I took them down a while ago due to some personal issues I was working through. It's childish and doesn't make sense to do so, I know, but at the time, it made me feel a LOT better.

I just resubmitted three of them today- Rainbow Factory, Pegasus Device, and Turn for the Worse.

These will be the only stories available on this page. I will not be writing anything else for MLP fanfiction. I'm sure most of you already know that, seeing as I haven't written anything for shy of two years *anyways*.

If you need to contact me regarding Rainbow Factory, don't. Here's the rules:

1. I don't give a fuck what you do with it

2. I seriously don't care

3. Yes you can write a sequel where you destroy it in a crossover with your normal series

4. Seriously holy shit I have never cared omg

5. Just don't copy it and pass it off as yours because that's a general scumbag thing to do no matter what the content is

6. But asides from that holy shit I just do not fucking care

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Yes folks, that's right. Spreadshirt is offering 15% off on all products in the Rainbow Factory/Pegasus Device merchandise store. Also, I've added more designs since I've last advertised.

Check it out! It's only for a limited time. Use the coupon code WITHLOVE at checkout!


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I should do something special. No idea what though...

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Good news, guys.

TarbyRocks is almost finished his Carousel song. For those of you not in the loop, the 'Carousel' comes not from Rarity's shop but from a small series of grimdark pictures wherein our favorite little ponies are speared by some sort of evil merry-go-round.

While Tarby and I have both taken our inspiration from these pictures our own way, we found they're related enough that we're going to do a duel release. That's right, you're going to have a song and a story based on the same concept.

Sound familiar?

I'm excited to release it, too: Despite being only a short story, I think it's going to be one of the best fictions I've written. Even if only the quality is the best, I love the plot as well, and I think you're all going to love it with me.

Can't wait!

(Psssst: I'm also starting to etch out ideas for Fall From Grace to continue. Good things come to those who wait...)

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So you guys remember I have a spreadshirt store where you can get Cloudsdale Weather Corporation merchandise, right?

If you use the coupon code EASTER2013 between now and March 22nd, you can get free shipping up to $9.50 worth when you order two or more products.

And yes, this discount applies internationally.

Check it out! =D


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And will be marking down all hearts and all hooves 50% for the next 24 hours.

Act fast!

Control The Skies~

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Milestones · 4:48am

Today, I wrote 2700 words.


That was mildly interesting, but I was shocked I finally got so much down- I haven't done that much in one sitting since Subject of Revenge.

Also, that 10,000 words to the right of that...

That means that as of today, I have technically written a novel. 50,000 words in one document.

Here here, and whatnot.

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What if? · 3:47am


Hey guys! Ask-Factory-Scootaloo read chapter three and did an amazing job on a wallpaper inspired by it.

You can find the link to it after this sentence, but do remember HEY THERE'S PEGASUS DEVICE SPOILERS IN THIS IMAGE OKAY OKAY GREAT.

Cool. Enjoy!


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Some people may have noticed I'm a little more aggressive with earning money for my writing than most writers here on FIMFiction. I'll never demand money from anyone to see my work, and understand I have no legal right to request payment for the stuff I put on here.

Regardless, I do like staying alive, and artwork- be it drawing or creating or writing- is work. That is why I believe it is acceptable to try and capitalize off of the enjoyment I provide, free, to others.

So; Aurora is a money grubbing whore, but understands he can't--and won't--get paid for what he puts on here. So what does he do?

He opens a spreadshirt store, with designs created by, purchased from, and given permission to use by the very talented owlet57.

If any of my fans are interested, there is a multitude of clothing available at the link below, particularly concerning my "Cloudsdale Weather Corporation" from my story Pegasus Device (and loosely Rainbow Factory; same company, just didn't have a name back then), at the link below.


P.S. If you have enjoyed my writing thoroughly to the point where you *would* consider supporting me, but either don't have enough for or do not want to buy any clothing, donations to my paypal are also encouraged: You can find that here.

Thanks guys!

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