well, that's my problem.83,606 words ·1,873 views ·106 likes ·20 dislikes
  • Hidden by ShadowsWhen the Mane 6 find three young mares just outside the limits of Ponyville, a large amount of questions are left unanswered. Also, a new evil arises in Equestria. One that not even Celestia is able to stop.29,536 words ·262 views ·9 likes ·7 dislikes


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Hey guys! I have to keep this quick. The computer I'm on is really slow and I on ly have twenty more minutes of internet usage.

It feels really amazing to say this is my last day of vacation. Right now, I'm in the St. George's lobby on Bermuda waiting for my family to come down so we can make our flight. They have a computer out here with free nternet, hence why I saying hello.

Vacation will b e offically done tonight, around seven or eight. I'm working on what I can over here, but my family had a tight schedule. I also have my first day of work tomorrow, so that's good I guess. I have to call the local theatre in my town, becuase if you recall I lost a part because of this trip and I need to tell them I availble for another part now.

Again, it feels really good to say I am leaving ant filled, sunshine-y, every bus/ferry on strike, ninety degree, Bermuda.

See you guys tonight!

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