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Right now I have two 'series', of sorts, and I'n rather wondering just what people want to see more of.

There's the 'Ardiverse' stories (my editor's name for it, not mine) which currently consist of Wolf In Pony's Clothing and its sequel Manehattan Madness, with at least another 2-3 stories being planned and worked on, focusing more on how Ardi and the wolves of the Great Northern Forests packs fit into Equestria. It won't be easy. Wolves lack the magic possessed by almost every other Equestrian species, and most wolves still fear and hate the ponies, and many ponies aren't fans of bringing these barbaric predators into the Harmony of Equestria. Especially when it turns out they may have been more friendly with some of Equestria's enemies than almost anyone currently living now knows. And when Twilight and two of her friends accompanies Ardi to a great convocation of the packs to make their case and confront both lupine and equine opposition, things will get entirely too exciting for them.

The other series which is more planned than worked on right now would be a sequel and prequel to My Little Balladeer. The first involves Twilight and Luna searching for and finding John through dreams, leading to Twi experiencing some of his memories ranging from his youth to the Korean War to his more famous later career. Oh yes, and learning that other things are in the dream realm as well, and they want to get even with both Luna and John -- and are perfectly willing to make her suffer to do it!

The other idea is Luna revealing to her sister and Twilight that she's been to John's world. But not as herself. As Nightmare Moon. Summoned to 16th century Prague by a magus named John Dee, it ends up involving Nightmare Moon, the Golem of Prague and its creator (and the Nightmare spirit's own plans for a soulless, invincible, infinitely strong body), Elizabethan occultists of the School of Night, and a wandering Puritan swordsman named Kane. I wonder if it would appeal to readers, mostly because it'd be so heavily set on earth and with humans rather than the ponies.

If anyone has any preferences or ideas, please let me know. Right now I admit to working on a short sequel in the 'Ardiverse' but when it's done I can move on to anything else. And thanks for reading.

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>>1358618 I just saw that blog and left a comment on it, thanks for even mentioning me in that distinguished company.

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Mentioned you and your writing at length in my latest blog post.  :twilightsmile:

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Alright, thank you for the explanation. I do appreciate that.

Don't worry, I'll make sure to read your stories.

*Looks at current size of "read later" list*

...Eventually. Eh he. :twilightsheepish:

(But since we kind of know each other at least a little bit, I'll attempt to get to your stuff sooner instead of later.)

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>>1333548 Mostly from knowing you a little on DA. And thanks for the watch back. I hope you like my stories if and when you ever do read them!

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Thanks for the follow. :yay: Allow me to return that favor. :twilightsmile:

Do you mind if I ask you why you chose to follow me, given that I don't have anything posted over here on this site yet?

(I know we've seen at least a handful of each other's comments over on DA, but I'm curious as to exactly why you chose to follow me...)

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