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  • T Live a Little

    A zombie walks into Ponyville. Can Fluttershy help it out when no one is willing to give it a chance?  · Astrocity
    8,642 words · 264 views  ·  25  ·  1
  • E Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

    Sunny wants a pet. Luna wants a friend. Can these two find what they're looking for?  · Astrocity
    4,553 words · 374 views  ·  28  ·  3
  • E Cutting Strings

    Marie is anything but a normal puppet. Brought to life by Flim and Flam, she gets the chance to experience something no other marionette will ever experience.  · Astrocity
    14,662 words · 438 views  ·  30  ·  0
  • E To Be Different

    When a foal is sent flying with the changelings, Chrysalis takes it upon herself to care for the foal. The pony will grow up and learn of the changeling's struggle as she journeys throughout Equestria.  · Astrocity
    20,194 words · 1,178 views  ·  86  ·  1
  • T Tale Chasing

    My life was normal until some girl drops into my life, claiming she's from Equestria. At this point, you're probably wondering which pony I met. Instead of some girl saying she's a pony, I get a girl who acts literally like a dog.  · Astrocity
    21,207 words · 725 views  ·  36  ·  1
  • E The Soldier, the Princess, and the Unicorn

    Twilight gets a gift from Shining Armor. A toy unicorn soldier. But what happens when she goes on an adventure with said toy, who becomes alive.  · Astrocity
    6,744 words · 819 views  ·  21  ·  0
  • T Follow the Melody

    Lyle Hartston finds himself in Equestria. He meets Lyra Heartstrings. Human to pony story.  · Astrocity
    43,910 words · 3,491 views  ·  274  ·  11

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#44 · 5w, 4d ago · · ·

Thanks for the favorite on my story "Doctor Apple"

#43 · 14w, 3d ago · · ·

Oh my goodness! :twilightblush: Thank you so much for the favorite on "Lingering Shadows"!! It's greatly appreciated. :twilightsmile:

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Thanks for the fave on A Night (to Try) to Remember! :yay:

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Thank you very much for the Fave of my story The Father of My Children. I'm glad that you enjoyed my story about two ponies who are still in love.:pinkiesmile:

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btw, loving Follow the Melody. :twilightsmile:

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The Current Status · 5:16am

No, I'm not back to writing just yet. My hectic life has finally calmed down... a little. Now, I'm off to Asia for vacation. I have not edited anything since the last time I posted a blog. I've been busy. No, I have not written any new chapters for any of the currently published stories. Writing stories isn't coming to me as quick anymore, so I have been stuck in this slow pace of writing. I have some ideas in my head I want to get out, but as I've said before, it's been going slowly. Expect to see a new story out sooner or later (probably later). As for updating stories, I'm not sure when's the next update. Again, I've been busy. If you have any questions or just want to talk, you can just send me a message. If you're going to ask about updates, I can't really give you a date.

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