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  • Cloudy with a Chance of SunshineSunny wants a pet. Luna wants a friend. Can these two find what they're looking for?4,553 words ·312 views ·26 likes ·3 dislikes
  • Cutting StringsMarie is anything but a normal puppet. Brought to life by Flim and Flam, she gets the chance to experience something no other marionette will ever experience.11,795 words ·322 views ·28 likes ·0 dislikes
  • To Be DifferentWhen a foal is sent flying with the changelings, Chrysalis takes it upon herself to care for the foal. The pony will grow up and learn of the changeling's struggle as she journeys throughout Equestria.20,194 words ·965 views ·80 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Tale ChasingMy life was normal until some girl drops into my life, claiming she's from Equestria. At this point, you're probably wondering which pony I met. Instead of some girl saying she's a pony, I get a girl who acts literally like a dog.21,207 words ·575 views ·34 likes ·1 dislikes
  • The Soldier, the Princess, and the UnicornTwilight gets a gift from Shining Armor. A toy unicorn soldier. But what happens when she goes on an adventure with said toy, who becomes alive.6,744 words ·620 views ·17 likes ·0 dislikes
  • Follow the MelodyLyle Hartston finds himself in Equestria. He meets Lyra Heartstrings. Human to pony story.43,910 words ·2,778 views ·262 likes ·11 dislikes

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#750623 · 30w, 5d ago · · ·

>>750611 Yep, already got them booked for later.

#750611 · 30w, 5d ago · · ·

Thanks for the Fave of An Apple Comes Out of the Cellar

I hope you got a laugh or two out of the it.:pinkiehappy:

If you're looking for more comedies, I do have two more posted and one in the pipeline.

#744344 · 31w, 1d ago · · ·

Thanks for the fave and comment my good sir:moustache:

#667562 · 37w, 2d ago · · ·

>>667486 Overly Extensive Editors

There are all sorts of editors/pre-readers  who can probably take a look at your story. I'm a pre-reader myself.

#667486 · 37w, 2d ago · · ·

>>667428 REally?

Which one?

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Respite · 4:16am

I finally got one chapter of one story (Cutting Strings) out. And that's as far as I got with the little time I have. Seriously, that chapter has been sitting on my desktop for months, nearly finished. I want to update the other stories, but my schedule just got busier (I didn't even know that was possible until now). So I'm going to be practically dead for the next few months. Maybe I'll get lucky and write out an entire story before my inspiration and I die. Who knows?

Astrocity · 30 views · Report · Story: Cutting Strings