Hey again, everyone. No, I'm not dead. No, I'm not putting The Last Sentinel on hiatus. I've been slogging through a particularly difficult section, and I actually went through a really rough patch in my personal life due to issues with my parents. Things are... well, they're not completely solid, but they're better now. Support from some close friends definitely helped.

Anyway, like I said, I do not plan on giving up on TLS. I want to finish that story, no matter how long it takes. If it involves making a "sequel" due to how much content there's going to be by the time I finish the Reflections arc, then I want to finish that too. I'm committed to this. Slowly getting around that difficulty, and because I know you are all awaiting the Battle for Stalliongrad... here's a little interesting tidbit I whipped up. That's all for now, everyone. Thank you for bearing with me, and hopefully there will be an installment soon.

Until next time,


To Commissar Svyatoslav:

I personally reviewed your analysis and request, and after speaking with my advisors, agree with your assessment. Now that the Empire is enlisting the aid of its dragon allies, heavy AFV’s and tanks are now obsolete. Adding additional armor protection would make such tanks too slow to keep pace with the battlefield and would further strain resources and production, and it would take something along the likes of the Empire’s own WZ-250 “Behemoth” to have any chance against a Cat. 3 or (Celestia forbid) higher dragon. However, we still believe that light and medium tanks continue to provide a valuable role in infantry support and “bunker busting.” Tanks such as the T-54/55-100 and the T26E3 “Singing Pearl” are still serviceable, and until otherwise noted, you are to continue production of such tanks. We still need some form of armored presence when the Legion is becoming more and more diversified and mechanized.

That said, you are absolutely correct in that we need a far more mobile AFV. We have nothing that can keep up with the new WZ-129 “Badger” over all terrain, and sky tanks are still going through initial trials at Cloudsdale. None of our armored vehicles are suited for jungle and swamp terrain common on their home turf. That is my advisors and I recommend that your development teams in Stalliongrad start cooperating with General Mechanics Corporation in Hoofington, currently working on a high-speed IFV/AFV hybrid vehicle known as Project: Manticore. Details are sketchy, but requirements are as follows:

1. Total length maximum 10m and total width maximum 5m.

2. Minimum top speed 160 km/h on hard terrain. Minimum combat speed 80km/h on soft terrain (Writer’s Note: I hope that doesn’t include weaving around trees).

3. Minimum penetration of 250mm RHA on anti-tank/anti-mech armament with sufficient ammunition to destroy ~5 WZ-117 “Boar” heavy tanks.

4. Anti-infantry capability with minimum 1,000 pcs. ammunition.

5. Minimum 10 degrees gun elevation. Minimum 7 degrees gun depression.

6. Supply transport capability of minimum 500kg.

7. Minimum radio signal range of 4km.

8. Minimum 30mm armor protection (all sides).

You will have to ask for specifics on the current prototypes, but the current L-150 RAS meets or exceeds most minimum requirements but no prototypes can fulfill requirements (1) and (3) simultaneously. That is where I believe you can come in.

Further inquiries can be directed to Twisted Trowel at the Manehattan hub and GMC HQ at Hoofington.


Ministry Mare

Ministry of Wartime Technology, Canterlot Hub

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