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Hokay! Status update on the next Reflection! Brought my word up to 6.2k right now... not nearly as much progress as I'd have hoped but way more than before, which is nice. Still hoping to have the next installment soon, but urghhhh Warframe  y u so addicting? I'm sorry, guys. @@

Also, writing new main-ish characters is hard. Hah. You all thought it was Dawn Treader, didn'tcha?

No questions this week, sooooo no answers! Alrighty!

And music... for stuff I haven't even written yet but am planning to put in. Mreh. Lack of progress is lack of progress. Yet again though... this is starting to contribute to the new feeling of these recent Reflections.

Going to make sure you won't be waiting another month for Reflection Twenty. You can count on that.



Fuck it, I shouldn't be making promises anymore, should I?



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>>1000383 Hey's the delovely Star Saber! Lol haven't gotten a message back about stuff for stories...need some help for new chapter....halp? :twilightsheepish: :twilightblush:

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>>1000354 I have been making weekly(ish) blog posts for seven weeks now to keep you all posted. I'm very much alive. owo

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Feels weird refreshing your page to see if you are still alive.

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>>748658 The Stranger's Dream (Rucks') will definitely test you. It was hard enough for me to beat it... without any idols.

Mm, that was a fun Reflection. Might revisit it to avoid the huge infodump that Karanika drops on Frost, though...

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Truth be told I beat it, with a majority of the content played, save 2 Who Knows Where's (Zulf's story and Rucks'), some weapon upgrades/vigils, and a couple of training courses (Brusher's mostly; you need like a fully upgraded pike to do 1st prize, I swear).

Oh, and I finally got to the chapter where Frost introduces Javahl in Aldorna. Twas quite a fun chapter. :rainbowkiss:

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