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Hokay... time to just up and say it.

Although I've been looking forward to this current installment of TLS and I've had free time for about three weeks now, I barely wrote. It's just so goddamn depressing a point in the story that it really gets to me, and it just kills my motivation. Which is why I'd like to ask you all a question.

I'm thinking of starting something called "The Last Sentinel: Off the Record." TLS became a much wider universe than I imagine when first starting out the story, and while I do want to continue writing it, there's plenty of it left unexplored or only just barely touched upon. What I'm thinking of is just a series of mostly unrelated, standalone segments that consist of whatever comes to mind that belongs to the TLS universe. Some ideas bouncing around in my head include an action-packed scene involving the now-disavowed and hunted Praetorian Guard Faraal, the Razorwings' escape across the Wasteland, griffin guerilla warfare against an Enclave-held Aldorna, the Lunar Guard field-testing old techniques in a modern battlefield, and even things way before the actual story's timeline, such as a segment involving Madam Morrow of the Rising Tide, the founder of hydromancy. So my question is... what do you guys think? Should I try something like this?

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>>1633483 I appreciate the music, Doomande! I don't know if I'll be able to use it. Doesn't quite fit Rig, and it doesn't quite fit what I have planned for her, but I'll keep it in mind.

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>>1522145 *slithering intensifies*

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Two more until you hit the big triple digits!

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>>1000383 Hey's the delovely Star Saber! Lol haven't gotten a message back about stuff for stories...need some help for new chapter....halp? :twilightsheepish: :twilightblush:

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