Hi, all. Only about 590 words of progress this week, but I think it might have been the... fourth-toughest scene of the next installment. It's a heavy one. Urgh. Actually had to pull away from the keyboard for a bit to cool off. Here's hoping you get the same feeling I do.

Not much other news otherwise, other than that this quarter is killer on me already. Two labs in a single quarter suck.

Otherwise, little else to report over last week. May as well just put the music preview here. Enjoy,



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>>1000383 Hey Adder....it's the delovely Star Saber! Lol haven't gotten a message back about stuff for stories...need some help for new chapter....halp? :twilightsheepish: :twilightblush:

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>>1000354 I have been making weekly(ish) blog posts for seven weeks now to keep you all posted. I'm very much alive. owo

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Feels weird refreshing your page to see if you are still alive.

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>>748658 The Stranger's Dream (Rucks') will definitely test you. It was hard enough for me to beat it... without any idols.

Mm, that was a fun Reflection. Might revisit it to avoid the huge infodump that Karanika drops on Frost, though...

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Truth be told I beat it, with a majority of the content played, save 2 Who Knows Where's (Zulf's story and Rucks'), some weapon upgrades/vigils, and a couple of training courses (Brusher's mostly; you need like a fully upgraded pike to do 1st prize, I swear).

Oh, and I finally got to the chapter where Frost introduces Javahl in Aldorna. Twas quite a fun chapter. :rainbowkiss:

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