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Hello, everyone. Managed to make some progress on Reflection Twenty-Four, albeit only a little. Only around 900 words in, and already a scene that took forever to get (somewhere close to) right. Oi. That's gonna be the trend for the rest of this installment.

As for IRL, things are... okay. Managed to finish off the second round of grad school apps, but Asian parents are being... Asian parents. And then there's finals. Slightly depressed snake is slightly depressed.

Anyway, here's still more old art, this time from Mint Julep.

Source here. Yeah, I'm not sure how many of you reading this are past... that point in the story, but needless to say, if this ever happened, Frost would feel a little more than uncomfortable.

Guess that's it for now. Here's your regular musical preview, again from that first painstaking scene.

Until next time,


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>>1522145 *slithering intensifies*

#43 · 4w, 3d ago · · ·

Two more until you hit the big triple digits!

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>>1000383 Hey's the delovely Star Saber! Lol haven't gotten a message back about stuff for stories...need some help for new chapter....halp? :twilightsheepish: :twilightblush:

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>>1000354 I have been making weekly(ish) blog posts for seven weeks now to keep you all posted. I'm very much alive. owo

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Feels weird refreshing your page to see if you are still alive.

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